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Chord Mojo or Schiit Multibit

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by franzdom, Sep 13, 2016.
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  1. franzdom
    Mojo or Multibit (Modi, Bifrost, Gungnir, Yggdrasil)
    Soundwise for the DAC function specifically, which do you prefer and why?
    I wanted to get a general weight on this subject as people here see it. I am clearly in one camp, no question.
    I am having a hard time seeing the other side.
  2. Audio-Phile
    Also interested in this, as I'd like to have a dedicated desktop DAC in addition to my Mojo and am considering the Bimby.
  3. episiarch Contributor
    I own both Mojo and Mimby, and I really like them both.

    I feel that Mojo lets me hear somewhat deeper into the sound than Mimby does, and sonically I prefer it because of that. But Mimby is so good that if I'd owned it first, I might have decided to skip Mojo, which I mostly use on the desktop. It took me a while to get used to Mojo's sound, which is a little warmer and more smoothed-out than I'd really prefer, so I can easily imagine someone's preferences between the two running the opposite direction from mine.

    After more than a year of being plugged in most of the time on my desk, my Mojo no longer holds a battery charge very well. Plugged in, it "runs" warm even when switched off, and I have begun usually unplugging it when I'm not using it. Clearly that's an annoyance for desktop use. It picks up an occasional bzzt-b-b-bt-bzzzt-bzzt from my mobile phone if it's too near; I keep the mobile on the other side of my desk, which is sometimes an inconvenience. Mimby doesn't have these problems.

    Right now Mojo is in my more-used system because I do like some things about it, and Mimby is in my less-used system. Partly this is just because it's easier to do the fiddling with Mojo in the place where I have it. But I might swap them back, because Mimby is so good, and doesn't cause me these inconveniences.

    That's a somewhat wishy-washy reply, but I hope it's a little bit useful in some way.
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  4. Audio-Phile
    Well after reading a ton of rave reviews re: the Mimby, I ordered one. My Mojo works fine, but I am getting a bit bored with the sound. I am certainly keeping it around for travel or for using my cans in a different part of the house away from the desk, especially the HD700s. Xbox One -> Optical -> Mojo -> HD700s are great for watching TV when trying not to wake anyone else up or playing one of about 20 hours of video games I play a year.

    Really excited to see how the Mimby fairs, will definitely update this thread with my opinions once I receive it and let it warm up a bit. Will be feeding a Pro iCan via some Wireworld Luna 7 interconnects, and will be fed by a Wireworld Ultraviolet 7 USB cable and a Jitterbug coming out of the Sonnet Pro USB 3 card in my old Mac Pro. Headphones currently are HD700s with stock cable and LCD4s with the original blue stock cables, both balanced and SE.

    Overall I've been wanting to sample an R2R DAC for a while, so I'm very much looking forward to this. As far as I can tell, should be exactly what I'm looking for sound-signature-wise. I've heard that in many cases, the sound of the Mimby is at least comparable to the Bimby, and in some, possibly even better. For $250, seems like a no-brainer.

    @episiarch Thanks for the insight, appreciate it. Funny you say your Mojo battery is finally dying, I've had mine since April of last year, gets a lot of use, although much more in the last few months. Battery still seems to be fine but I've always worried about the day it would start losing its capacity. Given how hot it gets, I do have some mechanical sympathy for the battery itself. Not an ideal environment. But mine's been rock solid so far...just want to try something new and give this thing a break, keep it for portable usage.
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2017
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  5. cheungtsw
    Mojo if Mojo vs Modi

    Gungnir, Yggdrasil if Mojo vs Gungnir, Yggdrasil
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  6. theveterans
    Own both Bimby and Mojo and use Mojo to go and Bimby for my main system. Bimby sounds more "live music" than Mojo to me. On microdetails, Bimby seems to go deeper than Mojo to my ears.
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  7. Music Alchemist
    I have owned both the Mojo and Modi Multibit twice and still own a Mojo, which I currently use with powered studio speakers.

