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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. RedJohn456

    My CPU speed is more than adequate :wink:
    But given how our auditory system interprets and integrates information, suddenly changing to the Mojo will take adjusting, especially if coming from having used conventional dacs for a long time. 
  2. parkman
    You know another thing I find interesting, is since I sold my micro iDSD, I've been stuck listening with a Fiio X3 first gen, and I find my ears are wayyyyy more fatigued than they were with the iDSD. And yet, the iDSD had more detail AND I could listen at higher volumes with far less fatigue still.
    Really looking forward to the Mojo today after it's finished charging, as it makes sense to me that the brain and the way we hear things as far as timing goes is so crucial.
    It's worth mentioning I've had some brain damage from concussions and I've experienced much greater sensitivity with my ears, and when impulse response is poor in my stereo system for example, I find it very tiring on my ears and my head. (I've put a lot of effort in researching acoustic treatments and high-end room correction software to address the impulse response and time domain for my speakers because of this)
  3. rbalcom

    While I do not use my iPhone with the Mojo often, I have purchased and used both of these cables without any issues:
    I originally was using the Apple CCK and Moon Silver Dragon cable, but it was just too cumbersome a setup for me. I like the second cable the best because of its' right-angle connectors. Delivery of  both of them purchased off ebay was long, but not unreasonable. The first cable is made by a Head-Fi member and came with a nice cloth bag to protect the Mojo while storing or carrying it.
    Good luck.
  4. chillaxing
    Is there a real big difference between upsampling and bitperfect on the mojo using tidal?  I'm trying to decide if I should purchase uapp or root my v10 and get v4a.  
    Excited, mojo coming in on Fri.  Lets see if it live up to the hype.  Gonna compare it to my idsd which is a pretty awesome unit itself
  5. betula

    I had iFi Micro iCan before Mojo, and immediately heard, there is something special going on. I didn't need more than a couple of hours with Mojo to make me sell the iCan, and fall in love with the Chord DAC.
  6. warrior1975

    Really? Damn that sucks. Sorry to read that bro. How did you find it stacked with Mojo? Mojo is in my shopping cart... Ready to buy. Lol.
  7. chillaxing
    I had big plans when I got the idsd.  it was gonna be my desktop on portable, but after lugging the thing around a couple of times in my pocket.  I decided the it wasn't gonna work out.
    Was gonna replace the idsd with the mojo but after some more reading and watching reviews.  I found out that mojo cant have multiple sources connected to it.  It won't differentiate which source to play or take priority. The idsd, I have both my comp and xbox one connected to it right now.  If i feel like watching some youtube videos while im on the xbox, i will just play the video and the idsd will automatically switch to comp and switch back to xbox when i'm done watching the video.
  8. chillaxing
    Return the x7 and slap the mojo on your v10 [​IMG]
  9. warrior1975
    I can't. Well, I can, but I don't want to. I love my toys. I'm very happy with the LG V10 to be honest. I just want a new toy to play with. After being spoiled by this phone with V4A, I can't go back to a DAP without V4A. I've had nice ones, all the way up to the AK240, and I'd prefer the V10 simply because of of V4A, and of course you being a member of the same club, you know what I mean.

    Really interested in what the Mojo will bring to the table. I'm not sure if it will do for me what it has done for others, my expectations are very low as I find my ears to be terrible. I couldn't differentiate between my AK240 or my ak100ii, and hard a hard time between the AK and my girls ipod touch 5g. So, my expectations are very low, which will hopefully leave me pleasantly surprised.

