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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. neilvg

    What?!! :scream_cat:
  2. shuto77
    Wow, this thread is very active!

    I'm considering upgrading to a Mojo from the Oppo HA-2 so I can drive more demanding headphones. The thing I love about the Oppo is that it works *flawlessly* with my Galaxy S4 that I use as an Android transport.

    Does the Mojo mostly play nicely with newer Android devices as the Oppo does?

    I just started using USB Audio Player Pro to stream Tidal.

    I just don't want to upgrade if I'm going to have connectivity issues.

  3. sabloke
    Mojo works flawlessly with my LG G4 via a $4 ebay shor micro to micro OTG cable. I would say Android is way more Mojo friendly than both Windows and fruity OS of any flavour.
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  4. salla45
    I have the S4, and S5. Mojo works fine with both with tidal via UAPP. I needed to tweak buffer settings in UAPP to eliminate some odd clicks.  I would love to see UAPP access offline content too. It would make me use Tidal much more, but that's a software desire, shall we say?
    There is a bit of interference when connected via cell network also, eliminated by going offline and all but gone via Wifi.
    Getting an S6 EDGE+ today in the post hopefully (contract renewal), and will test on there as well!
  5. NaiveSound
    Could someone please state the changes I must make in Onkyo android app for maximum performance for the Mojo? Anything I need to change in it? For the bitperfect thing? (I'm an idiot)
  6. salla45
    Sound quality update:
    I'm relating more and more to the Mojo sound. It gives a very pure sound, and there're textures within textures, which takes the listening experience to a whole new level. I don't know about you lot, but I just feel much closer to the meaning of the music, the vibe which was there during the recording session, be it live or in the studio. The emotion of the moment is delivered far better than with any other set up i've heard. Well, thinking about it, it's a whole new experience for me, I don't think I've ever had that before, other than at a live gig itself.
    I was just outside listening to Lucinda William's Fillmore Concert and there's a track called Out Of Touch, and I was just so connected to the moment, it was totally surreal. PRAT elements are just amazing. So often the bass and drum elements of a track will grip me completely so I'm bopping around or jabbing my arms around in a frenzy. Must look a bit of a fool!
    Great stuff!
  7. NaiveSound

    I feel that mojo has a nice musical and at times emotional sound, I too rely my system around this, it's amazing, I just
    Hope it lasts a few years? You guys think so?

    Also.. What iems you using?
  8. salla45
    Yeah! Lets hope it lasts. But, think on this... this is the first iteration, and Rob's refining all the time, my guess is that the Mojo II or whatever it may be, will be even better! And of course, any game changer will set the precedent for all other manufacturers to follow. Good times!
    Ref IEM's am using K3003 AKG's which are truly wonderful with Mojo. I find them a very synergistic pairing. Also have the T1's for over-ear headphones, and these put more distance between me and the soundstage, and they are definitely smoother with more varied music, but there's a magic to the connection experienced with the K3003's for the right music which is , well... magic!! The T1's are great at making all things sound great however!
  9. BrutalLegend
    While demo'ing the Mojo, I had this happen to me: when connecting the Mojo to an AK100 via an optical connection, the power ball colour changes based on the frequency of the source sample rate. However when I plugged my smartphone via OTG (using the Onkyo HF Player) and played the same songs, the power ball remained in blue.
    Has this happened to anyone? Does it really mean it is sampling at 176kHz or 192kHz?
  10. Mojo ideas
    Yes it's possible that charging can take longer than four hours we state that the units first charge should be left charging for ten hours. Though four to five hours is more usual six hours is not a problem. Note there are several competitive products that take twenty four hours to charge so in comparison mojo charges pretty quickly really.
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  11. Colhd
    Are there any updates on the modules for the Mojo?
  12. Skampmeister

    The Onkyo might be up sampling everything to 176 or 192, depending on what shade of blue you have.
  13. Light - Man
    If no one can see us then we can't look like a PRAT [​IMG]
  14. Rob Watts
    Great to read this, glad you have found your musical Mojo!
    Audiophiles often forget - its the enjoyment of music that is the most important, the sound quality is secondary - and its easy to fool yourself that a bright up front sound is better - but your lizard brain, the part that kicks off endorphins and makes your spine tingle - that can't be fooled, it knows musical sounds for sure.
    Happy listening! Rob
    Chord Electronics Stay updated on Chord Electronics at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/chordelectronics https://twitter.com/chordaudio http://www.chordelectronics.co.uk/
  15. salla45
    yep, thanks Rob. For creating such a marvel and for your comments.
    I gave up A-B listening years ago. Like you say, it's a primordial thing, the actual enjoyment of music, not specifics of SQ (ironic that my post is about "Sound Quality", lol). It's an ephemeral thing which just slips away when you start listening for differences (or it does for me), as the passion, the emotive connection, is gone as soon as you step down that road, like a lost dream.
    I'm move to tears so frequently when listening now it's pretty embarrassing, lol.
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