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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. obiwon
    i dont game so i dont know. i have read reviews saying it does not work well as you could not tell the direction of the sound.

    however i think there is something wrong with their setup. or perhaps the game was not coded to handle 7.1 sound.

    when i listened to a dobly atmos demo with and w/o sxfi the difference was enormous. dolby atmos is better than stereo. it provide more directional sound and depth. but when you listen to dolby atmos with sxfi it is like super charged. maybe 3X or 4X more impactful than dolby atmos.

    so things that are properly coded in 7.1 sound like atmos is super enhanced in sxfi. its really night and day. i cannot say how impactful it is. so if this technology gets advertised and a gaming company takes the time to code in 7.1 sound i think this thing will be a grand slam. i hope cyber punk or some other big title picks this up. it will revolutionize sound.

    if you ever get sxfi listen to this to see what i mean.

  2. RPGWiZaRD
    That's interesting as typically using two different HRTFs at the same time typically just never work. So this Super X-Fi approach must be pretty different, I suppose from everything I've read it's more like a virtual room simulation than surround presentation where the biggest factor is to get the sound out of your head to be more in-front/around you.

    I definitely feel I have to give it a go, even if it doesn't work well for my needs, this small nifty dongle do support 5.1/7.1 channel mixing which alone helps a lot for surround cues when gaming on PC. I tend to favor 5.1 as opposed to 7.1 as I feel directions are more clear with 5.1, with 7.1 the steps between the channels shrink as more channels have to fit the same space which for me leads to more diffuse directioning.

    What would you say about the sound of the dongle in general? Is the DAC/amp quality good (probably easier to compare when Super X-Fi is turned off). I've had mixed experiences with Creative products in the past and I still cannot understand why the Realtek onboard chip on ASRock motherboards sound so damn good to be an onboard solution, technically it should be easy to find an upgrade but when it comes to subjective listening tests, I tend to favor the Realtek onboard sound on my ASRock Z370 motherboard compared to even ASUS Essence STX II and Creative SoundBlaster ZxR and G5, I find it more detailed and the bass is punchier but very tight at the same time. It blows my mind, I don't understand how it's possible!
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2018
  3. edwardsean
    @obiwon, I on the reservation list for people outside of Singapore. How did you get one?
  4. obiwon
    I’m not sure how much I can guide you. I am not a gamer as I said and don’t know much about sound. I do have a very high end analog system and know what a good speaker system can do vs a bad one.

    As for 5.1 be 7.1 the SXFI definitely projects 7.1. If u listen to queens bohemian rhapsody the part where it goes Galileo Galileo. In stereo it comes out as right ear then left ear. But in SXFI it is upper right and then upper left. Don’t know if this is what was mixed in the studio or how SXFI translates it. But if it was mixed as stereo then it would be a problem in the game if u hear the sound come from above. But the fact that it can come from above means a game maker could have more flexibility in how sounds are coded to be translated accurately by SXFI.

    I know there are games that project Dolby Atmos but this is way better than that.

    As for sound quality it was totally fine. I don’t think my ear is trained as an audiophiles but I noticed no difference in quality between the sound coming straight from the PC/iPhone vs coming thru the SXFI. And the presentation of the sound from the SXFI was way way better. The best I can describe it is being in a concert hall.

    Definitely listen to Metallica’s One. Unbelievable.
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  5. Erik Garci
    Creative announced that pre-orders in the US will start November 1st. It will cost $149.99 plus shipping and handling.
  6. froes
    I bought the AMP directly from Singapore and installed the APP as APK.

    The APP denies running with the message "The app was not purchased." after it tries to connect somewhat, maybe Creative's own server.

    Without the setup by the APP the result is mean til poor. So my Onkyo Granbeat is solo by far the better option.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2018
  7. Richter Di
  8. obiwon

    this is not my experience at all. i am in the US where you cannot download the app so there is no ear mapping. but the SXFI even without ear mapping is 1000% better than plain stereo. now i dont have the $600 Onkyo Granbeat, but i cannot see how a plain stereo DAC would be better than SXFI. the SXFI is superior to atmos. for me it is the only way to listen to music from now on. i just wish it was built into the motherboard of my computer or into the headphones.

    i even showed it to my friend who is very hard to impresses. oppositional by nature. he was blown away. he wouldnt give me my headphones back.

    i have used it on iphone as well as on a computer. i hear that android may not process sound as well so maybe it is the android OS.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2018
  9. obiwon
    you can order it from ebay which is what i did. the sellers ship to europe i believe.
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  10. RPGWiZaRD
    HRTF experiences are pretty invidual, so out of box it will probably work better for some than others due to ear shape and such so yea it should only get better once you can calibrate. While tempted to buy from ebay I'm still going to wait for europe launch, wouldn't hurt with a free bundled decent headphone.
  11. froes
    I checked the app availability with a windows system. There was a message that all my devices were incompatible with the the APP, including my Onkyo Granbeat???
    What's all this?
  12. x7007
    I ordered one from ebay ,,, I hope I won't be disappointed .

    I have the Sennheiser 800s + Mayflower Electronics AMP , would I be able to use the External amp or I am doomed to use the XFI Amp ?

    I am using Eclaro Omega HT PCIE Sound card which I have the ability to connect to the separate non dedicated headphones connector , I am using the Speakers connector and it translate it with the right Xear Virtual surround . that's how you can skip the internal AMP...

    With the creative it would seem I'll double amp, will that be ok ? would I need to do that ?

    Would I have an issue with Android app ?
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2018
  13. blazinblazin
    I had been playing around with this for few weeks.

    For this Technology to work well. There are 2 important factors.

    1) You need to get mapping right.
    a)Do mapping at a bright place, make sure the mapped lines don't go out of you ear/face too much.
    b) Face your camera as perpendicular to your ear/face as possible)
    c) Map a few times and check which is the best for you.

    2) Headphone profile.
    It is best if you can get SXFI certified headphones for maximum effect.

    Till now there are not many headphone profile to choose from.

    If not SXFI certified or your headphone profile is not inside the list, test out every existing profile for the headphone you are using.

    Lastly don't listen too loud. The volume does not seems to be loud when you listen but after you take it down you might felt that you just finished attending a loud concert.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2018
  14. SoundHelmet
    Anyone able to compare to mobius or waveNx. I wouldn't mind some 3d on my Desktop headphones.
  15. obiwon
    i have not listened to those headphones but i will say that i have listened to dolby atmos with and without sxfi. and i can tell you with sxfi it is waaaaay better than just atmos. even though atmos is considered 3D, it sounds 2.5D when compared to sxfi.

    the sxfi is $150 which is a total bargain compared to other options and it is hands down better than atmos and thx spatial. so even if you use those other headphones i think adding sxfi will make them even better.

    no i did not do an A/B comparison between only-atmos and only-sxfi as i did not have a non-atmos source. so i do not know if sxfi was enhancing atmos or if sxfi was producing the sound by itself. but for sure the combination of atmos+sxfi is unbelievable. it really puts atmos to shame. thx spatial was a distant 3rd. it was basically 2d sound imo.

    note that i did not do any ear/face mapping. i used it straight out of the box as the app is not released in my country and it was still great.
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