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cowon stock earbuds (se2) ...you should definitely give them a chance!

  1. plonter
    I want to talk about the cowon earbuds that come stock with their relatively new players.
    I just bought a new J3 a few days ago and i am totally amazed and impressed by how these earbuds sound..especially with the maestro sound preset. 
    by the way..I also got a new pair of yuin PK2 earbuds today, and no need to say that these babies are the best earbuds on the planet without amplification (after the pk1 which need amplification).  but i will tell you this, i truly think that the cowon earbuds are very close to the pk2 level in sound, they are just not as refined but they are very close in performance.
    the highs are well extended and not harsh in anyway( again..not as refined as the pk2 but not so far behind) and the bass is very satisfing but not boomy or muffled.  but I will also state that the maestro sound preset is very much helping in this..although they sound nice also in normal mode (flat).  but with the maesto (or other presets of your taste) they truly shine.
    and fellows,i am an audiophile not from yesterday, you can see my sig for my current gear and i had much more audiophile level gear that i sold.      
    I think that the cowon se2 deserves some respect for a stock earphones that comes bundled with the players.    I also think that they sound much better than the ones that came with the "old generation" cowon players like i7 ,d2 etc. 
    i am so impressed by them that i think that i will try to use them amplified with my main rig.  just from curiousity.  
  2. mywallethurts
    ^ i agree totally. dare i say sound like $100 earbuds. imo it is better than pk2
  3. TheGomdoRi
    Mind sound terrible lol =_= sound very similar to stock iRiver earphones.
    But then again I'm too accustomed to balanced armature drivers and know for sure dynamics aren't in my tastes.
    The best stock earphones I've ever heard were the Sony in-ears imho.
    I like the Maestro setting as well used it for quite a while and still liking it a lot [​IMG]

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