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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. esm87
    is the silver dragon from moon audio a usb canle?
  2. wym2
    Yes Moon Audio USB cable. 
    MBP → SDragon → Mojo → AQ Sky → LC
  3. Vigrith
    While I have the AQ cinnamon for home use and do agree there is a minimal SQ difference as bestula has already mentioned (whether or not it's worth 45 quid is up to you) I'd say if you need a custom cable for your Mojo you should try and contact Matt at FAW. Far as I know he makes any cable you want any way you want it if you just e-mail him the specifics or what you need it to do.
  4. esm87
    cheers for link. I wonder how much a small micro to micro otg would cost. I will email him
  5. x RELIC x Contributor

    That's a negative.
  6. mrback

    In what sense?
  7. x RELIC x Contributor

    The X3/X3ii/X5/X5ii does not output audio from the USB port.
  8. chillaxing
    looking for a case for the mojo.
    where can I get the Dignis leather case and did chord release their case yet?
  9. Dexter Morgan


    I will however say, websites that sell DSD are a great guide for finding good quality recordings. Then I just listen to the it on Tidal HiFi for a cheaper DSD experience :wink:
  10. fluidz
    Reading all these comments about expensive cables improving sound of the mojo, you guys needs to realised its expectation bias.  
    When I hear "this cable improved the sound of my Mojo" just know this, if you really believe it will or expect it to, then your mind will simply send of the necessary signals to make it happen.
    Concentrating and focusing on a high quality instrument with no distortion in a track can give the impression of clarity.  
    Many times I've picked up the Mojo, some times I think to myself, hang on, the sound quality isn't like it was before?  To find the next time I pick it up my faith in the Mojo is restored.  No cable change. Am I playing the same song over and over each time I pick up the Mojo? No. I play different material, recorded by different people, in different rooms, and mastered in different ways.  Playing various material each time you pick up the Mojo can give a false impression.
    Chord bundled a basic looking usb cable that sends 100% of the data to the Mojo, no fancy branding or aesthetic involved.  If they thought that a Usb cable would of made the sound better, perhaps they would of offered it as an extra ?
    If you feel that your Mojo isn't doing what you thought it should do, maybe your expectation was slightly too high to begin with, or your headphones are the limiting factor - they are at the end of the audio chain.  
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  11. chillaxing
    Yup, I don't drink the kool-aid on cables.
    Me wanting nice cables are purely for aesthetic reasons.  
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  12. Delayeed
    This. Your mind is unbelievably powerful. (Which is a good thing) You can convince yourself of anything given enough time/reputitions. Not going to go deeper with that but
    yeah. The placebo is real although then, it doesn't make a difference if there is any improvement or not because you still "get" the improvement with a better cable 
    but its in most cases just stupid to do so in the first place.
    I'm not saying cable don't make a difference because I've never heard an expensive cable but I can with good confidence say 
    that in most cases it is NOT worth it.
  13. Delayeed
    Haha so true and maybe for thicker/better build quality :)
  14. kkcc
    Guys let's focus on your mojos and avoid thread-killing chats on cable sq...

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  15. Vigrith
    Isn't that a little too general of a statement? I personally speak not of just the specific differences when swapping out cables with the mojo, I really only bought the cinnamon AQ because I like the way it looks and is built, not because I wanted better sound out of my DAC connection. However there are many counts of people being able to reliably identify better and worse performance coming from different cables as a result of blind testing exclusively. Could they be lying? I guess. Could they be exaggerating most of the time due to placebo? Likely (arguably).
    Easy to say "oh yea I can tell the difference between this and that" when reviewing stuff on the internet but once you go to an actual meeting such as CanJam or what have you, or to a studio/audio store and there are people actually conducting those tests in front of you and you know there is no kinky stuff going on in the background and getting them right then you may become a little more open minded to TINY differences.
    Edit: Apologies for the offtopic, on topic didn't chord have a portable case for the mojo in the works? Does anyone have any good alternatives? Been looking into getting one.
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