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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. prismstorm
    How much is Fiio L19 and is it confirmed that it will surely work between Mojo and iDevices? I spent $3.75 on my cable that doesn't work and if this Fiio cable combined with the wasted cost of my current cable is still cheaper than the official Apple CCK, then I can get this since it's a direct connection between two devices. 
  2. rwelles

    Also, will the FiiO cable work if the iPhone is in a case??  The lightning end is very wide.
  3. mscott58
    Using the Lightning to USB (aka CCK) cable I was able to get the adapter in your first photo to work but not the one in the second photo. The small little adapter is really hard to get to seat correctly, and can slide too far back into the CCK USB jack. I even tried all the tricks of putting a piece of folded paper in and such to hold it in the correct place and still no-go. However, no problem with the larger male-to-micro adapter at all with the Mojo. Cheers 
  4. iDesign

    Edit: For those looking for more info on this, Rob Watts discuses the Startech USB A to Micro USB B Cable Adapter - Male to Male adapters here:
  5. headwhacker
    Of all the full-sized cans I tried, only HE-6 makes Mojo work hard. I don't know about HD-650 but for T1 and HD800, the Mojo does not break a sweat. 
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  6. headwhacker
    You must be talking about the pairing. right? The Mojo don't just have enough, it has ample headroom to drive full-sized cans. 
  7. highfell

    When I was lucky enough try out the TT, I also demoed Grado GS 1000 and Beydamic T90s and was struck how different they both were to my Sennheiser HD600s. I really liked both and in the end bought a pair of T90s and I find they are a really good match for the Mojo.

    The clarity of the T90s lifts off a veil of mist that I otherwise have with the 600s and pair well with the warmth of the Mojo. The T1s , I am sure would also be a great match.

    I realise that you are looking to spend more money than on the T90s but they aren't far off the T1s apparently but for a smidgeon of the cost.
  8. salla45
    Jeez, the plot thickens. I've been recommended also the T70P's by someone who says they're better than the T1's, and also a lot cheaper, but then there's the non-P version to consider! Thing is with the 90's they retail here for 400chf and the T1's at 587chf, so there's not so much in it as before (ie about a 3rd of the price when released). The T1 original has tumbled here because of the release of the 2nd gen.
    I hear what you say about the HD600's, I have also a pair, and they sound veiled certainly compare to the K3003's. Im looking for that crystal clear sound but from over ears.
    I think I'm still swayed by the T1's overall. But currently investigating the T70p's, retailing at 350chf for a "portable" version , ie 32ohms instead of 250ohms. Sure, if I can really get 90% of the t1 sound from some cans half the price, then its a no brainer! It's like going up from the T1's to the HD800's most would say the HD800's are a bit better, but double the price better? Hmmm. :)
    All input greatly appreciated!
  9. Duncan Moderator
    This was mentioned by a few of us at the beginning of this thread (sorry, I skipped a few pages so as to post this reply, so could've been covered already) the Mojo seems (to me, YMMV) to come to life when the volume is shown as yellow left, green right...
  10. cho8

    Definitely wouldn't recommend the second adapter as it doesn't fit properly into the Apple CCK cable. Haven't tried the first one but don't see a problem if the micro usb section is short as it will then go into the mojo fully. As an aside, the supplied chord cable's micro usb section sticks out a bit so if there is going to bre pressure on the connection I would have thought that connection has a problem too. Also the Lavricables cable works(with my iPod but not so well with my phone)and all the cables have some slight movement on the micro usb side. Waiting for my Fiio cable to come in at some point
  11. shigzeo Contributor

    Please don't read that I'm suggesting you raise the volume. Again, I made it clear that these volumes are NOT safe. 
  12. highfell

    You have to listen to both the T70p and T90, as they utlise either a closed or open system, with the latter providing a bigger soundstage, but then no option to listen in an open air environment.
  13. Takeanidea

    Home setup with Mini Beast and Attenuator Box
  14. salla45
    Interesting idea. Am studying possible candidate for purchase at the mo for a 500-1000usd/chf investment to go with the mojo, and its a bit of a minefield. 
    Synergy is an important aspect , IMHO. Get it right and it's bliss all the way, get it wrong and there're those niggles which constantly pop up whilst listening which make you look at other options!
    like you say the headphone aspect is probably more important right now than the DAP issue. We can work round that; it's an annoyance sometimes that the cables aren't super-ergonomic or that the DAP/DAC pairing is not 100% flush, but it's useable on the whole. It's a niceity to have an ergonomic combo. But the headphone pairing is so important.
    Maybe start a repository online for ongoing user feedback with pairings?
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  15. Takeanidea

     HD800 in portable mode
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