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Classical music discussion, what do you like?

Discussion in 'Music' started by quinto, Oct 22, 2016.
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  1. Quinto

    So since the tread about this subject is closed I opened this one..
    Can anyone please comment on this cd box, I have it for years now but never listened to it for some odd reason[​IMG]
  2. uchihaitachi
    Hey Quinto, I think the moderators will open up the other one after clearing it.

    But wouldn't mind having a new thread, it would be a nice fresh start!

    The set you posted, I might get that I have his Scottish set which I really like.
  3. gerelmx1986

    Had it if i remember well but i think the sound didn't please me as do Marriner, don't remember exactly how it sounded as it has been osome years i had it
  4. CanadianMaestro
    OK here we go.
    I have a few of the Mackerras/Prague discs. Some sounded rather compressed. Not good.
    His 4 discs with the Scots are much better.
  5. gerelmx1986
    Another set good is the Sir Naville Marriner from the Philips Complete Mozart Edition
  6. Quinto

    I'll check it out, thanks!
    The Mahler 3 you recommanded is 70 euro (cd) [​IMG] I'll keep it on my wishlist and be patient lol sounds interesting to say the least. This man slipped under my radar somehow hehe
  7. Quinto

    cool thanks!
    edit: just found these 2 cd's in my cd rack I totally forgot [​IMG]

    Mozart time!
    Nik74 likes this.
  8. gerelmx1986
    A tip i can give to you is to wait till cybermonday deals or blackfriday (one of the two must apply in europe, here in mexico is cybertuesday) for prices to get a discount (if ever...)
  9. CanadianMaestro

    Got mine on iTunes. On my full floor system, it sounds great.
    or if you must have FLAC....try this
  10. gerelmx1986
    Or this http://www.qobuz.com/fr-fr/album/musique-symphonique-et-vocale-gustav-mahler-york-holler/0822252001921​   just 9.99Euro
  11. Quinto
    I'm an old school vinyl/cd/apple lossless type of guy, my system doesn't do FLAC lol  thanks anyways guys..
    Just checked your system photo's CMaestro  [​IMG]  cool stuff, that TT!  very cool
  12. gerelmx1986

    ​I like this one because the fortepiano adds a perspective to the familiar variations on a french song got the disc mainly because the Toy symphony
    and grumiaux violin concerti of mozart oh yeah nice playing
  13. CanadianMaestro

    Apple lossless is same as Flac. Soundwise.
  14. Quinto

    This one is on my wish list for a while, think I'll pull the trigger, I love his Bach..
  15. Quinto

    I know, but I use Ipod classic -> Wadia 171i ->Master11 ->MarantzPM11S2->HarbethSHL5..
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