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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. twiceboss
    Notices the punch mid bass now after EQ in foobar!

    But... i always use spotify :frowning2: no time to download all of the songs... :frowning2: :frowning2: 
  2. warrior1975
    Mojo paired with th900 is absolutely amazing. For now, it's my favorite combination out of my little collection.
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  3. Whitigir

    No doubt ! They both are amazingly good, and that was why I thought what was the point of someone pairing Mojo to an external amps....because if Mojo + TH600 is not enough, then EQ will be the next thing that I can recommend
  4. warrior1975
    I'm going to try it later with my Cayin C5.
  5. Sound Eq
    add an amp to the mojo with bass boost and u will be rocking man all night long
  6. warrior1975
    Yes sir that is tonight's plan.
  7. Peter Hyatt

    This is something new for me:  
    I don't warm up to new music readily, yet, with Mojo, for the first time in my life, I am listening to music that is very different for me.  From a suggestion here, "Running with the Wolves" by a 20 year old Norwegian has blown me away!  
    As xeroian described:  I started out to 'rate' Mojo on the song ,but ended up lost in this young person's gorgeous haunting voice...losing myself (foot tapping) in the "musicality" as well as the unusual pronunciation and lyrics.  Aurora (Tidal)  
    I have listened to more new music in a month with Mojo than I have in 12 months without.   It has inspired both me and my wife to go into new areas.  This Norwegian singer, as the classical music of  Stravinsky are captivating me.  The detail is inescapable with Mojo; it captures me while listening.  
    I mention just two "new" musical experiences for me but I could just as easily add another half dozen.  One mojo reviewer cited Amber Rubarth, and I heard what he heard, and got hooked.  I have 3 of her albums and now have put in favorites 2 of Aurora albums, and a slew of Stravinsky performances, now listening to the same ballets, performed by different orchestras.  
    Mojo, what hath ye wrought?
    What a blast!  
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  8. twiceboss
    Problem SOLVED! Paid for 5 pound to get Equalify PRO.

    Work even while streaming. Worth the bucks.

    Happy listening [​IMG] (Mojo+TH-600+Spotify+Equalify PRO) My life is complete...
  9. Whitigir

    Job well done ! Enjoy your music :), and as I said, Mojo is very capable at scaling EQ, and is 1 of it Forte
  10. twiceboss
    Hahaha thanks man!!!!

    Nearly lost $300 for an amp to boost the bass even though this MOJO can kick the ass off all of the other Dac/Amp in this price range XD
  11. chillaxing
    Yup I'm an eq/basshead.  Equalify for desktop and uapp for phone.  Only gripe is that when using equalify it sometimes freezes the app and you'll have to quit and restart the whole thing, I also wished that the eq on uapp was parametric instead of graphic.
  12. joshk4

    I think from previous posts, it is normal that it shuts down due to overheating which is something you want to prevent further damages. Different issue I think, I've noticed though that when connected to my android phone, sometimes the phone would just restart during playback. Need to try with another phone to see what is going on but haven't had the time.
  13. masterpfa
    I hear that. I remember getting my SE535's a few years back as I had promised myself a pair after reading all the glowing reports from years previous when they were the 530's. I yearned for a set and when I could I got myself a pair and never looked back.

    Go for it I say after all it's what "Rocks your boat" that matters
    Most exchange shops or even online with Amazon.
    I think as long as you are buying original CD's of the artists you like you should be OK
  14. masterpfa
    You'll have to start another Thread with "Music to listen to with Mojo"

    Liking all your suggestions so far as we speak Aurora via Tidal is having fun with my ear drums
  15. Mython Contributor
    Post #4  (cough!)  LOL
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