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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Jimmy6
    Cheers. Thanks for letting me know. If you find one, let me know :)
  2. audionewbi
    More impression update:
    Calyx M vs Mojo:
    After a long period of absence from listening to calyx M (roughly about amonth) I took out the calyx M from its storage case. Last time when I put it in the case it was fully charge, now it was down to 20-30% so it conforms for me that calyx M does discharge its battery over time. However not a problem I have a dedicated external battery power for it.
    I have lately got the Mojo and initially I thought they both sound the same albeit Mojo sounding better in terms of producing a more layering and overall presentation. A while passed and I am more familiar with Mojo. I can say with a more confidence that I was wrong, calyx M is in no way inferior to Mojo. Mojo performance varies with different digital input, for its size Mojo is a beast of a device when it comes to providing raw power however I am an IEM user and calyx M is able to drive my IEM just fine. 
    I think Mojo sounds too thick for its own good, it has amazing layering but end of the day small soundstage paired with thick layered sound does not provide a fun listen.

    HUGO is still the benchmark for me when it comes to portability and reference performance. Mojo loves to be paired with headphone, infact it is with headphone that I had it sounding best. Something like the AKG K812 to me compensates for the thick sound of Mojo and improves on the soundstage. AKG k812 and headphone of such nature arent quiet portable and to me that defeats the purpose.
  3. uzi2
    The real portable benefit will come when Chord undertakes a joint venture with a DAP manufacturer...
  4. ahossam
    Hi guys, how does chord mojo compare to cypherlabs picollo dac in terms of sound quality? any input will be much appreciated.
  5. griff2
    I found the reverse.  I'm using Sennheiser HD-25 1 II: directly out of the Mojo the sound seems present and correct, but when used with a Ray Samuels SR-71a, the sound goes to a whole new level.  The sound becomes rock solid and more like listening to musicians playing instruments; without the Ray Samuels the sound seem to collapse in on itself and become more hi-fi (ie impressive noises but less music).  To my ears, the extra amplification is not adding tonal euphony but is instead making the most of the DAC.
    I have a theory that it's to do with the power supply: when using headphones more current is drawn and in a varying manner, ie it varies with the music.  This varying of current affects (I think modulates) the power supply voltage which affects the DAC, amplification and ultimately the sound. By connecting directly to an amp, there is less current drawn and no variation.  This might also explain why companies such as Naim claim improvements to their amps' sound quality when external power supplies are added.  Just my 2CW.
  6. peareye
    I also have a high regard for the Caylx...other than battery life. I think the Mojo is kind of redundant with such a fine
    player! I remember it's been about a year now that the Caylx was released and people were complaining of it's size.
    How one year changes things....when now there are so many large daps and phones on the market. I also think
    the cost of 899.00 us dollars is also now a bit of a bargain compared to the prices of the newest entrys. I would rather
    walk around with a single Calyx than a phone strapped to a Mojo!!! And I also enjoy iems most of the time...especially
    the Final Audio kind!
  7. Rob Watts

