Chord Mojo or Schiit Multibit

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by franzdom, Sep 13, 2016.
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  1. ofilippov
    Thank you! Nice to hear that.
  2. buonassi
    Most likely a result of ringing. Post ringing of cymbal transients causes an excitement of those frequencies, which cause them to sound louder and more shimmery. I love the mimby, but since I've been able to test out its filters against "bypassing" its filters through upsampling in izotope software, I noticed this. I've effectively created my own filter for mimby, which reduces ringing as much as possible (which is what Chord DACs do through an FPGA and Xilinx chip). It makes mimby sound a bit more sterile and surgical in the top end, much like Mojo - better articulation in the top two octaves but with less energy. Mojo is the better DAC, hands down IMO, but mimby is absolutely no slouch and offers a very analogue-like sound which I mention in my review of mimby here:
    review at bottom.

    that said, the analogue output stage of mimby is quality too, so you're getting a nice, clean 2 volts into your amp. yes, mojo gives three volts, but you have to use a wacko 3.5mm to RCA rig. then there's the battery concerns when leaving it plugged in all the time. Oh, and it looks a little funky as a desktop unit, a little out of place if you know what I mean.
  3. PointyFox
    FWIW I compared a Modi 2 to a Bimby and found they sounded 100% identical on a HD800S.
  4. theveterans
    When I meant about treble definition, meaning it's not louder than Mojo's treble. Rather it's just decays longer but definitely not louder or more artificial sounding.
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  5. ScareDe2
    The Chord Mojo is an impressive little device. Straight to the point, I get more openness, more power, more resolution with the Bifrost MB Gen5 and Lyr 2 with lisst tubes. Does it have more to do with superior amplification or better DAC I don't know. But the Chord Mojo is not far behind. It delivers a good performance and seems to be a slight touch more musical. But the treble is a bit recessed though not so far behind the neutrality of the Schiit elements I use.

    I have invested, I don't know, more than $2k in the Bifrost + Lyr2, shielded power cord, RCA cable and USB cable, tubes for the Lyr 2 and I have upgraded the input board of the Bifrost to the last generation and I got an Ubtech hum exterminator to get rid of some ground loop problem. All that cost some money. The Chord Mojo can deliver a very decent performance for less and it can drive a summit-fi headphone like the AKG K812 very well. Will I keep it? Probably not. It doesn't destroy a dedicated DAC+AMP but I am very interested to hear the Mojo with a portable before I sale or trade it.
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  6. omniweltall
    Not surprising at all. I had both the mojo and mimby. Mojo is rolled off at both ends. The only thing i like about it is that it adds warmth to the mid, and its soundstage was quite good.

    Mimby is just better in everything else. Easy choice for me.
  7. omniweltall
    Sometimes i wonder...are we listening to the same device. Or is it that people read waay too much on manufacturer's ravings, that it affects their subjective impressions.
  8. Music Alchemist
    ...No it's not. Even the cheapest electronics are perfectly neutral and measure as a flat line from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, and often well below and above that as well.

    I think the Mojo is better than the Modi Multibit in every way, and it has far better measurements that back that up.

    In case you didn't know, I owned both twice. (Along with multiple five figures worth of audio equipment.)
  9. theveterans
    Bifrost MB obliterates Mojo's soundstage depth by a lot to my ears, but the treble intensity is just equal for both Mojo and Bifrost MB to my ears. It's just that the treble in Bimby has more texture in it than Mojo.

    Then again, both DACs complement my usage: Mojo for that intimate listening with my IEMs and Bifrost MB to showcase its huge soundstage and excellent instrument placement on my nearfield speakers.
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  10. omniweltall
    Congrats to you then. I can't afford 5 figures worth of audio gears. Guys at your level shouldn't be playing at Mimby's level anyway. Get the Pavane/Yggy/Holo/Soekris/Dave instead. Mimby is unbeatable in value proposition, but still a long way from those top-tier dacs.
  11. deserat
    Wow I can feel the love. Only it sounds a little etched, maybe a bit too bright, perhaps a bit rolled off in the civility.
  12. ScareDe2
    After many hours of listening I still maintain that the Mojo is more musical whereas the Bifrost is more analytical and emphasizes some details in the music. I am not sure if it has something to do with the treble being either recessed or less detailed, but the mojo definitely adds some warmth to the music.
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  13. Daanish
    Can't comment on Bifrost, but I would say Chord Mojo vs. the Modi 2 uber, I would would concur with your take. The modi brings out detail more clearly (its there in the Mojo but not as obvious), I would also say the soundstage is maybe bigger. The Mojo sounds more smooth, I've found some harsher recordings are easier to listen to.
  14. KaiFi
    This is good news for me as someone who much prefers a warmer sound. I may consider the Chord Mojo once I can afford it. I have the Schiit Modi 2/Magni 3 and I like the sound but sometimes I am wanting it to be a bit warmer. Maybe the Mojo would sound that way? Something to think about.
  15. Music Alchemist
    The reason the Mojo sounds different is because it measures so much better than most other DACs. (Timing accuracy thousands of times more precise, tap lengths orders of magnitude greater for a more intricate interpolation filter / reconstruction algorithm, noise shaping trillions of times more advanced, zero noise floor modulation, zero source jitter, ultra-low distortion and output impedance, high dynamic range, etc.) The measured frequency response is perfectly neutral. What accounts for a different perceived tonal balance is other factors, but it's actually performing much better in these areas. Most people are used to the relatively poor objective performance of other DACs, and when they hear something better, they may think it's colored, but it's actually the other DACs that are more colored. The added perceived brightness, detail, hardness, etc. that some experience with other DACs is actually, in many cases, noise and distortion mixing in with the original sound. (Even small bursts of it can be very audible.) When you remove this noise and distortion, the sound can become warmer, darker, smoother, and more musical: all closer to the original sound in this case.

    My reference is the sound of real instruments, and I do not find the Mojo to be colored in any noticeable way.

    (Though there are obviously better DACs out there, particularly from Chord. I had the 2Qute, which is definitely better.)

    Check out these quotes from the designer explaining how some of it works. (They are just a few. He's made over a thousand of them.)

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