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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by pichu, Feb 17, 2019.
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  1. pichu
    Previously known as SendiyAudio, the chinese company recently dropped the 'i' in the middle of their branding, slimming down to a simple Sendy. Along with their name change, they went with a new logo said to represent philosophy, integrity, and honesty in Chinese culture. Most importantly, with the "rebrand", is the introduction of their new planar magnetic headphone, the AIVA and for another thread, their IEM, the AIYA.

    So Sendy Audio showed off their headphone at Canjam 2019 NYC and from what ive heard in my discord channels is that it is awesome and definitely the sleeper of the show.

    They are comparing it to the HE1000 v2 in sound. Some user felt it was bright but the airiness the headphone brought created an outstanding synergistic, analytical experience. The tuning is supposedly very accurate tonally, with good timbre. It will be interesting to see the Frequency graphs! It was also felt that the headphones sound was very similar to an estat such as a STAX. Build quality looks solid, and im a big fan of the grill, which is said to be inspired by the clouds that envelop our blue skies. The grille not only helps in the task of producing natural and accurate transients and balance but it matches perfectly with the Zebra wood and metal alloys of the AIVA. This looks very promising!

    As for specs, their sensitivity is 96 dB with an impedance of 32 ohms. The drivers are 97 mm x 76 mm with a frequency band of 20-40khz. They weigh 420 g. They use real wood so each headphone will have a different wood texture. Similar to ZMF, where each headphone is personal due to each piece of wood used being unique.

    My only worry is it being planar. It seems that a lot of planar drivers have been hit or miss. For $600, I hope no QC or parts were cheaped out on. The designers of the headphone have over 15 years experience as an OEM manufacturer company so this helps strengthen my confidence in the dexterity of their new products, but only time will tell with this one. They say this is a new light for them, and so far from the pictures and what ive heard from people that listened hands on, they are definitely doing something worth checking out here.

    If theres anything less to say its, move over Fostex and Hifiman, a new guy is in town and hes hungry.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2019
  2. CoryGillmore
    Never heard of them or the brand but that's a gorgeous set of cans! I've never even listened to a planar headphone or an electrostat. How much were these? They do look expensive. I'd say $1-1500?
  3. Feilong4
    I read that they're going to be 599 USD MSRP.

    Also, @pichu unless if I'm mistaken, the Aiya is the IEM model they're launching. The Aiva is the planar magnetic headphone.
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  4. pichu
    Yep! Messed up the title! It’s supposed to say Aiva.
  5. Roderick
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  6. pichu
  7. pichu
    Also that article is old. Their original 99 units were more of a test run. Everything went so good for them, so Canjam NYC was their next move. Canjam was a success and im not hearing anything bad about the headphones.

    So many people were amazed in the quality of the headphones. Right now, you can only preorder the headphones as they rev up for production run #2. So we wait!
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  8. FruityPlasmid
    The Avia is fantastic and I believe it is worth the hype. It was so good that I think I might have to sell my HD800 that I've had for 3 years and just get these instead, it pretty much broke my heart in a good way
  9. pichu
    Did you feel that it tone was accurate? Do instruments sound how they are supposed to?
  10. Beagle
    Looks kinda nice. $599 is a nice price if the sound is up to scratch.
  11. pichu
    It was available last night after Camjam for 15% off. I got mine pre ordered for $508. I agree that the asking price puts its in a very competitive spot.
  12. mixman
    Actually Z put me onto these HP’s at Can Jam. He said they are his daily driver hp’s. They are pretty good for the price. Feels more like luxury than anything in it’s price range. The only things are it has a relatively small soundstage and while it had a good amount of midbass it was little bloated. But as far as accuracy, I would say it has the Sundara beat......and that used to be a $500 hp.
  13. pichu
    He was lucky enough to get one of the 99 pairs back in September when they did a 99 pair production run?
  14. lambdastorm
    Gonna copypaste my impressions from the CanJam2019 thread:

    Sendiy was demoing their planar headphones and IEMs. The planar has a wood housing and seems pretty well made. The earpads are made of breathable materials and are soft to the touch. I tried them with an SP1000 and thought they sound good. Not quite there with the big dogs (LCD2, Ananda, Alpha) yet but good enough for a company's first attempt. Their IEM carries a similar sound signature, throwing a reasonably big soundstage out in the air. I went thru 4 unfamiliar tracks on these and still enjoyed it. These are quite musical indeed.
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  15. pichu
    So for the price you feel they compete?
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