Comply tips sound Awful on TF10?
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Feb 15, 2011
Hey guys,
So I got my UE TripleFi 10s for my birthday, and I'm loving them.
Medium silicone tips sound brilliant, even though they don't create the best seal.
The small tips fall out for me, the large silicone tips fit a fair amount better than the medium ones, however I feel that the bass is a tad muddy and some of the balance and overall clarity in the acoustics have disappeared.
I tried the Comply tips - brilliant seal, but the bass is extremely muddy, the clarity completely disappears as well as the sharpness and impact of the dynamics. Some instruments nearly disappear, and the separation of the instruments is absolutely ruined.
I am listening to a mix of 320kbps MP3s (LAME 3.99a10), and lossless WAVs through my PSP [3000].
I've tried all EQ presets on the PSP. I flick between the 'Off'/flat setting and 'Unique' presets depending on the music with the silicone tips. None of the presets (Off, Heavy, Pop, Jazz, Unique) worked with the Comply's. I thought they would be fine with the EQ off.
Trust me, I've tried to let my ears 'adjust', and little improvement was gained.
Any ideas? Is this normal? What can I do about it (or should I just stick with the medium silicone tips [they still produce a marvelous seal]).

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Me too, medium size sounds best for me too.  I lose the wonderful bass with complies.  SM3 on the other hand, sounds best with complies.  I think it may have to do with TF10 design, you can't insert the complies as deep as you can with SM3.  That leads me to believe complies may work pretty well with ER4P(S).  I shell see..  I preferred silicon over complies until I got my SM3.
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Uhuh. So I was right (and my ears aren't being unusual xD)
Well they're my first IEMs. In fact, I had to go really expensive, because no cheap earphones actually fit or even stay in my ears for that matter.
The only problem I have with the medium silicone tips with the fit is that the right tip doesn't stay in my ear with a great seal. It takes for ever, and I find that I have to keep adjusting it until I can get a good seal with it so the volume levels are equal and the bass actually stays the same as the one on the left. Some may say "use the large silicone tip in the right ear". But I've obviously already experimented, and the instrumentals are vastly different, so there's a little issue here and there.
Also, gross or not, I find my ears start to produce a lot of wax when using my IEMs (I clear my ears out a few times a day).
I'm guessing it is because the wax produced in the ears contains oil, and it is used to "clean out the ears" (what it is basically designed to do), therefore when the air circulation is cut-off, the ear canals/your body decides to produce more. I'm sure this is normal for some too...?
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I'll give it "a whirl", but what about the muddiness, the instrument separation, the clarity, the punchy bass, the dynamics of the highs (stuff like clicking sounds, claps and cymbals), etcetera?
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I've Heard about those... some say they're pretty decent.
I'd look into them. But I'm not guaranteed the results I want. I don't want to go out spending money for the sake of it. - I hope you understand :p There's near to nowhere (that I know of) in England where you can even test any audio equipment (i.e. cans [IEMs, well you wouldn't want to - if you know what I mean xD]).
If I had a 30 day try-out period or some other, I'd give them a go (unless one can guarantee me results).
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With my TF10, I get the best fit & seal with sony hybrids.  But Comply tips aren't too bad for me either, since I have fairly big ear canals, so the compressed foam doesn't get in the way of the nozzle.  You can also try reversing the comply tips on the nozzle, so the silicone ring of the comply faces your ear - it's a hard fit onto the nozzle though.
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A hard fit. It was quite tight putting them on the normal orientation. I won't literally be trying to "rip them off" will I?
The main reason I don't want to spend more money 'guessing', is because I've already ordered a new Null-Audio Lune cable with all the extras tonight [i.e. braided nylon cable] (well Kevin [store owner] did say, I'd get a free upgrade to a Viablue jack connector from the Pailiccs one). With the shipping that was basically £80.
I'll give a go with flipping the Comply tips round soon (well if it's not necessary to 'tug them off').
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Wow, I forgot to say. When I was trying the Comply tips last night, when I took them out, there was a dab of 'dried' blood on them (a fair amount; slightly inside the cut-out of the tip); like it had got on there, partially absorbed by the foam and dried.
Weird, my ears are COMPLETELY clean... xD
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A hard fit. It was quite tight putting them on the normal orientation. I won't literally be trying to "rip them off" will I?

Yeah, be real careful when putting on or removing comply tips on TF10 that way.  You don't want to damage the nozzles.  Push on the silicone ring instead of the foam
Also, when comply's silicone ring is facing your ear, it's a bigger size than worn normally, so may be less comfortable.
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I'd personally recommend the Monster Triple-Flanges. The bass isn't muddy like with the Comply's and the rest of the sound is similar to that of a silicon, but with better bass because of the seal.
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Sony hybrids are GREAT!!! They completely solved all of the fit issues that I had with the TF10s. You can find them for under $10 (USD) on Amazon. I also found that reversing the drivers (plugging the left cable into the right driver and vice versa) also helped me achieve a deeper seal (better isolation and better sound). You gotta try ALL of the tips though, I was a large in UE tips but a medium in Sony Hybrids.

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