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cring worthy scenes in moves.. Spoliers..

  1. kool bubba ice
    'The hobbling' scene in Misery
    Pencil in Ankle. evil dead
    Nazi dentist, pulling teeth in the Marathon man
    Last boat scene in Jaws where the shark already has half his body in his mouth.
  2. Calexico
    I really didn't like the scene in The Descent when one girl like... stabs another girl's leg with a pick or something.  It was pretty gruesome.
  3. Rise To The Top
    95% of the Drag Me to Hell. Haven't squeemed so much in my seat during a movie. Ever.
  4. tru blu
    …the rape scene in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.
  5. Uncle Erik Contributor
    The Crying Game.
    No, I won't ruin the fun for the young'uns here.
  6. Ttvetjanu
    Blowtorch scene in Hostel made me go "no... you just didnt show that on screen...". Also most of [rec] had me on the edge. I personally thought drag me to hell was quite funny.
  7. Rise To The Top


    I found it funny too, but alot of it was flat out gross and made me squirm around.
  8. leeperry

    I was high as a kite when I watched HOSTEL and that was a pretty terrifying experience..I'll steer away from torture movies from now on, what's the point to watch that anyway?
    I read that the place where they kept the people was an ancient institution for mentally insane ppl...they were just kept in those rooms for all their life. Creeeeeeeeeeeeepy! They even had some ppl play music in those corridors to avoid having the staff feeling depressed.
  9. necropimp
    pet sematary
    my ankle hurts just thinking about it
  10. Moontan13


    I appreciate the warning...
    ...the rape scene in Death Wish. Hate rape scenes in movies....
  11. Shark50521
    The movie Teeth, I don't even know where to start, the dog eating the guys penis, her vagina biting off the guys finger. I mean it was kind of funny but still.
  12. virometal Contributor
    ^ What? That sounds awesome!
    Tough one. For something a little different I'll offer wedding toast scenes. A good recent one was in Rachel Getting Married. It was excruciating to sit though.
    In the physical category, how about several scenes in Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance? There is the ankle tendon slice then subsequent drowing. The electrocution scene, which is one of the more effective I've seen filmed. And of course, the classic knife to the neck sequence. "Don't pull it out." You know he will. 
  13. Armaegis
    The Passion of the Christ... most of it... especially the scourge scene that rips out a chunk from his ribs/back. I swear the entire theatre did a sharp intake of breath at that point.
  14. limpidglitch


    I love that movie!
    I didn't react with much more than a yelp to the dog eating the penis, but the guy I watched it with made some bodily movements that was hard to misinterpret. 
  15. Happy Camper
    The scene from Breaking Bad where they are trying to get rid of a body by dissolving it in acid. The kid used too much and the tub came crashing through the ceiling and body soup hit the floor.

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