Cosmic Ears - new CIEM company with great prices (including Hybrid designs!)
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I'll definitely have to send it for a reshell at some point, the only thing that bugs me is I had them re-shelled in January this year, cost me over £200 . The monitor certainly works fine , and the crack doesn't show that much but I feel it when I rub my finger around that area .At this point I'll just enjoy using it and save some money for a new design later next year . I was thinking of selling it and using the funds to buy another ciem but the ones I've seen so far cost almost double the price of the cosmic ears monitors . Are there other companies with similar pricing here in Europe?.If I had the funds I'd be buying from noble audio ..but ......hmmmmm
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I had a look a while ago for monitors around the same price bracket but didn't find anything I believed would be better than my Cosmic Ears, trying to find the same quality at that price point within the EU anyway is going to be hard, but yes Noble would be nice but the ROI isn't good enough IMO to justify that.
Jan 6, 2017 at 5:15 AM Post #5,276 of 5,310
So mr mailman just came, good day to take off work.
Enclosed was my CE2P, the BA4 must be arriving later, I didn't expect them to ship until they were both ready, so its nice of them to ship my CE2P to get me back to normality.
They look damn good, the green is a lighter than before, really well made. The hole for the sound is a good chunk smaller than my previous CIEMS. I'll give them a listen to later today. These are my first pair with the recessed connector, its far more solid of a connection than I thought it would be.
oh and here's the all important proof!


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