    I think Chord DACs (owned the 2Qute as well, which is even more resolving and dynamic) are far more accurate and natural-sounding than any other DACs I've heard. (The measurements and technical explanations by Rob Watts support this. Here is one of many posts on the topic.)

    I understand why some prefer the MMB, and I would say that it's the best non-Chord DAC I've owned so far...but I don't think it's higher fidelity than the Mojo in any area.

    It would take too much effort to describe all the differences in sound, and others would have a different subjective experience anyway, so I'll leave my opinion of the sound at that.

    I have not heard any of Schiit's other multibit DACs, so I can't comment on those.
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2017
  8. winders
    I prefer Mimby to the Mojo. The sound is just more detailed, clean, and lifelike to me. The Mojo has this weird color it adds to the sound that I don't like. I guess some people do. I listen to mostly Red Book content. Bimby is a bit better than Mimby but you need to go Gumby to make a real step up. That, or Yggy.....
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  9. Music Alchemist
    On the contrary, it takes away colorations/distortions that other DACs add. Vastly more advanced timing accuracy, zero noise floor modulation, and groundbreaking noise shaping performance are just a few things Chord DACs have that no other DAC manufacturer (as far as I know) can claim. There's extensive documentation for all this if you care to research it.
  10. winders
    Whatever you want to think is fine but don't begin to tell me what I hear. I don't like the Mojo sound. You like it? Good for you. I'll take Mimby......
  11. Audio-Phile
    Have been using my new setup for a few days now, really enjoying it. I don't have a decent interconnect to go from the Mojo to the Pro iCan, just a nasty, $2 Amazon no-name. I'll still try it out but that might hold it back a bit. Have just been trying to get used to the sound of the new gear so far.

    The Mimby seems to resolve just fine, maybe doesn't have that last little bit of detail at the top like the Mojo, but certainly is just as enjoyable everywhere else. Mids are great, lows are just as good as the Mojo, deeper even. The thing that really stands out is the better soundstage...always found the Mojo to have a fairly narrow soundstage, especially noticeable on the LCD4s. I definitely notice more width and depth with the Mimby. Not sure about height, although there's not a lot that does that it seems in general.

    Will try to get some comparisons with the Mojo later on, now that I've got the sound of the Mimby clearly in my head.
  12. theveterans
    Surprisingly Bimby has more treble definition than Mojo to my ears
  13. deserat
    I own both the Bimby, Gumby and recently picked up the Mojo. The Mojo is a cool little device but I wouldn't put it is the same class as either of the other two dacs. That may of course be the amp stage, I've not tried it in line out to my mainline or lyr 2. Lacks detail, dynamics, and imaging accuracy of the Bimby and Gumby. This is not a complaint at all, for small device I can throw in my pocket or backpack, one that equally drives my HD800 and Ether C... the mojo is pretty killer device.
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  14. Music Alchemist
    I'm curious what your thoughts would be when you compare the DACs with the same external amp.

    FYI, the amplification in the Mojo is in the DAC's analog output stage, so it doesn't have a separate amp section.
  15. deserat
    I was infact curious myself so I went through the cable drawer. And wa-la mini jack to rca is got plugged in. Mojo got set to line out mode.

    Result. Mojo produces alot of noise when charging, playing and in line-out mode. So while it's charging, it is produces a completely unacceptable hum both on the line and physically from the unit.

    Running directly into my mainline while running on battery the hum goes away. The Mojo has boosted mid-bass compared to the Gumby, and most of the other things I said before hold true as well.

    The sound just isn't a natural, it's like there is are right angles everywhere instead syn waves. Almost crunchy. After an hour, I couldn't take it anymore.

    I then plugged a USB regen into the line, that smoothed things out a bit and added more air. Which was nice.

    Honestly I like the Mojo better by itself than as a line out and definitely won't be using it that way... I'm guessing the Mainline + HD800 make it's flaws very apparent. Which is fine with me... it's not a Hugo... and it's got Mojo!
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