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CustomArt FIBAE Impressions Thread

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  1. istfleur
    really. What about 64 audio and expensive cable manufacturers, so hypocritical;
  2. linux4ever
    Did the sound got tuned based on the feedback from the prototype reviewers? If so, what are the changes that have been incorporated ?
  3. Fabaaroan
    369 euros !
    It s Christmas Time.
    I read the impressions. All reviewers seems pretty impressed.

    I appreciated a lot the fibae 2 and I think I will order one.
    I could compare it with my prelude (one driver too).
    The only difficulty will be too choose between the universal or the custom versions.
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  4. TAsme
    So the fibae black is the fibae 1 basically?
  5. Deezel177
    One dri-... €450 M-... But, the treble extension... and staging... and... How the heck is it only o-... Bu-... Wai-... Uhh... My God, Piotr... My- Look there! I'm gonna give you this GIF, okay? Look, look at this GIF:


    Okay, happy now? 'Cus this is unbelievable! How the heck am I not supposed to recommend and wholeheartedly support this product and your company now! Oh my friggin' gosh, I can't belie- *slams door*

    Brother, the Black is a league above the FIBAE 1. If anything, you're getting Custom Art's new flagship at the FIBAE 2's price. :D
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2018
  6. TAsme
    2 questions:

    1) is the universal one ready to ship?
    2) would you guys recommend me the black over the fibae 2 for rock/metal?

  7. homzik
    Built time is the same for universals, which means that no sooner than in January.
  8. crabdog
    It depends on your personal preference really. The FIBAE 2 is more V-shaped and energetic and the Black has a more even but darker tonality. Imo the Black is more resolving but it has a very warm signature which might not be everybody's cup of tea.
  9. piotrus-g
    I tried but once I started to increase bass (most common request) it began to overpower the mids and it changed soundstage/imaging quite a bit. I decided that there's no point in having two FIBAE MEs and I would prefer to keep signature unchanged because that allowed to keep other qualities to come through that made this sound so great.
    It's the same driver, the gap in performance is however pretty big.
    Universals are not ready to ship, we will consider keeping a stock for them, but for now they will be still made-to-order. Shipping starts early next year.
    I listen to stuff like prog-metal, metalcore mostly and Blacks have been my daily driver for past almost 3months - to me they are ideal for those genres and would pick them over F2.
  10. Blommen

    I listen primarily to stoner, sludge, doom and black. I am a basshead, yet I also need instrument separation, imaging, soundstage. And I also really like darker signatures, I think this will do nicely :)

    One question though: is it possible to get this with a "short" stem, as a custom?
  11. piotrus-g
    Well it's not a bass-head IEM but the fact that many people were guessing it's a hybrid should tell you where it stands on bass.
    If you need shallower fit it's definitely possible but they still have to be past the second bend of the ear canal to isolate correctly.
  12. TAsme
    Thanks piotr, order incoming once i decided universals or custom :)
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  13. Blommen
    Sweet, thanks!

    I don't need more basshead iems, I mean imo you can't get better bass than dynamics but there is always a price. No one iem/headphone/speaker can do everything at once, as you said yourself once you increased bass something else was lost. That is just physics I guess :)
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  14. subguy812
    I want to give major props to Piotr and the CA gang. I was going to post last night but we were still celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday. While Piotr has always been far more kind to the consumers finances than most, this is an incredible steal. The sound quality and technology needs to be commended and hopefully that commendation comes in the form of incredible sales. When I saw the Black Friday announcement last night I was shocked to see it is a 1 driver IEM. My guess, was tainted by the Massdrop Exclusive release, but was 6 driver @$900. I only thought $900 based on CA's aggressive pricing of all of their offerings, not that it doesn't sound like $1500 IEM, because it does. Congratulations on a job well done!

    Buy 'em up and enjoy!
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  15. ostewart
    Hum... I still really enjoy my FIBAE 3 with Metalcore, so this sounds interesting, saw The Amity Affliction and Our Last Night recently :ksc75smile:
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