C'mon guys. The SE530 Appreciation Thread. Triple Fi owners welcome
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Apr 13, 2008
I've been searching the forums for the past week now and all i've seen are huge long threads about praise to the UETP, Livewire, FreQs.

Its time for us SE530 owners to show up those other guys.

Personally, I read all the praise threads for the UE-TF before i bought my se530s. The se530's just appealed to me. It's fortes went hand in hand with my music taste. I dont regret getting these at all.

All the fuss about the shure warrenty.. I got mine at headroom for a mere $300. Comes with the 2 year warrenty. Perfect.

By the way, Any UE-TF owners are welcome to voice their objections. However, no straight up praise for your phones please.
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I forgot to add. I love the se530 because of the fit, comfort, and styling. I really like the way it looks compared to the UE-TF. I saw the recabling of the Triple-Fi's but I would still prefer the SE530s.

Love the bass of the se530s
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i think the warranty issue is for 2nd buyers, i dont know what UE are for 2nd buyers but i wouldnt by an iem without it

another reason why the se530s had to go, they were second hand (and wernt my sound)
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Filipelli. How interesting that you stayed with the se530s. How do you like them compared to the livewires and the UE5cs?

Yes, as Al4x explained, the shures that are bought used without an invoice from an authorized dealer are not covered by the shure 2 year warrenty.

Theres ways to work around this though.

Filipelli, im actually interested in speaking to you about your 5 setups that you listed in your signiture.
Do you actually use all of your rigs?
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C'mon guys. The SE530 Appreciation Thread. Triple Fi owners welcome

Shure E5 and UE TF10 pro owner here. What's up now with that Thread Title. It's like a group of SHARKS saying:


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XDD. rabbitsfoot. I dont think any of the se530 owners hate on TF owners. I think its just man's instinct to protect his baby. Im pretty sure im gonna name my se530's. How does elenor sound to you guys? Its time to go to barnes and nobles to go look at baby name books.
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I have the SE530's and the Triples. Both have their high points and low points, depending on the 'color' you are looking for from your music and whether you are more into bass or into midbass/treble. I go back and forth between which I prefer...
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Originally Posted by Vinny /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Maybe they're great IEM's but there's no way I would pay the price they ask for them here in Holland.Over 400 Euro.

You can order them from UK for 270 euro inc. shipping.
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elizabeth sounds too queen elizabeth. I dont want that old kind of feel the name. I want a name that says, "im the best earphones around, im comforatble, and sexy."

how do you guys get all the money to have BOTH? i have to sell everything i have to get ONE pair of earphones. Ebay buying and selling for almost 3 months to get my shure se530s.

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