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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. LouisArmstrong

    Can the Mojo drive the HE1000 reasonably well?
  2. mathi8vadhanan
    I did link the tabao site in my post (word 'this'). You can also, Click here.
  3. jlbrach
    i do not know if it can drive the HE-1000...i have one on order and will let people know as soon as it arrives
  4. raypin
    mmm.......I did not have the HE1K on hand when I auditioned the Mojo but I did have the Beyerdynamic T1.2, which is more difficult to drive than the HE1K. Indirectly, the answer would be 99% yes. It can drive the HE1K with complete authority. I have no doubt about that.
  5. Bengkia369
    Just ordered a Mojo.
    Do u think I'm crazy to use it for my ak240, while my Hugo for my desktop setup?!
    Also is it true Mojo is warmer and more musical compared to Hugo?
  6. Torq
    Bourbon would work too ... I just need a recommendation for a good one since I'm not well versed there!
    I'm fascinated to see how the signature of the Yggy changes over the next few days.  I've heard it warm before, though a little while ago and not with the Ragnarok.  Based on what I'd read about people's first few hours with Yggy I was expecting it to be a bit uncouth out of the box.  It isn't at all.  I put it in the main speaker setup for a little bit and the soundstage and imaging was amazing, even with my speakers which aren't known for superlative imaging abilities.
    Since then it's been all headphone listening with the Rag.  Very impressed so far and I'm only 4 hours in.
    One thing I realized is that, instead of my usual chopping-and-changing of tracks to explore, which I seem to do whenever I get a new piece of gear, I am, instead, getting lost in the music without realizing it and just letting things play.  I was going to listen to the first couple of tracks of MCMXC a.D. and wound up listening to the entire thing.
    Very happy so far.
    How are you finding the HE-1000 with the Yggy/Rag combination?  
  7. MrBucket
    That is one of the reasons I bought the Mojo, paired with my AK240 it finally sounds like what I want out of a portable setup.
  8. maxedfx

    Old maybe, but never forgotten!
  9. Torq

    And I've never heard it like this!
    Will be fun to compare to the Mojo when that arrives.
    Back to "old" though ... I'm not sure I'd have thought to listen to this album had it not come up when I was just letting "Roon" do it's thing the last couple of nights.  That's been the best thing I've found so far for rediscovering/exploring my already decently sized music library.  In combination with TIDAL, it's completely changed how and when and where I listen to music.
    If Mojo lives up to the building "hype" (I don't mean that negatively), I'm going to be spending even more time doing serious listening on the go.  
  10. MrBucket
    What is the best way to hook my Mojo up to my AK240?  So far I've only tried toslink, but that tops out at 192kHz.
  11. Torq

    I think the only option for connecting the AK240 to the Mojo is via Toslink ... that's the only digital audio output on the device.  Despite having a USB port, I don't believe it can output to it.
  12. MrBucket
    That is what I was thinking.  Oh well, it sounds absolutely amazing through toslink anyway.
  13. raypin
    mmm.....just to clarify: Mojo has THREE, not one, digital inputs - optical in (AK players etc.), USB in (micro usb in for computing devices like cellphones, tablets and laptops/MacBooks) and coaxial in (example Hifiman and iBasso players) . For output, it has an analog line-out (3 Volts line-level output) which has to be activated (through either 3.5 mm headphone out).  Here is the manual of operations:
    griff609 likes this.
  14. purk Contributor
    Not really.  I think you will be just fine using an IEM out of your AK240; however, the MOJO can help out a great deal for more difficult to drive headphones.  In my case, I am perfectly happy with my ZX2 driving my JH13pro FP but the MOJO has proven to be a great addition as a add on solution to drive my HD800 and even the HE1000.  The MOJO really pack punch for something the same size as Headamp Pico DAC/AMP.
  15. purk Contributor
    I hate to double post but the answer is a big "YES".  The MOJO punchier sound signature really work well with the HE1000 some what smooth and laid back character.  I tried the ZX2>MOJO>HE-1000 and I absolutely enjoy it.  
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