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CustomArt FIBAE Impressions Thread

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  1. davidcotton
    No fair :p Customs are a pita for me, and universals just don't work in my right ear (which ironically is what led me to customs in the first place!), and here the fibae md sits taunting me :frowning2: :)
  2. Oletros
    Regarding the Massdrop, what is the price in euro, should the VAT be added?
  3. piotrus-g
    The price is in USD as Massdrop is US based company - quick google check gives following conversion €701 base and €675 as price break point if the drop reaches 10pcs or more.
    There's no extra VAT or any other taxes if you purchase from Europe
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  4. Oletros
    Thanks @piotrus-g

    After reading your answers in the MD thread, I think I will go for the FIBAE 3.
    It is possible to send you the pictures of the impressions before placing the order to check if it is possible to order them?
    I suppose that with the impressions it is possible to make CIEM and silicone eartips.
    Can I use the eartips to sleep?
  5. piotrus-g
    That's great to hear!
    Naturally please send pictures of the ear impressions to info@thecustomart.com We can use single set of impressions to make different types of products in one go or in the future.
    Generally speaking Ear Tips wouldn't be recommended to sleep with as they have a hole to attach to the universal IEM so they don't block out a lot of external noise. The recommended product would be silicone Ear Plugs which are solid pieces of silicone with full isolation.
  6. maniac2003
    The sillicon earplugs are recommended. I've ordered them with my Ei.XX and they are great.
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  7. PinkyPowers
  8. Kagelou
  9. rantng
  10. PinkyPowers
    These are close enough alike I don't think you need both.
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  11. rantng
    Now if I could only differentiate between need and want...
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  12. Wyville
    Great review Pinky! I think it ranks among the best of yours I have read, which is probably a good indication of how much you love the ME. Now I just need to get that image of your bare thighs out of my head... :sweat_smile:
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2018
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  13. PinkyPowers
    Consider it a gift from me to you. :wink:
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  14. Wyville
    That just made me laugh so hard. :D
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  15. Haidar
    Hi Pinky, Thanks for the nice review of the FIBAE ME.
    I wonder if you might share some thoughts about how it sounds relative to the JVC FW01.
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