Cowon Plenue 2 - Taking it a step further.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by niyologist, Feb 27, 2017.
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  1. Hi-Fi'er
    Well the Cowon P1 just got an update? Huh.... Months now and the P2 nothing. Hoping to see updates for current issues to be fixed.
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  2. XP_98
    What issues are you thinking about ?
  3. Hi-Fi'er
    The latest release on the P2 has a “skipping” on the volume via the knob and the volume touch. Another member reported this on the thread and I tested it and I agree. When you go volume up or down either via the wheel or the touch screen, the music is not smooth and you can hear it skip a step down in volume. I tested on my P1 and although it does not have a volume wheel it does not do this on the touch volume like it does on the P2.

    Reply from Cowon: 10/25/2017


    Thank you for the information you provided.

    Our headquarter will review this if there will be anything can be amended.


    JetAudio, Inc

    No update still.
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  4. Hi-Fi'er
    Well I finally received a reply;


    What we were told from our headquarters are as below.

    While controlling volume, the music playback cannot be smooth sometimes. it usually happens when jetEffect is on. However, it happens sometimes when jetEffect is off. It’s kind of normal symptom. So, please understand that it could be P2’s kind of characteristics.

    Sorry for not giving you the positive answer.


    JetAudio, Inc
  5. sg2k
    I dont know why but with Android 8 (Oreo) its working now :smile_phones:
  6. ehaldin
    A quick question for P2 owners: does balanced output give any perceived added power for headphones vs. the SE - i.e. not only more control and dynamics, but also some loudness? I've just acquired a used unit and was a bit surprised that it doesn't yield enough loudness for the 2016 LCD-XC on SE. With some tracks it works, but others lack ultimate loudness and tend to sound anemic.

    I know that the P2 MkII balanced could fix this issue, but a €600 upgrade from my used P2 is too pricey for this issue alone.

    Also, melodic instruments and voices sound a bit unnaturally thin on SE - do they feel any thicker or more present with balanced output?
  7. JLW654
    Bought latest 256gb MK2 from advanced mp3players just now with coupon AMP500 which gave a bargain 15% discount, thanks to reading headfi.
    I was waiting for the new AK100 but the Cowon mk2 has 256gb and the similar dac to the ak sp1000 which is 3 Times the price, I am celebrating....!!
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  8. Gorf
    How do you find the Mk2?
  9. Sound Eq
    i assume u are not using eq, from my experience with cowon i think they only sound good with eq
    aslo u are talking bout audeze lcd xc that needs a powerful source , so changing daps will not get u anywhere. forget specs on paper with such headphones you need a powerful amp

    my cowon plenue s does not drive my lcd x or lcd2c at all they way that should sound
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  10. JLW654
    I really like the mk2 because of the extra memory and really, really excellent equaliser. having used the ak70 for the past year it is a revelation to be able to plug the Cowon into my iMac and it just works with transferring music, it works ALL the time, every time. The ak70 is a right pain as it constantly disconnects and you have to manually change it back to file transfer...this is a joke!!
    The operating system on the Cowon is also excellent and I have been able to fully customise how I want to use it to my preferences. It loads 80gb on internal memory and 200gb on a micro sd card within 12 seconds from switching on and ready to play....amazing.
    Equaliser is something I have never been able to use on ak70, the Cowon is a joy to use and so simple and VERY effective with a massive choice of settings.
    All in all as you can tell I am very happy with this machine it is a pleasure to use.
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  11. JLW654
    See above..
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  12. Gorf

    I've just placed my order! :)
  13. JLW654
  14. JLW654
    You will enjoy it, it is well worth it...
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  15. JLW654
    Also forgot to mention that the Gapless playback actually works perfectly...
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