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DAC Recommendations. MQA or not?

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  1. phillyd
    It needs to be compressed for data efficiency. Some people have data caps or worse connections. Streaming Hi-res is difficult to get consistently and my internet is not bad at all by US standards. I agree though, I'd rather have excellent CDQ FLAC playback than sacrifice that for hi-res streaming support. If I really want hi res I still have a small local library.
  2. britneedadvice
    From who??
    Given that you're asking for recommendations for DACs supporting MQA, then you must have liked what you've heard!!??
    Who's fooling who? look at MQA Partners, they can't all be fooled !! Some of the best names in Digital !!
    If you are referring to the recent CA thread maybe look at the Darko website where he conducts a recent interview with Stuart(at Munich),which was probably done in reply.
    This site has supported many negative views on MQA from day one by some who clearly had not heard it !!
    Now, if you want to talk 'HiRes' in general., I could refer to several very creditable Manufacturers who eschew it all together!!

    I could recommend a couple of DACs which support MQA but as they don't get a menton from the 'names' on this site, then I'd be wasting my time !!
  3. phillyd
    Why do you dig up this old thread just to say people are wrong and then offer no real information?

    I'd love to hear some opinions and good options for MQA but you just come to tell people "you're wrong and telling you why is a waste of time." Talk about a waste of time, if nobody listens why even post?
  4. britneedadvice
    Old thread?
    I wasn't the one 'speculating' !! The person who did , didn't offer any 'evidence'. I just asked "who" !!

    BTW, I'm not gifted enough to understand the 'tech' bits, I just like what I hear, which is no relevance to you as we don't know each other. However, the original question seemed to asked for recommendations of DACs that supported MQA, not ones that didn't !
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2018
  5. Currawong Contributor
    You've already answered that when you said "If you are referring to the recent CA thread".

    I wasn't asking.

    And many have stated that they are adding MQA to their products at the request of their customers. I guess the customers have been fooled. What is more, it was shown that you could remove the high-freqency content and still fool MQA DACs into indicating that you were listening to a high-res MQA file.

    There is also one on Stereophile, where Bob Stuart speaks a bunch of meaningless gibberish. It has been proven that MQA is both a: lossless, and b: not high-res, and, worse still, c: lower than even CD quality.

    Computer Audiophile? From what I've read it has threads where detailed analysis has been done of MQA sufficient to prove that their initial claims about it are demonstrably false.

    So have I heard MQA processed music? Yes I have. I have a TIDAL subscription (where a large quantity of MQA music is available) and have the second of two MQA decoding DACs here.

    Some examples of the many very audible issues: One album I've listened to side-by-side with the non-MQA version had a significant pitch change (INXS). Other albums, as has been shown by analysis have been run through some kind of compression algorithm which makes the music sound different, in many cases adding obvious distortion (eg: Getz and Gilberto) . Something to understand: It is NOT the file type that makes the difference, it is processing done to the actual tracks, many of which still have audible artefacts from their initial processing (ie: are clearly not from unprocessed master tapes) ie: we are most definitely not listening to a "mastering quality" track. Anyone can, with enough study and practice, remaster music to make it sound "better". There used to be a member here who would "remaster" (if you can call it that) regular music tracks and gained quite a bit of acclaim for what he did. However MQA is obviously running everything through some kind of computer (there is no way, given the quantity of music involved, that this is being done with any significant care) so they can show people that it sounds different.

    This is just SACD all over again. Remember SACDs? Analysis of those found that many of them were the 44.1 CD version up-sampled to DSD64 and had no high-res content.
  6. Droccord
    I bought the JDS ol DAC B stock it was an excellent price and was measured at a really good level as a DAC.
  7. carlmart
    What line level out DAC (or DACs) might be considered at the top of this price range league?
  8. iFi audio
    Folks, this might be interesting to some of you:

    The procedure is valid for all MQA decoder machines!
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