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There is an AFC-10 too. I think they took out a couple of things, so it may be a little cheaper.

Yeah the volume control, lol. You would need a pre amp!
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Can anyone describe the sonic difference between the standard Dana Cable and the Reference Dana Cable? Are they an almost $600 difference worth of improvement, or just a different sound signature?

Any feedback will be appreciated!
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I have a preference for jazz (rather refined), soul, country, baroque music, vocal, small groups...

My equipment has changed a lot since my first audio purchase.

Some time ago, I had the following configuration:
MacBook air, Auris D1D, Viva 2A3, Utopia .
And I tried to improve it with a cable more suitable for Utopia than the stock cable.
After testing a Litz wire cable, a Heimdall 2 and making the jump for the Lazuli Reference, I had the feeling I had a successful set and I noticed this:
I have now had this cable for several days and I get up thinking that, at some point in the day, I will take a moment of great pleasure...
I feel an even more airy, powerful and distinct listening; the instruments have their own resonance and differ in volume and depth, the basses are superb, the voices have an unequalled rendering, the trebles spin without any aggressiveness.
Double bass, Viole, harpsichord, clarinet, voice, trumpet, guitar, etc....everything is more "Complete", more Beautiful.
A recording that seemed flat to me before, acquires a volumic quality there, let's not talk about the others, really splendid...
Another Utopia or, rather, a liberated Utopia.

But the temptation of Susvara was the strongest and I changed all my equipment to adapt as well as possible to this choice:
Susvara, Riviera AIC-10, Meitner MA1V2, Aurender N100H.
Stock cable at the beginning, then necessarily Danacable!
I chose the Ultra for its part of Ag in its design. The improvement in listening was quite noticeable, without offering the one I had heard with the Reference, but the reinforced sheathing gave me (it's only a personal feeling) a discomfort to the use that necessarily put my listening pleasure into perspective.
Danacable intervened with understanding and confidence and suggest me the Nirvana, whose specifications seemed adequate to me, combined with a more flexible construction.
For 2 days, I kept the Ultra after receiving the Nirvana.
It's too short, but I also wrote down my impressions here (Nirvana/Ultra):
More powerful listening at the same sound level as before.
Low fat levels still low, increased power, readability.
While they appear to resonate at a lower level, their presence is complete, strong and precise and has a superb rendering.
The mediums are thus highlighted and take over, the voices become even more distinct and do not take second place.
The treble is there and spins higher, sharper and finer, without any tension.
Complete presence in fact of all tones and timbres.
Obvious feeling of right balance and placement of stakeholders in space
And, by closing my eyes, I can imagine their spatial location if there are not too many of them!
And if they are, live or orchestra, it feels like they're in the middle and ahead.

I can now confirm my first impressions:
With this Nirvana, the listening comfort is there.
The pleasure of the eyes is also an important element and with this cable, I am served.
The touch also plays a role and the total quality of the product is obvious.
The Nirvana/Susvara couple does not give me the same immediate listening effect (described above) as the Reference/Utopia couple, but, for me, it produces the same feeling
It makes Susvara, which originally has a soft but precise and dynamic sound, more present, more alive in my ears, and I participate more in listening. I hadn't felt this at all with the Ultra, it's very unexpected for such a headset, which already, with the stock cable, satisfies most listeners, at least on the feedback that can be read here and there. The sound scene is bigger, more airy, all the notes take more presence, and we (that's my impression) go back to where the sound is produced.
Bass is deeper and more present and detailed without excessive coverage
What I was saying about the quality of the voices and their diverted presence, with Reference/Utopia also happens again; a controlled energy.
The same goes for the treble, a detailed detail and all that, on the whole spectrum of frequencies, in great harmony.
I'm going to repeat myself, but we can follow each sound or each instrument (or voice), separate it from the whole then relax and leave in a global listening and that, I don't have it with the stock cable, and it's also a nice difference with the Ultra.

Listening pushes you right away, to hear more music, you become captive and that's for me the goal....

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Very interesting comments, thanks. I, I ordered the Nirvana for a Utopia and I hope to appreciate them in the same way. I wonder if there is a connector to use them with other headphones without loss of quality ... let's see.
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No. Danacables is a US company.
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Do any Lazulli / Lazulli Ref owners here use adapters at the input end (specifically Lazulli / Lazulli Ref cable adapters: 4-XLR > 1/4" or 3-XLR > 4-XLR). Do you feel the sound quality is compromised in any way, anything missing or lacking as a result, instead of going direct?
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I use an XLR to 1/4" adapter made by Danacables for my Ultra cable. It is the same cable so there is no difference. I ordered it with the cable for system flexibility.

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