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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. x7007
    Don't even compare those 2 to SuperXFI or Eclaro Omega HT XEAR . those are the only 3D VSS I would use , and I am still waiting for the SuperXFI but if people says it's game changer , I hope it is... And don't compare GSX 1000 ,, it has quality issues because of 16 bit and not 24 bit .
  2. Fox1977
    I've read several times on this thread "SXFI is better than Dolby Atmos"... This is a wrong assertion. Dolby Atmos is a multichannel encoding algorythm. IT IS 3D, you have channels all around you and above you. If you listen to a Dolby Atmos soundtrack on your phone or you computer through headphones, you lose all the 3D effect and you just get plain stereo that sounds inside your head. SXFI applies filters on the Atmos soundtrack, in a similar way to Out Of Your Head or Smyth Realiser, to virtualize a multichannel (up to 7.1) and make it sound through headphones "as if" you were listening to the actual speakers setup.
    SXFI is NOT better than Dolby Atmos. SXFI simply enhances the processing of Dolby Atmos soundtrack on your listening device from a basic stereo "inside your head" rendering to a multichannel "out of your head" rendering. It unleashes Dolby Atmos potential (though not to 100% as it's limited to 7.1 channels while the Smyth Realiser A16 will manage up to 9.1.6 channels)
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  3. Erik Garci
    There is also "Dolby Atmos for Headphones" which is Dolby's HRTF method and is comparable to SXFI. Maybe adding SXFI to DAfH would improve localization if SXFI has been personalized to your ears whereas DAfH by itself is more generic.
  4. Fox1977
    Indeed, THAT you can compare, and it's likely that a Dolby Atmos through SXFI will sound better than DAfH. But i don't think sending a DAfH signal to SXFI would sound better because DAfH is specifically made to be played straight on headphones, while playing it through SXFI would be like playing it on the front speakers of a HT setup. It's just not made for that.
  5. obiwon
    i am talking about listening to dolby atmos with and without sxfi. dolby atmost + sxfi is 3D. dolby atmos alone is 2.5D. thx spatial is 2.25D. stereo is 2.0D.

    i dont have a non-atmos version of that file so i cannot compare sxfi to atmost purely.

    btw, sxfi alone from a non-atmos source is a diferent version of 3D. atmos seems provide directional data that does not exist in a non-atmos source. i think with sxfi programmers can pay more attention to direction when mixing sound as sxfi makes it totally enhanced.

    the attraction of sxfi is the ability to simulate a concert hall effect on a mobile device. its not relevant that atmos is meant to be listened to using surround speakers. i want to listen to things while traveling or sitting at my computer and i dont want a 7.1 speaker setup.

    sxfi costs only $150 and is way cheaper than anything out there.

    IMO someone smart should buy out the rights to SXFI and make SXFI headphones and computer sound cards. i dont think creative has the muscle to do this.

    but SXFI is just that impressive IMO. its just the form factor with this extra dongle is a pain in the @ss. but i am sure someone will figure it out.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2018
  6. Erik Garci
    I'm just wishing that SXFI could simulate front speakers without adding crosstalk, similar to BACCH-HP. Then it would work for DAfH.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2018
  7. Fox1977
    Think of SXFI like a virtual 7.1-channel home-theater setup. If you play a Dolby Atmos on it, it will play on all the virtual speakers, all around your head. Hence the 3D effet. If you play Dolby Atmos without SXFI, the multichannel sound will be converted into stereo signal and sent to your headphone without these virtual speakers, and that's why you'll hear it between your ears instead of out of your head.
    Now, if you send a stereo (2.0) signal without SXFI, you'll hear it between your ears also. If you play the same 2.0 signal with SXFI, you'll hear it as if it was coming from two speakers in front of you. It may sound better than inside your head but it will not be 3D, it will still be 2D (since it will be played only on two channels from the 7.1 virtual setup).
    For only $150, it seems to be a good deal. When you say "IMO someone smart should buy out the rights to SXFI and make SXFI headphones and computer sound cards. i dont think creative has the muscle to do this.", Creative is actually planning to release in the forthcoming months a pair of headphones with integrated SXFI technology.
  8. limjohn5
    Here is my take on SXFI after listening to it for 4 weeks.

    Super XFi has been for me personally, maybe one of the best inventions of my generation.

