Comply tips sound Awful on TF10?
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I use the Comply T-400s and for me the trick is to not compress them and shove 'em in. If I compress them prior they seem to expand and "pinch" the opening. 
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Hmmm, I was wondering about that.
But through proper blind tests (got my friends to test me many songs all randomly ordered with the PSP and an iPod Nano, iPod Classic and iPod Touch). In my opinion the PSP just blew them away. More transparency, better acoustic reproduction, hollower [not as grainy on the sound].
Well that's what I found. It can't have been a "placebo effect" since it was a randomised blind test.
I was looking at going Cowon, but I can't afford a D3 anyway. A J3, I'd still have to save up a lot.
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I never use foam, it never gives as decent seal as silicone. Foam has air bubbles in it, by definition. What makes a good seal? Less air pressure loss...if the thing has holes in it like swiss cheese, your not going to more leakage than a *hard* material, this is of course providing that the ring of silicone or foam is tight with your ears. The bass will suffer most noticeably (which is one of the strengths of the TF10).
If you're prepared to pay for the Null audio upgrade, you could spend some money get custom ear tips from ACS (Great UK network of audiologists and reps), they'll do a world more difference than a cable.
But would be very interested in a blind test with the null audio verses stock or the UE stock from you as I have considered a cable upgrade but have heard differing stories on whether its all placebo.
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Try inserting the comply's backwards. They dont kill off the highs that way

Just Genius. Or is it magic?  It just works.  I wonder how?  It makes T10 sound much fuller.  I feel like I am using it to its potential now.  I always thought distortion was caused by source only, but now I believe for IEMs tips will cause distortion also.
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Funny thing, I use the Sensorcom tips for the SM3 and put them on backwards, stretching them over the nozzle, the stem reaches pretty far so you may have to cut that.  But the soft silicone make the hard plastic very easy in the ear canal.
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The TF sound signature wasn't for me but I liked the Sony Hybrids the best during the brief moment I owned them.
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I don't have the TF10's, but on my Sennheiser IE7's comply tips completely kill the treble. Seems like theres no treble extension, my IE7's sound best with the sennheiser dual flange tips.
I do have some UE Metro.Fi 2's, and they sound a lot better with comply tips (To be honest, probably because they actually stay in - they have the worst cable design - like a plastic rod! lol)
I worked out which were best for me by trying every earphone combination (Left VS Right) and picking which i prefered most, then kept 2 spare configs in the storage box :wink:
EDIT: Now to try the comply tips backwards :wink:
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this can be because you clean your ears out.... its actually not safe to clean your ears out? im pretty sure you use a tool to clean your ears out ?
Contrary to what most people think, ear wax is produced to protect the ear from bacteria's, foreign contaminants, and everything from the outside world. when you put in foreign objects in your ear, your body responds by producing more ear wax. Now i cant be too sure, but that dab of blood seems to be from a cut in the ear or an infection possibly due to cleaning out your ear. you should probably have that checked out, and stop cleaning ur ear so often !!
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Thanks calipilot227
Sony Hybrid worth 140$, Price of Ultimate Ear TF10
No joke, it worth the price of TF10. Without this TF10 is worthless just like a gun without a bullet.
Sony Hybrid is fire power for TF10 and boy how it fire’s great bass and soundstage, while not losing out on even small details in high range and more importantly TF10 stay back in my ears with proper seal.
Little background
Got TF10 around 3 month back, never felt comfortable with them, even a small yawn would pop them out. Stock silicone never held them back in my ears and form once made them sound horrible.
All these days TF10 was left unused, they make me look like cyborg and never comfortable, used image 10 all along.
Recently I discovered Sony Hybrid in this forms of course and never touched Image 10,
TF10 is unbelievable with them it is like carrying HD 598.
Now, I don’t mind looking like a cyborg, I just enjoy music in my mind. 

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