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Cowon Plenue 2 - Taking it a step further.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by niyologist, Feb 27, 2017.
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  1. Niyologist
    Cowon has a new P Series Flagship coming out soon. The Cowon Plenue 2:














    I'm adding this DAP to my wishlist.

    English Translation of the Cowon Plenue 2.

    Continue to report on the latest news on plenue flagship new products, the original new model named plenue 2.

    First of all, the biggest difference in plenue 2 is, of course, the design, the use of Solid & void-wide metal machines, with the pattern of the pattern, and the overall design is awarded to 2017 if design awards.

    Another different place is that the top of Plenue 2 Uses Double Knob Design, a knob control volume, another knob can be used as a multifunctional key, easy to control, and also with the signal signal.

    Plenue 2 INTEGRATED DECODING CHIP FOR AKM DAC, which is based on the new generation of a new generation of a new generation of high-End Audio-products, which has been used by a wide range of high-end audio products A high letter is achieved through the improvement of velvet sound technologies.

    On the sound side, of course, PLENUE EXCLUSIVE TECHNOLOGY JETEFFECT 7 & bbe+, built 66 default, and it is worth mentioning that plenue 2 also built up high performance ti amp power put.

    Plenue 2 in addition to the 3.5 mm audio and optical fibre output, also added 2.5 mm to a balanced output to meet the needs of everyone.

    The system provides five different thematic interfaces and two electricity style to meet people with different requirements. In addition, it is possible for users to design the environment in which they are designed for their own design.

    Plenue 2 basic specification parameters are as follows:

    - Built-In Ak4497eq DAC
    -24bit/192kHz,Native TX DSD
    - Zhī Chí Dxd / DSD (Dff, dsf) / FLAC / WAV / Aiff / Alac / APE / Mp3 / WMA / OGG / WV / TTA / DCF
    - 3.7-Inch AMOLED touch screen
    - 2.5 mm balanced output
    - Jeteffect 7 & Bbe+, 66 default
    - Super Precision Dual Tcxo crystal
    -VELVET SOUND Digital Filter
    - 123 DB SNR THD+N, 0.0005 vrms %, 2
    - Double Knob Operation Key design
    - Solid & void full metal machine design, carved glass back shell
    - built in 128 GB
    - support for outside card (up to 256 GB)
    - Optical Fiber Output
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  2. jmills8
    Cowon has a great sound, great UI, great EQ. Issue is they faul to increase the internal memory , 128 gigs is not enough these days. Atleast have two SD slots. Ill still buy this cause well its a Cowon.
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  3. AndrewPL
    P2 looks very interesting, I've promised myself that I won't buy anotehr DAP with poor battery life that lasts below 12h but for P2 I'll make an exception.
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  4. Niyologist

    Same here. I like this flagship a lot more. I never heard the AKM4497 EQ. I hope it's an excellent match for IEMs. I know it's not just the DAC that determines the sound quality. It's also the power and efficiency of the internal amp.
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  5. jmills8
    One must buy all Cowons, it makes life more simple. ☺
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  6. Niyologist

    I definitely agree. The Cowon PD is the definition of simplicity.
  7. Niyologist
    I found a rough translation of the complete specs from the Cowon FB Page.

  8. Mimouille
  9. Niyologist

    Where was the original thread? :)
  10. Mimouille
    I really don't care, mods can delete mine or merge.
  11. Niyologist
  12. Mimouille
    I don't want to lead anything here anymore...my temper always gets the best of me when...original characters come into play.
  13. Niyologist

    So either a merger with me as the leader? Or delete your thread?
  14. MarcusXKL
    One thing I don't understand
    From the AKM 4497eq web site it said

    1. - Maximum Sampling Frequency, Bit rate: PCM 768kHz/32-bit, DSD 22.4MHz
    2. - SNR:128dB
    3. - THD+N: -116dB

    But Cowon show that data 
    SNR: 123dB
    DSD :~5.64MHz(DSD64, 128)  

    those two number show just like that is 4495eq more than 4497eq ?

    and the battery is smaller than Plenue S from 4400mAh to 3050mAh [​IMG]
  15. Niyologist

    Thanks for pointing that out. Maybe a discrepancy with the DAC or the general specs.
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