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CustomArt FIBAE Impressions Thread

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  1. PinkyPowers
    No experience with JVC. Sorry.
  2. Spen Javer
    Can someone compare FIBAE 3 with UERR?

    Just demoed UERR and liked it. No one carries FIBAE series demo unit around here.
  3. Mayth
    Hi ,

    Still happy with these beauties. Every night I listen to them and always tell myself "last song and sleep"... 2 hours after still awake haha.

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  4. davidcotton
    Nice! Acrylic or silicone? Also what cable is that?
  5. Mayth
    Acrylic custom design by CA. The cable is from a French audiophile guy who launched his own cable company, https://www.dmaudio.net/ .

    The combo is sweet :)
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  6. piotrus-g
    Dear Head-fiers,

    It's high time to say goodbye to our long time favorites - Ei.3 and Pro330v2. They are now on sale at €295 and €475 respectively, for limited time period, before being completely phased out. So don't miss out - https://thecustomart.com/promotion-clearance/
    Both IEMs are huge part of Custom Art's history making this decision even tougher.
    Ei.3 debuted as our first venture into acrylic material. It was meant to disrupt the ever increasing prices of the industry providing balanced and smooth sound with focus on fast-paced lows. Designed specifically for those listening to EDM and Rap. It quickly became one of the most popular pick for newcomers to the custom monitor realm, served as inexpensive secondary IEM for workouts at gym, finally it has been increasingly popular monitor among drummers and bassists.
    Pro330v2 dates even further back. Released in early 2014 up until now it remained the longest in Custom Art's line up. It's the first IEM utilizing our Single Phase design. Meant to be a true professional musician's stage tool. It proved to be best choice for vocalists - used by some of the most prominent Polish and International singers endorsed by Custom Art. Pro330v2 featured a distinctive mid-oriented characteristics with very quick low frequency response and detailed true-to-recordings highs.

    Even though these IEMs are on sale they still come with full 12 months (no-questions-asked) warranty, 30day refit policy, life-time support (as long as sub-components are manufactured), industry-first and longest standing €85+shipping post-warranty repair policy, ownership transfer starting as low as €85+shipping and overall top notch support :)

    As always it's hard to let go, but we feel the need to move on and we are confident our FIBAE line up is worthy successor.
    Since the beginning of Custom Art we feel we are destined to keep increasing value we bring to the industry. It’s our legacy that is always in the making.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2018
  7. Wyville
    Great deal! I still love my Ei.3 dearly and can understand that it will have given you some conflicting feelings... Sad to see them go, but excited because FIBAE has done so incredibly well. Looking forward to see what the future holds!
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  8. msiekkb
    There will be a successor Pro330v2? For me is one of the best your CIEM, and the best vocals on CIEM especially version 1.
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  9. piotrus-g
    Not likely
  10. msiekkb
    Very thanks for answer.
  11. PinkyPowers
    Fare well to the old legends, and welcome to the future gems.
  12. msiekkb
    @piotrus-g maybe a future plan mixing FIBAE3 with Pro330v1, take bass and treble from FIBAE3, mids and vocals from Pro330v1. Add more resolution, better texture than FIBAE3. Then will be for me perfect CIEM.
  13. piotrus-g
  14. Kulgrinda
    Enjoying my FIBAE 3 at work. Really impressed by the sound with upgraded balanced cable :)
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  15. crabdog
    Nice! Yeap the FIBAE line is impressive stuff :heart_eyes::heart_eyes_cat:
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