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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. NaiveSound
    So just to clarify wheb I charge the Mojo via a USB wall plug, it's OK if it makes a slight noise? While it's charging? Or should I charge it a different way?
  2. fluidz
    Has anybody found that the balls sometimes stick in place and won't click? The volume down ball is fine, it rotates without any force, but volume up and power are stiff and sometimes I need to rotate them with a little bit of force before they become clickable again.
  3. yoyorast10
    The Logitech G710+ keyboard has an USB slot. I now use the usb cable that came with the mojo, into the keyboard for charging + dac for my desktop.
  4. Rob Watts
    Try charging overnight with the unit off. The charging circuit looks at the state of the battery before charging. If the battery has a very low voltage, it will trickle charge the battery until it gets to a safe voltage, and then full charge will commence. This trickle charge mode can take several hours, and it is done for safety reasons, and it will appear that the battery is not working as the trickle charge mode takes some time. When in this mode Mojo must be off.
    When charging make sure the battery light is white and not flashing - if it flashes, pull out the charging cable, count to ten, re-attach the charging cable. If it continues to flash, it is most likely the charger is not giving 1A at 5V, so use a better charger.
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  5. SLCanhead
    Thanks much for the response Rob. I will give it one more shot.
    I have it charging again. The battery light is white and not flashing. The unit is off (as it won't stay on anyhow) and I will let it go overnight. I am just concerned due to the fact I let it charge for about 12 hours last time. Hopefully, it was just in a trickle charge mode as you mention. 
    If it's somehow stuck with the power on, please let me know what I can do to check. I just don't think so being that it won't power on without the cable in, as if the battery has zero charge (and I have not held the power button after plugging the charger, to power it on.)
  6. SLCanhead
    Per my understanding from previous posts, it's fine for it to make a slight noise. I know mine does when I hold it to my ear (can't hear it when it's sitting on my desk, though.) As long as you have a solid white light, then it's getting enough power to charge the device. The charger needs to give 1A at 5V volts, as Rob mentions above.
    I will let the experts confirm/clarify further, as needed. 
  7. ClieOS Contributor
    TRS: http://world.tmall.com/item/42639708096.htm
    TRRS: http://world.tmall.com/item/42605714369.htm
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  8. GreenBow
    I see that people are quoting Rob Watts post about why the Mojo cuts a bit of time off tracks.
    However it doesn't explain what I am experiencing. There is still half-a-second or a second missing from tracks when I am not switching sampling rates. It can happen at the start of an album, or when switching tracks to another track on the same album. Really surprised and upset there was not an answer to it. I guess it could have been missed so I have posted it here again. (However I replied to Rob Watts last time I posted this.) It happens in JRiver and Media Go.
    Info: I do not own any HD-audio, so for me it has nothing to do with switching sampling rate.
    My other DAC doesn't do it.
  9. StryGR
    I'm almost sure it has to do with the settings from software player side.
  10. GreenBow

    It doesn't happen with another DAC, and it's not changing samping rate. I said that clearly above. I am absolutely convinced it's not software.
  11. shootertwist
    This also happened to me, still new to the mojo accidentally inserted the cable+cck that's connected to the iphone to the mojo's charge port and not the usb port, still working fine, hope there's no damage done
  12. shootertwist
  13. headmanPL

    Hmm, I also get this issue with USB Audio Player Pro. Sample rates are the same. It's not every track in an album but happens with some tracks when changing from another album.
    I'm not keen on forcing a mandatory silence at beginning of tracks as that would be annoying on linked tracks with continuous audio.
    All the music has been ripped from CD's using DB Poweramp. This leads me to believe there may be something wrong with metadata on the tracks, or buffers to the Mojo.
    I've emailed the developers to see what they think.
  14. Stealer
  15. GreenBow

    Thank you for replying.
    I do get it when chaging tracks within the same album. It's strange though because I can change track, it happens, I stop and re-start the track and it may or may not happen. Sometimes it will happen if I douoble click the track to play, and sometimes not. Sometimes it will happen if I hit stop and the the play button. I haven't managed to pipoint exactly what action causes it. It's because it seems to change, but not sure on that.
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