C'mon guys. The SE530 Appreciation Thread. Triple Fi owners welcome
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Originally Posted by sgprater /img/forum/go_quote.gif
How did you mod them?

here's his mod thread

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That's one of my biggesst compliments of the E530s, their comfort factor. Toss in the excellent sound and I LUV mine!!!

Totally agree! It is the only IEM I can fall asleep on the side without hurting my ears.

This is a very important factory for me! Hehehe
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Totally agree! It is the only IEM I can sleep fall asleep on the side without hurting my ears.

This is a very important factory for me! Hehehe

absolutely, they're really comfy. Love the bass and if you Eq similar to the ipod/itunes "Electronic" setting they shine with all music. By using the electronic setting in iTunes you can see it eq's to increase low and high from 1k up. Just like this...


Edit: Forgot to mention DavidMahler's "Electronic" Eq thread

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Originally Posted by sgprater /img/forum/go_quote.gif
How did you mod them?

i think you missed on of the most amazing threads here at headfi! damn that was a great read - not a silly 'mod' meaning cutting the stem from a flange. this is a mod greater than the mod that goes on the darth beyers for sure. probably the most amazing mod headfi will see ever for portables.
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Thanks to SE530, without it I would not know that Triplefi sounds so good!

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lol. basman. you got me going there. i thought you were another beloved se530 fan.

Can't blame him for your luring title.
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I agree that the se530's are amazing. I bought them 1.5 years ago, had them a year and sold them. After trying many mid range iem's, I found I so missed them. I loved the super.fi 5 pro, but they just do not fit me right even with the reverse mod, so I know the triple.fi would not fit either. I ended up with the se310 which I liked the fit comfort and the sound but they lacked bass. So I went back to the 530's. Sometimes I guesss ya have to lose something to truly see it's merit!!
Just for the record, I never thought the high's were rolled off, they were great for me there, just thought I wanted to try something else. Now I have an ibasso p2 and think the 530's are all around perfect for me. I so wish though that the ue line was less huge, cuz I would love to sample the triple.fi, It's just that the ue's kill my small ears.
Just another addition, I do find the electronic eq does very nice with hte 530's. In the past when I used the eq on my ipod I used the rock setting, that tends to make more clipping though.
I really am in love with these cans again and somtimes envy the guys who get to listen on their jobs. I find myself wishing I could spend more time listening than duties allow.
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Originally Posted by qspeedss /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Filipelli. How interesting that you stayed with the se530s. How do you like them compared to the livewires and the UE5cs?

Yes, as Al4x explained, the shures that are bought used without an invoice from an authorized dealer are not covered by the shure 2 year warrenty.

Theres ways to work around this though.

Filipelli, im actually interested in speaking to you about your 5 setups that you listed in your signiture.
Do you actually use all of your rigs?

Hey gspeedss, sure thing, shoot me a pm with whatever questions you have regarding any of my rigs.

The se530s are totally different from the LW, but closer to the Ue5cs I have to say. The reason why I rebought the shures is because I sometimes I find them even more comfortable than my customs.
It's like sticking cotton in your ear versus something harder - albeit better fitting to your ear.

Anyway, the LW is totally different from the SE530. Se530 I find to be a more "musical" phone, more bass impact, and warmth of sound. The LW are more analytical, clear and crisp, with punchy bass but not as impactful and robust as the se530s. The Ue5cs are BASSSSSSYYYYYYYY, like an inear message as I heard someone put it. But they are my most comfortable custom, and musically fun. I would say the Se530s are even more neutral compared to them.

I do use all the rigs in my signature an equal amount. The work and fun rigs are used half and half...the powerbook when I am on the go, and the Asus when I am at home as a desktop source with the little dot. (I should mention: I am attached to a computer at all hours of the day...I sleep with my powerbook in the bed next to me and the livewires attached to the darn thing.) The ultra for on the go (walking through the dangerous streets of baltimore) and portable are for around the house, sometimes at school and during study sessions in the library or coffee shops. The Transportable...is for in bed, and on lengthy trips back home from school. So yeah...I do use them all. haha.
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after years with e2cs (which I paired with an adapter to be able to use with my iphone), I took the plunge and bought these sweet sweet iems. btw - 6ave rox for their current code offering.

got them and said to myself "i'll pop them in to test them, 2 songs max" - hours later I still didn't want to take them off. I also followed DavidMahler's electronic eq tip - highly recommend it.

once I buy the HBH-DS205s to use with the se530s while in the house, I will get rid of 3 bluetooth stereo headsets and 1 wired set. too bad the resale on all 4 sets combined will cover only the cost of the sony ericsson unit - barely.

anyhow, se530s sound fanfreakingtastic and with the proper bt adapter should be an all-around hi-fi lo-consumption solution.

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