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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. bflat
    Any chance Chord would make "Mojo Slim"? Same internals, but a longer, wider, but thinner case about the footprint of a smartphone with a 5" screen?
  2. Mojo ideas
    Where did you get the idea from that the design of Mojo is anything like the design of the Schiit Modi it couldn't be further from the truth. Does that Dac have an Artix 7 FPGA And if it did do you think it should be similar ..... Please let me explain about an FPGA . It's a configurable gate array that contains billions of transistors as unconfigured logic gates. They could be considered to be like an unpainted canvas. Just because two devices even have the same FPGA the canvas's in my analogy are made by the same maker rarely would you find the same artwork on both. One might contain the works of a grand master and the other contain the inspired dorbings of Pollock both rated highly by some art critics, though not all, they certainly don't compare the pieces by noting the weave of the canvas's on which they hang. J F.
  3. vapman
    Sir, please re-read my post.
    Did you notice I was asking questions about the Mojo and stated I did not own one?
    I re-quote myself:
    "I love my current DAC but it was not terribly expensive when it came out, it is equivalent to a Schiit Modi 2 as they use the same DAC chip,"
    The E-MU 0404 USB uses a AK4396. So does the Modi 2. People on head-fi these days usually know what the Modi 2 is and not the E-MU 0404. (Edit: I say "these days" because I joined in 2006 and have owned the E-MU nearly that long)
    I then went on to say:
    "but I have been looking to upgrade, and if the DAC on this sounds as nice as people say it does i would like to use it in my home stereo."
    In this sentence, the "this" as in "the DAC on this" refers to the Mojo.
    If you re-read my message, you will notice I am equating the Modi 2 to the E-MU I already own, and you will notice I was simply stating that the E-MU I currently own is the DAC I currently use and would be upgrading from...
    I did not read past that part of your post I quoted as I understand the Mojo has a superior DAC design, my other posts in this thread show that is why I am interested in the Mojo.
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  4. AudioBear

    If they did that it would have to have no balls....
  5. Mython Contributor
    'Buttons' can be fun, too, but please don't ask me to explain how I know this... [​IMG] 
  6. Mojo ideas
    ah I see sorry!

  7. jarnopp

    For #1 I've been using this Cardas cable between my Mojo and LC with no complaints. It's a bit longer than your request (15cm) but not too expensive:

  8. GreenBow
    Thank you. I think you are right that I could try the Mojo and return it. I am just confused on that point because the Mojo is factory sealed. Amazon might have to sell it as box opened then. However I think our UK distance selling regulations mean I should be able to open and try it. I think Amazon allow for us trying stuff. I have only two weeks left to try it and make a hassle free return then.
    It might make more sense if I explain again  why I bought a Mojo. Then why it never got opened. I bought it because I saw the review in What Hi-Fi October-ish; their Awards Issue. It seemed too good to miss and I picked one up from Amazon, with no further online searching. 'I intended to use it primarily as a desktop DAC' as I read that many people do with the Hugo.
    During the time from when I ordered it to before it arriving I started browsing online about for the Mojo. Already being a Head-Fi member I found this thread. Then I saw the reports that users were having and how they were working around it. 'Some people reported stuff that meant it might not be practical for desktop use'. It meant that my decision to open the Mojo when it arrived was put on hold. I figured wait and see what fixes or ideas transpired. Then the issue showed up on this thread that the first second of music got missed. With no criticism of Chord, it took weeks before it was explained why. (I think it was prompted by me asking.) Once I understood why, and people assured me it was OK, that issue was resolved for me.
    As of now the only issues that I could have using it as a desktop DAC are:
    1. making a noise when charging,
    2. cutting out when charging and playing.
    The second point I think I could cure with fixing cooling to it. Therefor I think I will go ahead and try it. I had just two days ago contacted Amazon about these two concerns, explaining the Mojo is still factory sealed. I was assured if a problem arises, I will be able to return it. I was left still nervous though because I am not someone who buys online to audition. I was buying the Mojo blindly to keep, based on review. 
  9. jarnopp

    My unit often makes a faint mechanical noise (kind of like a cd spinning up), which I understand is not a cause for concern. You would most likely not hear this at all from 6" away or more, and certainly not to with music playing through speakers or headphones.
  10. raelamb

  11. GreenBow
    Thank you....I'll be be within three feet away for almost most of the time using it. ...Like right now I am listening to Norah Jones album, Come Away with Me. It's playing quietly on active desktop speakers fed from my Meridian Explorer. (It's 2.11am here.) Or I will be using open back Grado headphones and listening at normal to quiet levels. 
    It would be the same if I plan to use it to crash to music in a chair. I might have the Mojo plugged in while attached to a tablet, or phone. It will be within arms reach.
  12. AudioBear

    You'll still never know unless you try it and if you listen to all the complaints and criticisms here on Head-fi you will never trust any kit, period.  ever. 
    I think you raise an interesting point and I applaud your ethical concerns which  I share.  I have a lot of trouble with buy to try.  A real loaner is fine.  That said you may be being too ethical.  Amazon has developed a  nasty habit of throwing returned items back in the box and shipping them out as new.  This has happened to me quite a few times so I suspect you're ethics are much better than theirs.  Many on-line dealers expect that some buy to try purchases, well, return.  They understand the need to try out a product. It's a gray area.
    My experience with Mojo as a desktop unit is it is a very good $600 desktop DAC/AMP.  Worth more.  It doesn't get to too hot when I play it with the charger plugged in and I never noticed any noise. Doesn't cut out.  Users and uses vary which leads to conflicting experiences.   I use it primarily as a portable, however.  At the price you would be hard-pressed to beat it.  If Hugo doesn't strain your finances it's made to be a small desktop unit.   Seems logical to use it as such.  This  takes nothing away from Mojo being an amazing product.
  13. GreenBow
    I think that's what I really needed to hear, about being quiet and cool enough. I think I want nothing more than to plug my Grados into it.
    However I hit a slump also, from having kept it boxed for so long. The cooling off period has been so long, I have cooled off too much.
    Thank you AudioBear, and it;s appropriately good to know your Mojo is a beauty.
  14. SearchOfSub

    You don't want to pay shipping and restocking is that why you didn't open the Mojo yet? If you were too busy with work it would be more understandable since that happens at times, but to have it just sitting there for few weeks because you are being careful is a bit odd. Unless ofcourse you haven't bought anything in the past decade, all online retailers accept open boxes and most do not charge restocking fee. Especially being on this thread I definately would have opened it the next post someone said "Mojo sounds special" etc even if I told myself I wouldn't open it for few weeks for whatever reason. Curiosity would get the best of me.
  15. AudioBear

    I think it only fair to say that others have heard noise, and I suspect some of the units are running hotter than others.  I think mine isn't much more than 40-45°.  That's warm for a piece of electronics, but I grew up with radios, TVs and stereos that had tubes or valves, take your pick.  Touch one of those at your own risk.  To digress, different users have experienced different degrees of heat and noise (no pun intended).  Just hope you are one of those who gets a cooler quieter unit. You can always return it and it wouldn't be whimsical if you were reacting to heat and/or noise.
    Mojo deserved to be the product of the year on cuteness alone.  Is it the best product in the universe? Not by a mile but I suspect some Head-fiers have never heard better.  
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