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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. wahsmoh
    So I think I cleared up the confusion on the cables thing.
    If I buy a Chord Mojo and then I have a Fiio X3 coming eventually.. then I would use a USB micro B to USB Micro B (OTG) cable and nothing else? That would transport the digital from Fiio X3 to the Chord Mojo correctly?
    EDIT: I Just noticed this
    On the top of the bottom left picture is something that says coax/line out? Does that mean it is digital coax or analog coaxial? Now I'm even more confused.
  2. bavinck
    Yes. However, I find coax better. Keeps the USB port on the x3 open for charging and I find usb connects can get finicky with time used.
  3. betula

    X3 doesn't have USB audio out. (Even if it has OTG function.) Only coax out. And the one sd card slot is also a limitation.
  4. betula

    Yeah, can't wait for the SD module. I wonder if it is going to be one or two slots, also the UI on the tiny digital screen. Really curious. I wish Chord could share some insight on this.
  5. bavinck
    Coax out will be digital, line out will be analog. LO allows you to bypass the amp, coax allows you to bypass amp and dac. All you would need is a digital coax cable, which many have offered suggestions for on this thread. x Relic x can chime in with his recommend.
  6. wahsmoh

    Thanks Bavinck. This finally solved my confusions. I see that the Mojo has an optical coax input and an optical toslink input. I thought at first it only has the toslink input. So I can use a mini digital coax-coax and then I can hook up the X3 to the Mojo.
  7. bavinck
    That should work fine. IME I have gotten Mojo working fine with my coaxc cable I use for LO, but best to get a digital coax to be sure.
  8. betula

    Fiio DAPs need special coax cable. The usual one won't work.
    Check this: http://fiio.me/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=40478
  9. Townyj

    The Mojo hasnt moved me much at all, seeing as the Concero HP sounds better with the X2 imo. You keep a bigger sound and its just sounds full. Where as with the mojo its softer and compressed. Both share similar qualities, but the HP wowed me alot more from first listen. Still does.

    I have pretty much sold my X2, will probably get rid of the mojo and hp and move onto a more solid system again.
  10. betula

    I can't comment on the Concero HP, but I'd never call Mojo compressed. It is a soft sound, but in my book that is a positive. And the least compressed sound I have ever heard.
  11. wahsmoh

    I just ordered one from Moon Audio with my Mojo order.. I was sweating a little bit after all the anxiety and nervousness of clicking the buy button.

    Black Dragon Mini Coax Digital Cable 75ohm by Moon Audio

    Cable Length
    4.5 inches
    Source End
    2 pole 3.5mm Straight Mini Plug for Fiio X3, X5
    Receiving End
    2 pole 3.5mm Straight Mini Plug for Chord Mojo
    This is the one I got. I will curse myself if I am wrong but seems like it is pretty straightforward here. Thanks for the help everyone.
    CRAP it was the 4-pole. I'm e-mailing them right away.
  12. bavinck

    I got my coax cable from moon audio. Just tell them what devices it will be used for and they double check it for you. Wonderful cable!
  13. wahsmoh
    Thank god they have a "reorder" button. I just fixed the 2-pole source end to the 4-pole for the Fiio 2nd gen devices. I'm done now :)
  14. Ike1985
    Does neutron transmit bitperfect to mojo? Its loading all my cover art correctly which is a relief, if it can also transmit bit perfect i'll be sold. I noticed it has resampling perpetually on(unable to disable, you can only select between options) this makes me think it isnt bit perfect.

    Im basically going through the app and turning off eveything I see that does something to the audio, like dithering, etc.
  15. wahsmoh
    This was a good read. Seems like the Concero HP vs. Mojo is a matter of preference and overall tonality. The Concero HP is no slouch either since it is an ESS Sabre DAC combined with the Xilinx Spartan6 FPGA for custom digital filtering. But comparing price, the Mojo is cheaper and comes in a smaller package so those are two things to consider. Also whether or not a person prefers the Sabre DAC w/ custom filter versus the Chord FPGA DAC thingy.
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