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CustomArt FIBAE Impressions Thread

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  1. crabdog
    I'm late to the party again but the prototype finally arrived. I've only had it in my ears for literally 5 minutes so early impressions will come later on.

  2. piotrus-g
    Nice! Looking forward to your thoughts on this
  3. crabdog

    I spent a few hours tonight with the new prototype in my ears and have been thoroughly enjoying myself. Here are some of my early observations.

    What stood out to me, first of all, was the vocals. It really felt like the performer was standing in the room with me (which at the time happened to be my kitchen). I'm not talking about the stage here, just the intimacy and presence of the vocals, that wonderful blend of density and distance that made it sound so real.

    Then there was the bass. At first, I wanted to go with the dynamic theory based primarily on the strength of the mid-bass and lower bass. But it just seems too tight and well-defined so instead, I'm thinking it's a multi-BA driven low end. I'm absolutely delighted by the quality and quantity of the mid-bass, however, I do feel that the sub-bass could use some tweaking. It just doesn't have the ultimate authority that I'm looking for but it comes so very, very close. It's only in the very lowest of registers that it leaves me wanting. I was hoping for that brontide on the tail end of a massive peal of thunder, one that is physical and leaves you in awe of its enormity; but that's more of a personal preference than a criticism.

    I've already hinted at the midrange above with its realistic vocal reproduction, now a bit more on the mids. The separation and layering are exceptionally good, leading me to think again that this is a multi (4+) driver IEM. The monitors immerse you in an almost physical space with sound coming towards you from out of a black void, like those amazing 3D demos they used to do with high-end TV's using 3D glasses (when brands still thought that was the next big thing in home entertainment). I'm not really hearing any particular congestion in the upper mids that a couple of others mentioned; in fact, I like the clarity that the 2kHz-4kHz range brings. I intend to look further into this when I get more time as resolution is ultimately more desirable than overt clarity with this kind of warm tonality (at least for me anyway).

    The treble is oozing with the same smoothness as the FIBAE2 and FIBAE3. It's crisp and well-extended but mercifully non-fatiguing and spread evenly throughout. If anything I could handle a little more energy here but that's always treading a fine line and risking becoming strident. Although the quantity of the treble is subdued its stellar extension plays a large role in keeping the stage expansive. Speaking of the soundstage, it has tremendous depth and is well-rounded in the true sense of a large space, not just directly at the front and out to the sides.

    That's about it for now. For my own bias and preferred sound signature I'd like to hear a tiny shift towards the sub-bass with perhaps a little reduction in the mid-bass. Even so, I love the sound already and would be perfectly content having something like this as a daily driver. Regardless of its driver count and configuration, this prototype is super cohesive, fluid and effortless in its presentation and I'm super excited to hear the final version. Fantastic job Piotr!
  4. piotrus-g
    Thank you for your feedback David!
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  5. davidcotton
    Just got shipping notice for my custom now turned universal fibae 2's! Looking forward to finally getting some decent ear time with them, but at the same time a little sad that we couldn't solve the persistent problems I have with customs.
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  6. piotrus-g
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  7. akared
    Hows the fit of universal FIBAE2? Does going from custom to universal affects the sound? My customs don't really fit well either (the L and R 'tightness' are not the same) even after 2 refits. What is the cost for turning customs (that are way past refit warranty period) into universals? Sorry if I overwhelmed you with questions but it seems like you had the same problem I am having.

    I actually thought about waiting for this new release and send both of my FIBAE's for another refit but going universal might be a more effective solution.
  8. MXRaia
    Not @davidcotton but I think changing a custom into a universal is 85 Euro plus shipping. It should be considered an “ownership transfer”.
  9. maniac2003
  10. davidcotton
    The universals are on the smaller side. As for fit that will depend on how you get on with universals generally but you shouldn't have any problems. I'm ironically having to use custom tips (by CA, naturally) as my right ear is picky. Small is too small and medium up hurt after awhile. As for sound changes I never got a good fit despite trying so can't comment. Perhaps Piotrus could chime in here?

    The problem I have with customs is that I can't seem to get a lock in when you rotate them in. The canal portions always seem fine, but I just cannot get a good seal. Think I've worked out why. I think it's to do with the cable prong hitting my outside ear stopping the ciems going in all the way (ooer). It's the same issue I have with most universals. If I take the cables out then I can wear them no problems, but as CA haven't done wireless ciems yet ( :frowning2: :p :) that really isn't much use to me. Interestingly the only pair of customs that have come close to working for me are Empire Ears, and that's only because the sockets were on the outside of the face plate and not in the usual place, even they had issues.

    TLDR? If you don't have any issues with universals, go with the option. You will need to use the owner transfer option on Ca's site and will take 4-5 weeks not including however long it will take to get there. The good news is that you can re design the iem if you've gone off the current design.
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  11. zerogorgor
    I often have fitting issues, custom and universals alike, but Custom Art has the most comfortable universals I have ever tried (some of the older model demos and FIBAE 1/2). They are somewhat small and can be inserted deep into my ear canals. That said, I still don't own any of Custom Art's products.

    My issues with customs include poor sealing, pain, different "tightness" or levels of comfort on each side, all of which change from time to time. I tried making impressions with 10+ audiologists and by myself, and ordered custom IEMs from multiple brands, but I never got an acceptable pair. I used to think that perhaps it was just me being fussy, but some time ago I was diagnosed with some type of jaw joint disorder, and now I blame my fitting issues on this. Good thing is that I have a legit reason barring me from going custom ever again.
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  12. davidcotton
    Did you ever go to Gisele of Aid2Hearing in London?
  13. davidcotton
    Cross posting from the Post your portable rigs. A true compact reasonably affordable rig and perfect for work. Universal Fibae 2 (because I've finally given up chasing the custom dream for now :) :frowning2: ) and Shanling M0.


    Closer shot of the amazing work that goes into these :-


    It's taken a bit of time to get used to the signature after having the fibae 2's predecessor the Music 2 as my main earphone for so long. But damn these sound great for melodic and progressive rock. Particularly english rock band Magnum. If you like that sort of thing check out the latest album "Lost On The Road to Eternity".
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  14. audio123
  15. davidcotton
    What tips are you using? I find I'm having the usual difficulties. Final audio ones work ok, but I'm either a size down or a size up. Whilst I don't mind using the custom tips with my Comet, I find they don't sit quite right for me when using the fibaes.
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