Classical music discussion, what do you like?

Discussion in 'Music' started by quinto, Oct 22, 2016.
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  1. Quinto
    SQ wise not the greatest but wonderful musically, I would recommend it to anyone interested in Mahler.

    Perahia's Beethoven is not for me, like his Mozart though..

    I only buy cd's and lp's so buying digital files are no option for me .. I'll buy Leonskaja's complete Schubert box first and I think I'll buy the other one somewhere in the near future

    Going through another Beethoven SQ fase right now, listening to Lindsays live recordings.. u n b e l i e v a b l e
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  2. CanadianMaestro
    Thanks, Pokey. Hope you're doing well.
    I have multiple sets -- Brendel, Kempff, Pollini, Nat, Annie Fischer, Gilels, to name a few. I never pictured Perahia as a Beethoven giant, but I could be wrong. He's more of a Mozartian. And also Schubert, at least the late D.958-960 sonatas. Pretty good.
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  3. CanadianMaestro
    The Cleveland Q did a fabulous-sounding round of Beeth quartets.
    Thanx for the rec on Tennstedt. I have his Mahler #1-5 on CDs. Resisting his #6-9 (never cared for the pompous #8 ever). His live #2 (BBC rec) is supposedly sublime. Oh well...I prefer Solti/LSO and Bernstein/NYP '87 for that one.
  4. Quinto
    I'm gonna check Cleveland out, thanks..I love Mahler's 8th, but only the Faust part..
  5. CanadianMaestro
    Probably perfect for you.

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  6. gerelmx1986
    How does a live album differs from a normal one? I have one of hilliard live: for ockghem
  7. CanadianMaestro
    For me, there are at least two important diffs between a live vs a studio recorded album:

    1. Spontaneity and risk-taking (on the part of the artists). Lots in live rec, iffy in studio.
    2. Less slick with live. More polished (hopefully) with studio (because the engineers can do several "takes" or sessions before the final product is made).
  8. CanadianMaestro
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  9. Pokemonn
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  10. CanadianMaestro
    Franz Schubert, 1797-Nov 19 1828.

    Too soon.

  11. Quinto
    I'll listen to (Quatuor Mosaiques') op.131 (last music he heard) today and think of Schubbie, thanks for the reminder
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  12. CanadianMaestro
    D.664 1st mvt, and Quintet in C's adagio today.
  13. gerelmx1986
    My second live album purchase
  14. Pokemonn
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  15. Quinto
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