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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Dobrescu George
    I guess that if you have more hiss than with Hugo, it might be a fault somewhere. From what I read, it should have less than Hugo, not more. 
  2. uzi2

    Doesn't the SE846 come with a supplied inline volume control?
    Use of this will surely kill any hiss.
  3. betula
    I didn't try android phone as a source, but I did try laptop and DX80 via coaxial.
    From Laptop via usb (Dell Latitude) it sounds a bit smoother, from DX80 a bit sharper. Not a huge difference, and both are very enjoyable. I would be surprised, if an android phone would add much more to the sound.
  4. NaiveSound

    No hiss with dx80 to mojo to se846
  5. petetheroadie
    Would you mind PMing me their username?
  6. heliuscc
    My Sys Concepts cable arrived today, 2 days from Canada to uk! Amazing, and I couldn't believe how tiny it would be in a massive DHL envelope.
    So plugged into RWAK100 and Mojo, with Noble Savants, and I'm a happy bunny. Also very pleased with DX50 and mojo with DSD files, but rockbox didn't seem as keen. And have the Sony A15 into mojo via USB, also very good.
    But the RWAK100 and mojo is a great combo, great size, stacks well, sounds great.
    Pelican 1020 case holds IEMs, mojo and RWAK stacked, and Noble BTS for non mojo days or gym.
    Went with straight 2.15cm 90degree Sys concepts cable in 2.2mm diameter. Think a 90 degree cable plug is needed for the Savants, so guess I'll have to wander over to that thread.
  7. deuter
    Any update on when the rest of the modules will be released for the mojo
  8. gonzfi
    X5ii to Mojo to se846 gives no hiss to my ears.
  9. yoyorast10

    so does it sound good with the mojo?
  10. Dobrescu George
    modules for mojo?
    Did I miss something?
  11. sabloke
    No updates on the modules yet. I would have thought CES was a good opportunity to announce something on the modules but there was nothing
  12. gonzfi

    Sounds terrific. Crystal clear. However the SE846 also sound very good straight from the x5ii. If I was only ever going to use the mojo to go with x5/se846 I might regard it as overkill however I also use it with my laptop, my iPad, my full size headphones (dt1770) and portable headphones (dt1350). On that basis it is priceless.
  13. gonzfi
    With respect... modules for the mojo; What?!
  14. GreenBow

    I have switched cables about. Will see what's going on soon I hope. Thank you for taking the time.
  15. mathi8vadhanan
    From POST# 3,

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