    Personally, i love music, i love playing games on my PS4 and on my computer and I love watching movies and i love to pick the best seats in a movie theatre so that i can enjoy a movie with the best audio. Since space is limited where i am living in, i can only get headphones. I' ve got a Sennheiser HD598, then HD650 and now Emu-Teak. What Super XFi brought to the table is that it changed the playing field from 2D world where i was searching for the end game like maybe STAX or HD820 or Focal Utopia and Tube Amp to 3D world where all the terms like timbre, clarity, resolution, resolving, soundstage, airy, attack, dynamic range, etc are now being moved to 7.1.

    What makes Super XFi great is that when i am not using it, i am thinking of it and when i am listening to music or watching a movie etc without it, i am thinking how would it sound on my SXFI amp and Emu-Teak setup. Then i listen to it or watch a movie with SXFI and it exceeds my expectations and then some. (5.1/7.1 with SXFI is surreal)

    Normal audio no longer satisfied my hunger, SXFI has now created a hole where i hope it could continue to improve and fill because I am too still looking for more clarity, more resolution, more more more but in this new playing field. I would really want to be able to change to other HTS setups using the SXFI as like different headphone is used for different situations. Like how i use HD650 for concert music and Emu-Teak for movies and pop music.

    With SXFI, watching movies like Lord of the Rings Trilogy reminded me of the time when i saw the movie in the theatres, the 7.1 surround sound and the thumping bass is unbelievable. Listening to recordings makes me feel like i am in the recording studio with the singer, singing right in front of me. Listening to live shows or concerts makes me feel like i am there in the audience. Btw totally changed the way Netflix shows and movies sound even if the content is not in 5.1. Most games are fantastic with SXFI. Even watching home videos with SXFI makes me feel like i am once again brought back in time to the location. (Try and test it and see how much better it is with SXFI on)

    Personally, one more added benefit, all my listening fatigue is gone. I can't wait for more advancement in this technology and I hope they can create a better desktop amp to combo with SXFI like X7.

    Hit and Miss in Music

    After testing with different music, I find that the reason for the hit or miss for music is not due to the SXFI amp. The reason is because of how the music is mastered, what SXFI does is to replicate a 2.1/5.1/7.1 system, so if you dont like how it sound on a 2.1/5.1/7.1 system, then it will not sound good using SXFI and it is true. Some songs I prefer the normal headphone sound because it feels like the singer is singing right into my ears and some songs I prefer a 2.1 system because it is just much more impactful like when the orchestra comes in with the huge crescendo, it just brings the music to another level. So conclusion is that some songs are better using normal headphones and some are better using SXFI to replicate HTS. For me, most songs of my playlist are suitable for HTS and it is just a whole new experience using SXFI amp.

    Works on every headphone

    I' ve tested SXFI amp with Aurvana SE, HD598, HD650/HD6XX, Emu Teak. All of their main sound signature to my ears sounds the same. (Although their sound signature is the same but there are some inherent difference because of the headphones itself, like closed back is different from open back, the details/resolution that the headphone is able to create are different, decay speed, soundstage etc)

    What I think creative SXFI app did when you select the profile is most likely modify the sound signature to emulate ELAC speakers that they are modeling after. So just get a headphone model that is listed in their SXFI app list and you will be able to get the same ELAC speaker sound signature. If there is a specific sound signature that you prefer, you can try different headphone model in the app and see whether any of it fits your taste and if you want to be more specific, you can use the EQ in the app to further customized to your taste and the settings will all be saved in the SXFI amp which is a very nice touch.

    So It also means that you do not need to buy expensive headphones to enjoy the SXFI experience.

    Who is the best in Personalised HTS simulation?

    After testing with the different surround sound tech that is listed in HeSuVi. I have come to a conclusion. Personally, for my ears, currently which tech is the best in replicating HTS which is what i am looking for, the sound that i hear from a cinema, the sound that i get from a good HTS. Creative SXFI is the best in replicating the sound coming from HTS. Why? I think i know the answer.

    Personalization. The main premise of why SXFI is special is that it is personalized, each of our head and ear structure are different and therefore, what we hear and perceive is different. To my knowledge, every other tech doesn' t do personalization except Creative SXFI and Smyth Realiser. So softwares like OOYH works well for some and not others. Smyth Realiser A16 cost is ~US$3995 so it should be better than SXFI (Haven' t tested it yet). Creative SXFI cost US$150 and can give you up to 85% (my personal listening experience) of HTS on headphone, I call that a no-brainer. If you have the money and time, and want the best of the best, maybe you should have gone to Shanghai CanJam and test the Smyth Realiser A16. For me, for now i am really satisfied with SXFI and hope everyone around me can experience it for themselves. (Already bought one for each of my family)

    For comparison, for Personalised HTS simulation technologies, we have

    2016 - (personalised) Realiser A16 (prototype) - US$3995

    2018 - (personalised) Super X-Fi amp (Win/OSX/Android/iOS/PS4/Switch) - US$150

    Can't wait to see what improvements and products can Creative make out of SXFI
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  9. Alcophone
    Is there a way to use this for the 5.1 surround sound that my Comcast box provides or my TV with its optical out when watching Amazon Video? A USB Audio host with optical in, supporting 5.1 encoded audio?
  10. obiwon
    I listen to news using SXFi and its great. Plain spoken word sounds great.

