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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. obiwon
    that will be true but i imagine it will still be way better than existing 2D sound pumping into your ears. i suspect CT has plans on expanding their database of ear shapes and profiles. if this is as good as the demonstration i saw it will become all the rage in gaming, movies and music. brilliant idea to sell the chips and license the tech.
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  2. earfonia
    Well, my guess, the objective of the SXFI being small and portable device is to simulate speaker setup on the go, aiming to solve the in-head sound we use to experience when watching movie on laptop or tablet using headphone, and to give a more spacious and out of head sound experience, like listening to a speaker setup on the go. So it is not critical to accurately copy a certain acoustic finger print of a certain speaker setup in a certain room, calibrated for a particular person, although technically it is possible to do that with proper calibration. So as long as the simulation is realistic enough with pleasing and enjoyable effect, people will enjoy it.

    For those who wish to enjoy their own Dolby Utmos speaker setup accurately on a pair of headphone, I guess Smyth Realizer with binaural mics calibration is the better option. The marketing objective of SXFI and the Smyth Realizer seems to be rather different.
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2018
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  3. obiwon
    The Smyth Realiser seems like an audiophile product not a mobile device. The mobility makes the SXFI such an incredible concept. If it is as good as the review say then I would expect every high-end headset will incorporate this technology into their headphones, or else they will try to develop their own version if they can without violating patents. Can't wait to hear how it sounds.
  4. Fegefeuer
    Does this device support optical out?

    It states that it enables 7.1 for movies and games. However it would be preferable to have this device go digital out so we can use our own DACs.
  5. Erik Garci
    I have not seen any mention that its 3.5mm jack provides mini-optical output.

    Update: Creative confirmed via email that the output is analog only.
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2018
  6. edwardsean
    Is the Super X-fi music player app also going to be able to do the surround processing? I'm really interested in their virtualization but don’t want to be tied to their amplification and conversion.
  7. Erik Garci
    Yes, that seems to be the plan. Here are some relevant quotes from the latest articles.

    "Mr Sim had previously promised a free mobile app - the proprietary Super X-Fi technology can also be implemented as software. But he has changed his mind and the free app will be given out selectively to users by invitation only."

    "The dongle and a standalone mobile app will initially be available only in Singapore and for Android mobile devices."

    "The company had originally planned to release an app in April to let users try it out, but shelved that idea and decided to make people wait for the hardware's release instead."

    "The company is going to release the SXFI App as well, and while that will be invite only at the start, Amp owners will be able to unlock the app for friends."
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  8. edwardsean
    Thanks for the information Erik. This app sounds like an amazing portable solution. I understand the economics involved in withholding the release of the app. They need to establish hardware sales. However, for someone like me I only need the processing. If anyone has a track on an invite place PM me!
  9. 8u5t3r
    Anyone in Singapore want to take the plunge for the SXFI amp can use my code for SGD20 off: FRIEND-PM7BPRH
  10. Nerdybeng
    Just got mine yesterday.
    Paired it up with my Nura.
    So here's the weird thing. With the amp, you can only have wired output, not bluetooth. But with the app, you can actually enjoy the same functionality wirelessly.
    Tried to use the amp with my Cayin i5. No go. Couldn't get any sound out from the USB-C port on Cayin i5. Thought it was supposed to do DAC through the USB port?
    App is also not supported on Android 4.4.
    Haven't really found Nirvana yet with this double personalization combo... Can definitely tell the effects of the SXFI processing. But they don't have a profile for this in-ear plus headphone combo. Guess Nura is the only one around?
  11. musicphotolife
    There are certainly a lot of promise on the SXFI Amp, but if I were to tone down the expectations, it might make the product more palatable and less hyped.

    1. SXFI primary purpose is to make headphones audio sound like it’s coming from outside your ears through external speakers in a natural environment.
    2. It is a portable solution, requiring no additional software license. Literally just plug and play (after uploaded the ear and headphone profiles).


    Multi-channel audio works amazing, because after all, the multi-channel data is already there. One common knowledge is that Android only supports 2-channels, hence the output for multi-channel audio might not be as expansive. Comparatively, when using the SXFI Amp over desktop computers, by selecting the Sound profile to "5.1/7.1 Surround" will achieve much better results.


    With regards to two-channel audio, it's a mixed bag. The only drawback I got from sampling a handful of tracks is that vocals under studio recordings appear to create rather unnatural transformation. It sounds a little boxy, with unnatural echos. Hence, the quality of the holographic audio depends on the recording mix. Having said that, the overall sound staging is certainly a refreshing and pleasant experience as I can perceive the audio coming from in front of my face rather than around my ears. I enjoyed the most listening to light and clean instrumentals and jazz, as opposed to heavy modern pops.

    The SXFI Amp is definitely not a supreme audiophile product, it will not translate audio imaging accurately (as most audiophiles demand even from their normal stereo headphones). But it transports me into a virtual room to deliver believable natural room audio. For listeners who enjoy a relaxing audio experience (not for critical listening), the SXFI Amp will elevate the enjoyment further.

    Reference: https://musicphotolife.com/2018/10/creative-sxfi-amp-review/
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2018
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  12. obiwon
    maybe its just me, but i am very impressed with SXFI. i am listening on both my iPhone and PC to all types of music and spoken voice. to my ears and my friends it is superior to stereo. it is a big improvement to dolby atmos. the sound is richer, much more depth and at times can be like sitting in a concert hall.

    i do not understand the criticism of this. maybe android does not do a good job processing the sound. or maybe my taste in sound is too generic. but for me it is a big upgrade. headphones have gone from being harsh sounding to richer and gentler on the ears.

    i hope this technology proliferates.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2018
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  13. edwardsean
    I'm anxious to try it for myself. I'm waiting for it to be released in the States.

    I thought that it was Android only. Is it also supported on iPhone?

    [edit: Got it. CNET reports that it does work on iPhone with the lightning to USB adapter, but that you sometimes get error messages.]
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2018
  14. RPGWiZaRD
    Still waiting for someone to comment on gaming with this thing. Does it work well?
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  15. obiwon
    yes you need to get the geuine apple lightning to usb a camera kit. i tried to buy a knockoff but it didnt work. then you go usb a to usb c to the sxfi. but im in the us and i could not find the app in either google play or itunes. i think its only available for download in singapore. next month the iphone air headphones come out so will be getting that. i hope they have a full line of products.

    like i said i really hope this becomes a standard. it is sooo much better than stereo. when i listened to metallicas one i was like wtfffffff.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2018
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