    I do not buy this all. You need to bear in mind several facts:
    1. The battery is capable of delivering 3A of current, and has very low impedance.
    2. Mojo amplifier has a very high power supply rejection ratio.
    3. The output is pure class A at 5v RMS into 300 ohm.
    4. Reducing the output load only starts to increase distortion with 33 ohms - at this level it is very much lower than other headphone amps. The HD25 is a very easy 70 ohms.
    5. Mojo is designed to drive loudspeakers. You will be amazed hearing it fill the room with beautiful sound using efficient 8 ohm horn loudspeakers.
    Some people like the sound of more distortion - 2nd harmonic fattens the sound making everything sound phat, soft and rounded. But its not natural, nor do I find it musical, as everything sounds phat. I want soft sounds to sound soft, and sharp sounds to sound sharp - not everything to have a soft sheen on things all the time.
    I can give you another example. I just had an email today from a very experienced dealer that asked me this question:
    "Chord Mojo should have single amplification which drive to both headphone output, but if I'm using any headphones (HD800 for example, very heavy to drive) to put on headphone output 1 and I connect another headphone to headphone output 2 (Beyer T1 for example), I hear no differences on sound quality. Normally if one amplification section used to drive 2 headphones output, then once we connect the second headphone will make overall sound quality degradation (as the case of Beyerdynamic A20 amp, Grace Design M903, etc). What is the logical explanation of this? As it seems Mojo has 2 separate amplification sections which drive independently for each headphone output."
    Of course Mojo does not have two amplification stages. It can drive two headphones with ease because it has exceptional low output impedance, and it has exceptional current linearity. So loading it with more headphones has no effect, unlike other headphone amplifiers.
    Indeed, when I initially started designing Hugo I was shocked how poor from a measurement point of view headphone amps were. Poor output impedance, huge levels of distortion, and poor current linearity seem to be typical. And these things matter, if your goal is transparency and musicality. 
    Chord Electronics Stay updated on Chord Electronics at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/chordelectronics https://twitter.com/chordaudio http://www.chordelectronics.co.uk/
  8. jamato8 Contributor
    I have tried the Mojo with some very fine amplifiers. The Zotl micro, a full sized desktop amp, with the best sound I have heard from a desktop amp, to my surprise, the sound is degraded to a slight degree. I do not feel this is the fault of either but to me, it does show that the best sound you will get, IMO, is directly out of the Mojo. I have what I also consider the best portable amplifiers and again, the Mojo is best driving headphones without any assistance. This is from the HE1000, Pioneer MS 1, Fostex HD900, Ultrasone ED9 and so on. The Mojo just does it right. I will never tell anyone they aren't hearing what they say they are and everyone should do what makes them happy and brings them to the music but for me, this is what I have found:
    Mojo Solo. 
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  9. TokenGesture
    Any one tried the DX 80 as transport with Mojo?
  10. musicheaven

    That is really amazing and show how skilled those Chord engineers are; reducing sizes but keeping high sq, that's pretty much the Holy Grail of every DAC manufacturers. What strikes me the most is the beauty they succeeded in keeping as they moved from size to size, to my taste the Hugo TT being the nicer looking kid on the block.
  11. jamato8 Contributor

    Yes, either the coax or optical works great. You can get a low profile on either and now that the FW has been updated, have a very good source from the DX80. The sound is very clean coming from the DX80. 
  12. GreenBow

    I never knew the Hugo TT was so big. I went off to look at it in more detail. I noticed the shape of the housing around the 3.5mm headphone jack is potentially restrictive. I thought it may be possible the Grado 3.5mm plug would not go in. 
  13. spook76

    jamato8, not to sound obsequious, is who I look to as the portable amplifier expert here at Head-Fi. His biography is totally understated, to my knowledge he was the thread starter on all Ray Samuels portable amps and probably others going back years. Before I bought the RSA Lightning, RSA Intruder and (just a few weeks ago) the Chord Mojo, I private messaged him first as I trust his opinion far more than most.

    Someone posted on this thread whether I had double amped the Mojo with the Intruder to see what it added, if anything. My results from both the RSA Lightning and Intruder were exactly the same as John's in that I felt the sound lost something through the chain. This is in no way to taken as a criticism of Ray Samuels amps as I still believe the Intruder to be one of the best portable amps I have ever listened to.
  14. griff2

    I would agree, at the end of the day it's what you want out of your equipment. I want to be able to feel the music rather than listen to the equipment. As an aside, however, I do a lot of amature music recording using field recorder, so get to hear the original performance. I would say the combo of the Mojo and Ray Samuels gets much closer than the Mojo by itself. In fact I've been do impressed with this combo I'm selling my Naim DAC V1 and replacing it with a Naim pre-amp and Chord DAC (either another Mojo or the Quote 2).
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