1. Ricco275

    Is there a better amp than Ferrum for HE1000V2?

    I just got the HE1000V2 and love the precision and clarity and wide soundstage. I’d like to improve the well known weak points mainly the bass presentation and the low engaging feeling. Is there a better amp than the Ferrum combo to achieve that? Would a Lavricables grand silver cable help or...
  2. HiFiMan HE1000 V3 - now with Stealth Magnets

    HiFiMan HE1000 V3 - now with Stealth Magnets

  3. timwillhack

    Acquiring Hifiman Headband for X V2, Arya, or any HE1000

    So I've acquired a X V1, and the previous owner took the headband assembly off the cups for no reason at all but in doing so I believe they messed up the yoke posts that go into the cup, or the hole in the cup. They don't seem to 'snap' in and are very flimsy feeling, and I've been very...
  4. pichu

    NEW! SENDY AUDIO AIVA Impressions?

    Previously known as SendiyAudio, the chinese company recently dropped the 'i' in the middle of their branding, slimming down to a simple Sendy. Along with their name change, they went with a new logo said to represent philosophy, integrity, and honesty in Chinese culture. Most importantly, with...
  5. Ithilstone

    Hifiman HE-6SE and HE-1000SE announcement-

    That will be interesting: from https://www.facebook.com/704834732873248/posts/1898370606852982/
  6. omegaorgun

    HE1000 V2 and V1 headband measurements

    Hi Looking for an owner of a he1000 v1 and v2 to tell me what is the width of the headband where it goes into the metal section? What is the distance between the two screws from the center of each one? What is the size of the holes on the metal along the side? I am working on a custom...
  7. Gibson59

    Danacable Lazuli Reference Thread

    I can't believe there's not more talk about these incredible cables on the forum. I've seen a bit here and there with regards to the Utopia, but little from HE1000 owners like myself. It's time for owners and inquirers to unite and discuss this amazing TOTL cable! To kick it off I did a...
  8. dotrunghieu

    Anyone headphones make shaking sound at max volume (the test link inside)

    While I am listing something on YouTube, I find down something on this video, that is about fan noise: All my headphones connect to iFi Pro iCan amplifier. My HiFiMan HE1000 (balanced output) makes shaking sound so bad at max volume. Like I feel my HE1000 drivers will be broken, I have to...
  9. jelt2359

    Hifiman HE1000 Planar Dynamic Headphone

    Price now announced at $2999. Price now announced at $2999. speedracer1's chat with Fang: http://www.head-fi.org/t/748334/hifiman-he1000-planar-dynamic-flagship/2805#post_11458693 Impressions: (cradon, earlier prototype) (vs F1j amp, and vs modded he6)...