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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Roscoeiii
    Yes, the pain of the price is spread out over 24 months for me. But also take into account that the phone's sound quality with the ESS DAC and amp is good enough that I feel no desire to get a DAP. So some $$ saved there. 
    I'd probably use the Mojo for less "on-the-go" situations.
  2. twelvebears
    I dug out an old 32Gb Nexus 7 which I wasn't using and which was annoyingly slow for general use. Also worth mentioning that sound from the Nexus itself is dreadful - you really wouldn't want to listen to it on its own.

    Figured I had nothing to lose, so I cleaned of all the apps and junk I could and installed Onkyo HF player. £4 on a basic OTG adapter cable and is working perfectly with Mojo and sounding great.

    The Nexus has more than enough to grunt to run the player as its not doing any decoding or conversion.

    Not bad for a basically free solution to test things out while I consider what DAP to go with, and it really proves to me how much difference the Mojo makes to the replay chain.
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  3. Roscoeiii
    Personally, I wouldn't bother with a DAP. You can also run Tidal over WiFi and in offline mode with that too, right?
  4. Mython Contributor
    Pros and cons... pros and cons...
    Phones have their benefits, if streaming is your thing, but then again, DAPs (if you choose carefully) offer far greater storage capacity (2x microSD).
    Plus various other pros and cons for each, obviously.
    Each to their own  [​IMG]
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  5. Roscoeiii
    Yeah, micro SD is huge. I don't buy a phone that lacks an SD card slot.

    Promo deal with my v10 included a free 200 GB card, an extra battery and a battery charger. That sealed the deal. That and the ESS DAC & amp.
  6. AndrewH13

    Ahead in slightly wider soundstage and little less warm. But small difference compared to that between a Hugo and a Hugo TT.
  7. AndrewH13

    Did no one else use it straight out of the box? Goods don't have to be fully charged to use :). Especially when impatient. Actually enjoyed quite a few hours music before needing a charge.
  8. jlbrach
    FWIIW here is my very brief comparison between the Hugo and the Mojo since i own both!
    Power and volume level are to my ears pretty much the same,the volume control on Mojo is a bit more detailed and easier to change in small increments...some may like the wheel on the hugo better
    The Hugo has what i will describe as a drier sound than the Mojo which is warmer....it depends on what you prefer otherwise they are very similar with perhaps a bit more detail and space on the Hugo but nothing too dramatic
    The Hugo has more options for connections but the Mojo is far more portable and convenient if you are going to use it on the go......the Mojo charges with the microusb cable which is much more convenient
    Bottom line for me is if i am using it in the house i tend to opt for the Hugo but if i am on the go I am always going to reach for the Mojo....At retail prices it is IMHO a no brainer to go with the Mojo,on the other hand if one can get a used Hugo at an attractive price then it comes down to the way you will use it and of course your preference in terms of sound....on balance they are both extraordinary products
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  9. AndrewH13

    I have an original 16gb Nexus 7, also rendered pretty useless by an Android update. Now used just for browsing Head-Fi, it just about copes. But out of interest I connected it to Mojo and it worked fine with the lead included in Mojo box. Why is an OTG lead required?
  10. heliuscc
    Loving the mojo with savants. Currently got DX50, looking at DX80 and the Pioneer XDP-100R. DX80 has coax and TOSlink. Pioneer has USB and will be updated for MQA. Must have good UI, DX50 touch screen is super sketchy.
  11. Jimmy6

    Yeah I had the same problem with the AK Jr. I think it's a general problem with Astell units, though with the Jr, the Bluetooth sounds phenomenal. Even better than wired with the iPhone as a source. Maybe it's got Aptx? With other sources Bluetooth works fine.

    I based my comparison tested with 1964 V6S, so maybe what you said may have been true with headphones, though it's hard to imagine that the Mojo can output power equal to the Hugo. If so, that is indeed good value.
  12. Jimmy6

    It's to do with the phones Rf interference. Maybe a special cable could be used introduced to get rid of it? To me if that weren't an issue I would have jumped on the Mojo on a heartbeat. Wonder why Chord could do that with the Hugo and not the Mojo?
  13. GreenBow

    Cool thanks. However if you're interested in post 6955 @iKE1985 says that an Audioquest cable blocks interference.
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  14. salla45
    Im like you, Im sure it's pure sadism on the part of the producers :)  
    Cameras, phones, mojos, all follow the same path, out of the box, and straight into my grubby mitts for testing immediately. Although in the Mojo's case I did plug it in whilst listening.
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  15. Hotwire
    Question: how loud does the Mojo actually go?
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