    I found a Bluetooth transmitter on amazon which plugs into the 3.5mm output on the SXFi which I use to listen to Bluetooth headphones. I connect the SXFi with a usb-a to usb-c cable. I am sure you can find a way to output sound from your TV. Samsung Sony LG all need to integrate SXFi into their televisions and have it broadcast via Bluetooth.
  11. obiwon
    I disagree with your first statement. I have listened to plenty of what I believe is 2.0 music and it does not sound like front speakers. Some of the sound comes from above and the sides. If u listen to bohemian rhapsody in stereo the Galileo Galileo part comes right left right left. But on SXFi it is above right above left above right above left. Then listen to Metallica’s One. It’s insane. Maybe it depends on how the music is mixed but seems SXFi is able to give stereo more depth. In fact all music sounds richer and deeper. I have not found a song I do not prefer in SXFi. What really convinced me was when a friend of mine who is usually a negative Nancy showed amazement when he heard SXFi. That’s rare for him.

    As for creative coming out with headphones I do not doubt that. But I do not think they have the reach to market this to the masses. I really want the convenience of having this effect built into every computer and television and iPhones. I do not want to have a dongle or only wireless headphones that work with an iPhone. I want a Bluetooth headphone that can listen to any Bluetooth signal and translate it with SXFi. It really makes stereo obsolete imo. So I hope someone like apple beats or sennheiser licenses this tech and puts it into their headphones. I hope lg licenses it and out it into their TVs. Once people hear it they will not go back. But 99.9999% of the world has never heard of it.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2018
  12. AppleheadMay
    Can anyone make me a little wiser about the Super XFi?

    - What is the list of recommended headphones? I'd love to use it with phones like AKG K7XX, HD700, HD800S.
    - Can it work with Xbox as well? I'd like to use it with Mac, PC, PS4 and Xbox for gaming purposes.
    - Any chance it can be connected to my TV or receiver for use with a movie?
    - When used with PS4, how does that work? Simply plug-in and play?
  13. limjohn5
    - What is the list of recommended headphones? I'd love to use it with phones like AKG K7XX, HD700, HD800S.

    In the list, there is HD650, HD800. You can use HD800 and then use the equalizer to adjust to your liking.

    - Can it work with Xbox as well? I'd like to use it with Mac, PC, PS4 and Xbox for gaming purposes.

    Not for Xbox though, it can work with MAC, PC, IOS, Android, PS4

    - Any chance it can be connected to my TV or receiver for use with a movie?

    Don't think so. What i do is to connect the PC to my TV via (HDMI), PC to SXFI amp via (usb A to usb C). If i watch with my wife, i will use another PC to SXFI amp via (usb A to usb C). I use MPC-BE which can output to two audio devices without lag. (Do remember to set each individual SXFI amp to 5.1/7.1 according to the source)

    - When used with PS4, how does that work? Simply plug-in and play?

    Plug and play via (usb A to usb C). If not working, make sure you set the output as PCM and that the SXFI amp is selected as the output audio device and then restart the PS4.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2018
  14. AppleheadMay
    - So since IOS was not listed on their website before and now it's supported, could that mean Xbox compatibility can be coming as well? Probably MS just has to add the drivers?
    - Since it's compatible with Android, should it work on my Zappiti Media player as well since it runs Android? Any device with Android or just phones?

    For anyone who doesn't know the Zappiti, it's a must. 4K, HDR, Atmos, you name it. I have the one with two internal disks but it can play from a NAS as well without lag in 4K and has reaally good picture quality.
  15. obiwon
    i dont know about your specific equipment but what i have found is that if you can feed the sxfi into usb-c then you should be good to go. so whatever your output is, find an adapter than brings it back to usb-c.

    then you can output from sxfi via 3.5mm jack or a bluetooth wireless transmitter (but get a good one if you are a sound snob). i bought a bluetooth transmitter for $30 on amazon and it does the job but i cannot turn the volume up too high.

    also i do not have access to the ear mapping app because i am in the us and do not have android. but nonetheless i have found the sxfi to make a huge difference. i suspect once i can add the ear mapping that it will be even better.
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