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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. kenman345
    I am sure this is covered but this is quite the long thread to read through. For work, I plan on using a Mojo and am awaiting its delivery. I am looking to have a headphone that I can lave at work as well. Anyone got some recommendations for a solid headphone that is a good all-rounder that will be comfortable and quite pleasant for long sessions, probably not turned up too high in volume.
    EDIT: Budget is around $150-$300. I would prefer something in that range so I can get it new, otherwise if its more expensive I will need to find it used. Closed-Back headphone preferred. 
  2. GreenBow

    I am still on with this. I swapped over the audio USB cable with another. However it wasn't long enough, and I had to use a short USB extension. I relistened to the quieter music in which I heard clicks with the previous cable I had. It was better mostly, then on the last track clicked twice. Since all the cables I have are all £1 examples, I will need to buy a quality one to be sure. However I am staggering at the thought of spending £70 to get the appropriate length QED Reference USB A-B Micro.
    Maybe I should be aiming for a simpler shielded cable rather than a full audio quality cable. At the moment I am only interested in ruling out Mojo fault. I never had this issue with my Meridian Explorer. It's a pretty offensive click too. (Buying the QED would be amazing though if I hear sound upgrade like @imattersuk said.)
    Feeling a bit deflated. I am going to search Head-Fi topics for posts about this.
  3. betula

    Just need to have 5.0+ android, and also worth to check if 128GB+ micro sd works with the phone.

    Just wondering, if running mojo from any android phone gives about the same sq as for example AK100s optical out?
  4. catnono
    In Android 5, my HTC M8 used to have this annoying glitch/click noise every few seconds even in flight mode. It was upgraded to Marshmallow yesterday and all the glitch all most disappeared even in data mode, only hear it very rarely, it is not completely free of noise but acceptable. Oh it also fully supports native USB audio out now which is great!
    if yours is running android 6 already, there should be some setting to make it work. Mine is UK version. 
  5. ElMariachi

    Hey man, check out the Beyerdynamic dt770 32 ohm. The ones with the pleather earpads. As far as closed cans in that price range, Ive tried the akg k545, k550, sennheiser momentum 2.0 around ear, hd 25 aluminum, and a few others, the dt770 was the best all-rounder for me. It has the dark tonal characteristics like the hd650 but with more bass presence and faster treble. I read in your profile that you like bass heavy music. these definitely satisfy.
  6. kenman345
    you sure the 32 ohm DT770's? I was considering the 250 pro version. 
  7. headmanPL
    £70 is too much. I got my cable from Lindy for £15.
    To rule out the Mojo, connect it to a laptop with the cable that came in the box.
  8. zambz

    Thanks so much, I really hope so.  Yeah since this is a Google Play Edition, it's running the very latest stock Android, so it's equivalent to a Nexus basically.
  9. pytter
    interesting arrangement - I would be interested to hear why you have chosen 4 components in the chain rather than a simple two component chain (iPod Touch and Mojo).  Did you test all the various combinations (ie by adding/ removing components)?  Any observations you can share?
  10. GreenBow
    That's an idea. Will do.
    I was thinking about writing to QED. I'd ask them if they were happy for me to try and see if the cable cures it the clicking.
    Which £15 cable did you get? I guess I need to look for ferrite shielded.
    I am using the thread search for 'click', and found others mentioning it. Post 6373 through to about 6379, here.
    They got it with HD-audio. I am using CD FLAC. Maybe my cable are really bad.
    Thank you for helping.
  11. pytter

    Thanks for your impressions - very interesting.  I was surprised to hear that the Mojo can hold its own with the Linn system - which must be many multiples of the Mojo in terms of price.
  12. ElMariachi

    Check out the review on headfonia for the dt770 ae. In the sound impression section they compare the difference between the 32, 80 and 250 ohm. The dt770 32 ohm that is out now is the same as the limited edition, only difference is the label on the earcup and the headband material is a little different. The 250ohm might be more towards your preference, but if you like bass check out the 32ohm. I use then with the mojo and they sound awesome imo.
  13. kenman345
    my preference is for neutral these days, but I shall check it out,. thanks for the advise.
  14. masterpfa
     Have a read of this post:
    The general consensus is as long as the SD Card is a microSDXC Memory Card in theory anything up to 2TB should be supported
    In reality that mean 128Gb and even 200Gb will be supported.
    Motorola have a good record of updating their phones current Moto E 2nd Gen and Moto G 3rd Gen both are on Android 5.0+ out of the box
  15. masterpfa
    Oops didn't reply to your other question.

     As a home rig my weapon of choice is my OnePlus One, UAPP and my Mojo, portable enough for the house as well as on the move but with UAPP I also have access to my home server so all of my library when at home.
    SQ? If all things are equal should be the same but with the AK100 you will be limited to 24/192 and DSD converted to PCM, whereas with the phone and Onkyo HF and UAPP (I do not know about Neutron) you are able to play up to Native DSD at 11.2Mhz 1 Bit.
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