    Just trying to figure the best way to hook to mojo, coaxial or OTG. I'll probably try both, see if I hear a difference. If not, I'll go with coax.
  10. Mython Contributor
    LOL - $599 on a Mojo and you're quibbling over a measly $8 for UAPP?
    Just do it right. Point your browser to the Google Store and pony-up 8 bucks for UAPP, to feed Mojo the bit-perfect signal it really deserves [​IMG]
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  11. RedJohn456
    I meant in terms of the sound improving over time, meaning brain adjusting. The difference to me was evident immediately as well :)  I do miss the Mojo quite badly :frowning2:
    I had both at the same time, and I would say they are more complimentary rather than being better than one another. X7 is a DAP first and foremost and Mojo is meant to augment existing dap or any smartphone, tablets what have you.
    They are fundamentally different in what they do, so I find I will end up owning both eventually. 
  12. chillaxing

    Well ****, if you put it that way :). I'm a big eq head and loved the eq on v4a, would rather have neutron, that's why I asked.

    I know it's only $8, but $8 is still $8 if you find it not up to par. You know what I'm saying :wink:
  13. Light - Man
    I asked Twister6 about his opinion of the IFI micro IDSD (Dac-Amp) yesterday and those who are interested can see what he says below.
    My question was:
    I was wondering if you were getting channel imbalance at lower revs as others have mentioned?
    What is your initial impression of it - some prefer it to the Mojo and others think it can be a bit bright?
    His answer was:
    " Yes, starting to work on Micro review now!  Channel imbalance with analog pot is normal and rather common at a very low volume when you turn the power on.  I'm so used to it, don't even list or consider it as Cons. 
    I don't have Mojo, but heard about it being more analog, smoother, warmer.  Micro IDSD has a very analog smooth sound characteristic, neutral, maybe with slight hint of warmth.  I LOVE it!!!  Burr Brown dual DAC does its magic, and iFi paired it up well with their amplifier stage.  But surprisingly, I'm not as crazy about amplifier by itself when connecting LO of another source.  The amp section is tuned to pair up and to compliment the built-in DAC, and a bit too smooth with external DACs of other DAPs I'm feeding it into.  Thus, I prefer to use Micro with Optical 3.5mm mini-toslink or COAX inputs to take full advantage of that awesome DAC/amp combo.  Of course, it works great as USB DAC connected to my laptop."

  14. betula

    I never tried iDSD, just iCan which is an amp. It sounds artificial and colored compared to Mojo. Never could go back.
  15. Rob Watts
    Yes, in short.
    When I first heard Hugo I was struck by several things I had not heard from digital audio before. One was a sense of natural flow, where the rhythms flowed much more naturally - it sounded mechanical before. Second, you could perceive the instruments "talking" to one another - the subtle interactions of timing that turns a mundane performance into a great one. Thirdly you could hear notes starting and stopping much more easily - for example the initial crack of a wood block had much more impact, power and speed. Fourthly, I could perceive a much greater variation in timbre of instruments.
    The problem I had at that time was that it was totally unexpected, and I did not know what I had done to get this sound quality. It was not the increase in WTA tap length, as I had heard 32,000 taps before and that did not sound like this.
    The Dave project allowed me to understand exactly what I had stumbled upon, and in the case of Dave, further maximize it. Now the job of a DAC is to converted sampled data back into a continuous waveform exactly as was in the ADC converter, and I had improved the filters within Hugo that go from 16FS to 2048FS - this meant that I had recreated the analogue waveform in the time domain to a much better accuracy than before, and it was this better accuracy that gave the subjective improvements. I had done this in order to improve jitter sensitivity, reduce RF noise levels, all to reduce noise floor modulation, which makes a DAC sound smoother - but it also had these subjective timing benefits.
    The filtering was a three stage digital filter, and means I can recreate the analogue waveform accurately to a 9.6 nS resolution. All other DAC's work to a resolution of at most 16FS, which is only 1.4 uS. Moreover, getting to this resolution is not good either, as they have very limited tap lengths so it has gross timing errors too. The fact that I have very long tap length WTA filters, plus the fact that filtering is at 9.6nS resolution, gives Mojo this unique timing performance - and its that, above all else, that gives it its musicality.
    Hope that explains, Rob 
    Chord Electronics Stay updated on Chord Electronics at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/chordelectronics https://twitter.com/chordaudio http://www.chordelectronics.co.uk/
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