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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. wym2
    Apple charger with Mojo's included charging cable: no heat, no sound, no problems here.
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  2. apmusson

    Found this short male USB type C to male microUSB cable on eBay. 30cm in length and I can confirm it works very well (natively with Spotify and Tidal) with my Nexus 6p phone and the Mojo. No adaptors required. It is the best solution I've found for the Mojo / 6p combo.

    Item: USB 3.1 Type C to Micro USB Sync and Charging Cable Lead - Short 30cm / Black

    URL: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=201444417719&alt=web
  3. sonickarma
    Chord - design choices
    900x900px-LL-f29d2464_image.jpg 900x900px-LL-3a96604d_image.jpg
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  4. lurk
    the mojo is already warm when playing, why want to add another later or insulation on it?
  5. heliuscc

    Well there's at least two of us that @derGabe hasn't sent anything to. If he's doing this sort of thing he should be banned from the forum for scamming.
  6. audi0nick128

    HEY Rob,

    I thought it was best to set the volume of the app as far down as possible, to let mojo do more amplification.
    I am using UAPP on an Asus T00N.
    I will definitely try it the other way around... Even though I think I will have to go to IEM levels of volume with ATH W1000X.
    ALSO it is great to hear an official case is coming...hopefully the first add on modules will follow soon...
    Anyway thanks for this great product.
  7. NaiveSound
  8. Ike1985

    I couldn't say exactly since every night I just plug it in when I go to sleep and when I'm listening during the day I plug it in when it turns to yellow and continue listening.
  9. GreenBow
    Please I have a question about charging.
    If I charge the Mojo to full with the Mojo off, I have no issues with playing and charging. It will show me a blue light for a good while, and then a white light for a good while, then back to blue and so on. I am pretty sure the battery stays topped up, and no problem.
    However if the battery is empty and I listen and charge I get problems. It charges and plays for about five hours, then the charging shuts off and it runs on battery. The battery indicator light is yellow at this point, so way off full charge.
    It continues on battery until it's flat. It will not start charging again until I switch off the charger and switch it on again. Then it does the five or so hours and back to zero battery eventaully again. I have heard this before, and someone complained they couldn't use it as a desktop of hi-fi DAC. They sent theirs back and got a replacement and their new Mojo is fine.
  10. Ra97oR

    Might be a problem with your charger, I have ran my Mojo on Hi-Res overnight to test if it will drain. It did just fine, and when I wake up and unplug the charger, the battery is full at blue.
  11. Chefano

    Measured current on charging is about 0.9A. The only difference is the noise, which is much lower on apple chargers 
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  12. GreenBow

    I have wondered that. Luckily I have a second one to try. However I don't see it being the charger, since someone else had this issue.
  13. SLCanhead
    I attempted to charge my device last night for the first time for about 12 hours. The white light looked to be on as I checked throughout the evening, but didn't seem to ever go out after 12 hours. I attempted to turn it on this morning and it seems to have not kept a charge. 
    I held the power button this morning (while not plugged into charger) - nothing.
    I plugged it back into the charger and held the power button - the lights come on, then I hear a click and all the lights go back out. It seems to be shutting back off unless I am missing something. 
    I am using one of those Anker chargers with a charging cable from my LG phone. I am trying another cable (another charging cable from an LG phone) and going to try charging again. The white charging light is on and I hear a faint noise when holding it up to my hear. 
    Hopefully, not indicative of a bigger issue and just something I did wrong. But, I am not thinking this is a good thing. 
  14. Ra97oR
    Which Anker charger are you using? The Anker charger I have tested with their new PowerLine cable have yielded the lowest noise level, with Apple charger coming close. Even then most of my charger and cable just works fine except when using a cheap extender cord.
    Might be your cable causing some issues, I had one ran out of power with a charger plugged in, but that was with a extender cord, which was causing too much voltage drop for the charger to work properly..
  15. SLCanhead
    Thanks for the response. I am trying that short cable now that came with the Chord and it seems to be doing the same thing. I will let it sit for a bit, but I am thinking the battery is not holding any charge. 
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