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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. headwhacker
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  2. Paul Meakin

    Ah, that rarely mentioned but vital point of good Hifi systems... when the music clicks in a way that it never has before.

    Great taste in music too! Those electric period Miles albums are fantastic and still more experimental than most modern music. They're also a serious test for the music making ability of any Hifi component provided that you 'get' the music at all. It took me about ten years before Bitches Brew started to make any sense.
  3. unvarnish

    Hi all! Thanks a lot for your comment! :) I'm so returning it haha

    1) Would anyone recommend any extra amp than B1 (obviously not this one!) to drive hd800, e.g., cypher labs piccolo?! Or no need at all?! (I've read some threads people saying they have extra amps for mojo:relieved:)

    2) Any recommendation on portable headphone that would pair up nicely with mojo for classical music? (Mostly orchestra/ chamber music)
    I can't carry around hd800 with me on biz trip and etc. so any headphones ranged from 400$ ~ 600$ would be nice to have for mobility!

    Thanks again to all! :):):)
  4. dacari
    Which should be the Output format in Windows Configuration? I assume I have to manually select he highest 786kHz sample rate but 24 or 32??
  5. Nitrile
    Why would you want windows to resample DirectSound outputs?
  6. Uyski
    Does the sound quality get affected when you use both headphone outs at the same time?
  7. AudioBear
    Thanks for sharing this.  I am in no position to judge on a technical level but I have had my Mojo for two days now and can't put it down it so much better than my previous systems,  I guess you could say I've been floored.
    I'm running out of an iPhone 6s Plus with the Onkyo HD player into Mojo using the stock Apple lightning connector to the cable supplied with Mojo.  So far I have only used the PM-3s and 64 Ears A12s.  Both sound extraordinary.  The interesting part is that the A12s have sounded good with many systems. Driving the PM-3s with Mojo took the PM-3s to another level; I did not know how good they could be.  
  8. Takeanidea
  9. Takeanidea
    1) Absolutely no need for an HD800 to have an extra amp
    2) IE800 - you like HD800 I take it? IE800 - get Snugs to make you Custom Sleeves. Then you have a portable solution that can take on anything in the world- your budget suggests a 2nd hand purchase and then saving up for custom sleeves. Snugs are a UK company who get their sleeves done in the USA
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  10. Marat Sar
    Yo Chordbros! How do I get line out from the Mojo? Do I just use a 3.5 and the headphone out, plus set do the hold two buttons rainbow thing? Is it true line out, do I bypass the Mojos amp that way, or does it only set the volume to max?
  11. Takeanidea
    Don't think it's true line out but that's how I do it to connect my HE-6s to my 50 WPC amp, making sure the software controls the volume and is turned to minimum before pressing play
  12. jarnopp

    That sets the Mojo to output 3v. You can click down 3 times from there to get ~2.1v if that works better as a source voltage. The Mojo does. To have a separate amp stage - the amplification is part of the DAC audio output. An unusual but much simpler design that other DAC/amps and with, IMO, excellent results.
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  13. Marat Sar
    Hmmm... I must be experiencing some sort of neural retardation, but could not dircern from your otherwise excellent answer weather the Mojo has true line out or not?
    Because it seems to me that it doesn't - just an option to set volume to max. Because I'm getting a clearer image from my Fiio X3 (which has a rather excellent line out) to Cayin C5, than from a Mojo to the same C5.
  14. nmatheis Contributor
    Why do you want to go Mojo -> Cayin C5 Marat Sar?
  15. Marat Sar
    The soundstage is wider with my JH Audio Laylas. I'm actually quite disappointed that it is. To be even more negative, I have to say there's a bit more bass and a couple of small details here and there, but the old Fiio x3 to Cayin c5 is not at all bested by the Mojo (I'm using AK100 through a silver dragon optical to feed it). The Cayin is just more holographic than the Mojo. 
    These are, of course, early impressions to tired ears.
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