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DAC Recommendations. MQA or not?

  1. Wiljen
    i agree, on the MQA front, I could care less if it supports it. I do have a good number of DSD files and have found the Topping model l recommended to be excellent for the cost (granted mine does have the burson upgrade but...). I still think it would be wise to check out the Topping model and if you don't 100% like the sound, 1st roll a few op-amps namely the Muses2 and the Burson discretes through it, then 2nd sell it off and buy whatever higher priced model you want. I'll even go a step further and offer both the Burson Classic and Vivid op-amps as a loan if you want to try them in the Topping D10. I'd offer the Muses but with the pin layout and no reverse insert protection I'd rather not be out $100. The burson models have reverse protection so I feel a little safer making the offer.
  2. phillyd
    So I guess here's what comes into play. I have no interest in DSD. Never have. I'm happy with Tidal, and I'd really like MQA support because without it, I'm limited to standard lossless for virtually all of my library.

    When I said I wanted versatility, I meant sonically. I need this to do well in all types of music and in TV shows/movies. This isn't a hard task for a DAC, but really this has me leaning towards something that doesn't color the sound significantly and is relatively transparent.
  3. Wiljen
    Sounds to me like you have made a decision and are just looking for somebody to agree with it. I have a Bifrost and like it as it doesn't color the playback appreciably. That certainly doesnt make it the only option but if you are already headed down that path not much reason to change course.
  4. phillyd
    I just said I was interested in MQA still just not DSD.

    That being said I might be able to get a Bimby for just over $400, which is very tempting.
  5. Currawong Contributor
    There's probably not a bad choice as such in DACs in the price range you're currently exploring, unless something doesn't match your feature requirements. I'd say most of the sonic complaints about DACs in that range come down to harshness that is the result of noise coming over the USB input, resulting in common recommendations to use some kind of device on the USB input to reduce or eliminate it.
  6. phillyd
    I'll be using optical so that won't be an issue!
  7. phillyd
    So after more reading, my considerations are narrowed to the Bimby, the Mojo, the Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 (MQA).

    It seems the Bimby gets the love of the people who don't care about measurements, the Mojo gets love from those who do, and the Pre Box gets me MQA.
  8. biosailor
    From the shortlisted DACs, I'd go for the Mojo and forget about MQA.
  9. phillyd
    I keep on reading threads back and forth about it, I see so many people who think Bimby is better and just as many people who think Mojo is better. It's a hard decision D:
  10. biosailor
    Couldn't you just compare them side by side and see which one you like better? Would you have a Chord dealer in the vicinity? I would not take a decision based on reading threads. Just as you say, there are just as many favouring one over the other and vice versa.
  11. phillyd
    I definitely don't have the ability to side-by-side as there is no way I can get a bimby and return it without taking a hit. Plus I'd like to buy used. I don't know of a chord dealer nearby Louisville. I'd have to go to a meet before making a decision.
  12. FastAndClean
    Sabaj DA3, sound great and is only 94 dollars right now
  13. Currawong Contributor
    You'll be unhappy to discover then that MQA is very much something that "colors" the sound. After careful analysis, someone described it as being akin to turning up the saturation and detail settings on a photo to make it look more impressive.

    Probably not helped by some stupid online politics. You could always buy both second-hand and sell on the one you like less. It'd also be interesting to see the thoughts from someone without a bias too.
  14. phillyd
    I'm doubtful that a dac/amp in that price range would be in league with the $500-600 DAC's we're discussing

    Yeah that's what I'm gonna do. We'll see which I prefer!
  15. biosailor

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