1. AHorseNamedJeff

    Help me convince my parents to let me get CIEM's for Christmas?

    So, I've done a lot pf pondering for this years Christmas list, and I've decided that my big thing (Santa gift) will be a pair of CosmicEars Flex Custom IEM's, that with the options I've chosen is around $175. This is cheaper than anything else I've ever asked for, but they still shoot down my...
  2. LaninKhan

    Sub200$ IEM with best value [ RE262; HF5; GR07; GR01; X10i; TF10; Custom CE & more]

    Hi guys, i've recently lost my Aurvana IEM 2, and i need a new pair of IEM.  Budget is 200$, but i can also spend something less. XD After some months reading every thread and review here, I'm still unable to take a decision, so, I'm in your hands.   I listen mostly to post-rock...
  3. Penguin1026

    Best iems under 150!

    Hey guys! I'm new here, and I'm looking for the best iem I can get for under 150. I need them to be durable, I would love to have a detachable cord, but it's not a deal breaker. I listen to mostly rock and electronic, but I listen occasionally to other genres. If there are any ?'s let me know...
  4. project86

    Cosmic Ears - new CIEM company with great prices (including Hybrid designs!)

    UPDATE:   Things are constantly evolving with Cosmic Ears. A new website, new models, new options.... there's no way I can hope to keep up with all the developments - at least not in this opening post. Apologies, but you'll need to visit their website and maybe skim the later pages of this...
  5. Cosmic Ears Flex

    Cosmic Ears Flex

    The Flex model is designed to allow you to configure your earphones enabling you to build the perfect listening companion.