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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. sling5s
    From the impressions gathered about the Geek Out V2 ($299), it seems that the Geek Out V2 is such an improvement over the V1 that some even prefer it over the Chord Hugo...but than again it seems it's mostly a preference thing and a very few who have both the Mojo and Geek Out V2 seems to say it's very close in performance and really comes down to preference again.  
    I have also read that out of principle, because of the way LH handles business and the form factor of the V2, the Mojo is still the choice for some.
    Sorry, to ramble on... I'm just trying to do my research and am thinking out loud. [​IMG] 
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  2. NZtechfreak

    That about sums it up.
  3. jamato8 Contributor
    If you want a close fit, here is a an optical from Sys concept they are working on. The optical cable is epoxied into place but you can never pull on the cable to remove it.  You have to remove the toslink a little and then the mini end and back and forth and keep the Mojo and whatever source you are using, stable but it works well and is almost like having no connection as there is little protrusion. 
  4. jamestux
    I have worked with a LOT of retail businesses and I don't think I've ever seen a retailer expect to get a demo unit from a manufacturer! At a large UK electrical company we had hundreds of computers and laptops taken out of sellable store know for demo purposes at any point in time.

    If the Greek dealer you mention will sell a whole lot of units go and hassle them and tell them to buy one extra for demonstration.

    I mean of course you are right if Chord sent a unit to every stereo shop in the world for free then I am sure that they would sell more than with the current tactics - but would they make any money? So if it were you in Chord's position where would you draw the line?

    EDIT - if you do buy from a UK retailer you will have a return period if you don't like it, I think that the rules are pretty similar for all of Europe too, maybe try that route?
  5. subguy812
  6. Mython Contributor
    I don't understand why Sysconcept make all this effort to make a nice compact optical cable, but do nothing at all to make these fragile things more robust. They are missing a trick, here!  That ultra-compact cable in the above photos could be very easily enshrouded by making a 2mm-3mm thick plate (rigid plastic or carbon fibre, etc.), and then epoxying the fragile optical cable (and the plug flanges) to this plate/substrate, and neatly covered with some heatshrink.
    Something approximately like this:
    I appreciate that a degree of compromise would be involved, in terms of some flexion perhaps being desirable, to reduce strain on the toslink sockets, but the way that cable currently is, it's going to get wrecked in no time...
    Anyone have any thoughts on this?  (don't worry; I can take constructive criticism [​IMG])
  7. verber

    I only have a couple of hours on both the Geek Out V2 and the Mojo driving a pair of HD800.  My *very* preliminary conclusion Hugo > Mojo > GOV2... but this could change. First, I used the GOV2 single ended. Logic (and reviews) suggest that it's much better running balanced.  I will be able to do this later this week once I make a converter cable.  Second,  I wasn't listening to them back to back though both were compared to a HiFi-M8. In the next couple of weeks I will do a head to head between the GOV2 balanced and Mojo driving HD800 and Westone 5ES.
  8. jamato8 Contributor
    If the source and Mojo are secured together, as you would want anyway, there is no strain on the cable. I see what you are saying but I also think they are trying to keep the cost not high and if you start making a mold for each length needed in this niche market, the cost may be prohibitive. The AK and the iBasso DX80 both have the same distance for the optical port so it does work for AK and the latest iBasso. 
  9. Bengkia369

    To be fair, your dealer should just open one Mojo (since he already sold 5) to be a demo for you guys.
    I don't think it's fair for your dealer to request from Chord one free of charge demo.
    For your information, my favourite shop in Singapore does pay for a Mojo to be a demo for us. But knowing the sound quality of Chord, I bought one on the spot even without any testing.
  10. sandalaudio

    I think you should really discuss this with the local distributor. Generally it's the local distributor's responsibility to order certain number of units as an initial batch (e.g. 20 units), and provide some of these as "demo" units to the local shops. This is how it usually works in most countries and brands that I have dealt with.
    Manufacturers only give out "demo" units if they are some upstart garage maker who wants market penetration, but Chord is already pushed to the limits of production with the high demands for Mojo. There's really no point for giving freebies at this point. Even if they did provide demo units to Greece, nobody there could purchase one if the distributor didn't secure the stock for sale anyhow, so there is no merit.
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  11. proedros
    well , this is the only store in Greece selling the Mojo , if it was a country where there are 100 stores selling mojo i wouldn't have raised the issue

    anyway , like i said , i wll probably end up buying one from the FS threads in the upcoming months , so no biggie

    i understand chord's policy , it just seemed strange (and i am not pointing the finger to anyone here , chord or the official vendor) for not having one mojo unit for demo purposes

    btw, if i were in chord's position and the only store in a EU country asked for a demo , yeah i would probably send one  - it's good publicity/karma/business move (imho)

    i mean the store makes like 2-3K euros a month and chord makes (i don't know the number , but if it has sold let's say 10,000 mojo it probably made more than the store) euros

    anyway , let's get back on track 

  12. OK-Guy

    getting back to the main focus of our habbit... music & The Dead... [​IMG] 
  13. mathi8vadhanan
    I read, someone got the standard usb-c to micro-usb cable on amazon to work. I will quote the post, when I find it.
    Edit: Found it. Discussion started around Post# 4263
  14. sling5s
    I ordered from Moon Audio but they were back ordered for two weeks and TTVJ had it available today (with few extras) so placed an order with Todd. Should ship out later today.
    I guess I got lucky. 
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  15. x RELIC x Contributor
    Who would have thought that a vinyl junkie would have mojo..... Oh, wait.... :tongue_smile:
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