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Cowon Plenue R - All Round Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by kel77, Jul 14, 2017.
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  1. someyoungguy
    The English language version of the R2 page is up: http://www.cowonglobal.com/product_wide/PLENUER2/product_page_1.php

    One interesting feature I hadn’t picked up on is they say you can receive phone alerts via Bluetooth, implying that you can listen to source files off the R2 but pair with your phone to have incoming alerts, while still outputting audio via the headphone jacks. That would mean the R2 must have some Bluetooth reception ability as well as transmission, which makes me wonder if it can act as an all round Bluetooth receiver (e.g. for streaming audio off your phone) or somehow just receives alerts only.
  2. TheoS53
    Well, with the original PR you can connect your phone to it so that if you get a call the PR will notify you of it, but you can't use it as a receiver for audio. I'd imagine the PR2 will do the same, but if it can receive audio as well that would be awesome
  3. dsrk
    I don't think it has Bluetooth receiver. If it has, they would have made it a big thing.
  4. TheoS53
    Yeah I agree.

    This is what is says on the site, so it's just the same as on the PR

    Phone Call Alerts
    for Greater Convenience Connect the PLENUE R2 to your smartphone via Bluetooth to receive alerts for incoming phone calls. Never miss another call while listening to your favorite music.
  5. someyoungguy
    Ah right, I used to have the R and never realized that feature was there! I guess the R2 is just exactly the same then.
  6. HamsterKing
    it looks sooo goood the R2, now i cant decide what to get D2 or R2 or maybe R2 then D2. still love my D
  7. someyoungguy
    Just scrolling through Instagram and a listing came up for R2 via some Hong Kong retailer, at 4288 HKD which is about 550 USD. So I checked on the Cowon Korea website again and the “Buy” link on the R2 page is now active and shows 599,000 South Korean Won, which works out to around 500 USD.

    So looks like the R2 will be close to the same price as the R.
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  8. kova4a
  9. twister6 Contributor
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  10. kova4a
    Well, that's a bit harsh. It covers the build, the overall sound, has detailed measurements and such. I would rather have this that people saying how it sounds with their iems or headphones coz let's be honest - out of 1000 people reading a review, probably 5 have the same gear as the reviewer. And don't get me started on hawaiibadboy's rants about reviewers not including what type of music they used for the reviewer - everyone has specific baseline tracks and what they are means nothing to the people reading the reviews unless the reviewer is listening to EDM and the likes coz then all talks about tonal balance and realistic rendition are rendered useless. And yeah, it's not bad to have some comparisons with more recent DAPs in the price range but let's not forget not everyone receives tons of free gear that can use for comparison
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2019
  11. twister6 Contributor
    I was just hoping to read at least a comparison to original PR since he reviewed it before. But that's ok, everybody have their own review style.
  12. dsrk
    Yes comparisons make reviews complete.
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