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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. lavricables

    latest 9.1 ios caused some software issues unfortunately. I'm still working so it should support all versions and hi res files as well, hence there is a delay. The price on ebay in incorrect :)
    if you do not use 384kHz port on Hugo, there will be no problems and you could contact me to have the cable without any backlog...
  2. psikey

    In your shots you have ASOI driver selected rather than the Chord WASAPI (44-768kHz) one. Read here: http://wiki.jriver.com/index.php/DAC_Settings

    Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
  3. purdah
    I have tried it with the DT880 Pro 250ohm which have been relegated to the cupboard since I bought the Alpha Dogs.
    The Mojo had no trouble driving the DT880 and I would expect it to have no troubles with the 600ohm, however, to my ears there is too little noticeable difference over my other dac/amp, the O2/ODac to make the Mojo - DT880 pairing really worth the extra cost.
    Buy an O2/Odac or Schiit Modi/Magni stack for the DT880 and use the spare money to buy loads of music!
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  4. Tony1110

    I don't trust impressions like this. It may drive those headphones but it won't drive them optimally. I bet if you compared the sound of Mojo to an O2 using a pair of high quality IEMs you'd notice the difference then.
  5. purdah
    I think the Mojo brings out the most you can get out of something like the DT880, but it wont bring them to a significantly higher level above the O2/Odac, hence my reccomendation to save the money and keep the source and cans to a more even matching.
    The DT880 really is too bass light to really appreciate the full capabilities of the Mojo, the warmth and fullness of the bass on the Mojo/Alpha combo is just not there on the Mojo/880 pairing.
    As for comparisons of an IEM to full sized cans I am not really sure what point you would like to make?
    Yes, a high quality IEM, eg Layla $2500 compared to DT880 $300? What would that show? Would the Layla be better, well yes, but it costs significantly more so you could expect a more noticable difference.
    I only have UE900 and I do hear a more noticable difference in the bass when paired with the Mojo over the O2 but I still wouldnt say to get the Mojo to pair with the UE900, there is just not enough difference to justify the cost.
  6. gavinfabl
    Has anyone get the Nexus 6P to work with the Mojo?

    I have tried with and without UAPP. No joy. Maybe I have a quirky cable?

    I can't test my other portable DAC either as I am finding nothing works with USB C!

    USB C might be the latest tech, but it is a PITA atm.
  7. singleended58

    I just got my Mojo and try to charge it with the power bank at 1.0 a. The Mojo is very warm. Is that a normal temperature? Then I have tried to connect with Ak100 mk2 via toslink (the one in the left in pictures) but the ak 100 said " optical audio input is connected/ Music playback cannot be controlled when optical audio input is used!" What does it mean??? NO SOUND at all. Then I tried to connect with the 3.5mm connection ( picture on the right) and still does not hear any sound. Why???
  8. ksb643
    I've tried wasapi too Screenshot3.png
  9. NZtechfreak

    You got the USB C OTG cable from the Play Store?
  10. gavinfabl

    No. I used the USB C to USB A lead included in the box. Connected that to a USB OTG micro cable and into the Mojo.

    I will try tomorrow. Maybe I'm tired and making an error.
  11. mscott58

    Should be optical output, not input. Strange. Works fine on my AK100, but it's the original. Cheers
  12. giovvanie
    Macbook Pro Retina is fully compatible with mojo as a dac , so don't you worry . All you have to do just change output in setting from stereo speakers to mojo ( automatically detected by OS X anyway ) . Sound good and good synergy also tested with audirvana player .
  13. JDSM
    I am new to Head FI and stumbled upon this forum by accident, glad I am here .
    This is the most active and amazing thread I have ever read !
    I have 2 Mojos on order, one from the USA , Moon Audio , and the other from England , Analogue Seduction .
    I feel everyones pain regarding getting one of these babies,  can't wait to see who delivers the goods first !
    I plan to pair the mojo with an Fiio X5.
    Can anyone put up a picture of the X5 and mojo bricked together and explain what they used to accomplish this ?
    Is there a stacking kit that will work joining these two together ?
    What length digital coax cable did you use ?
    Is a 75 ohm cable SPIDF setup critical ?
  14. x RELIC x Contributor

    For the X5ii I used the FiiO adaptors with a long 75 Ohm coaxial cable since the X5ii coaxial connection is shared with the line out via a TRRS jack with the signal at the top pole and not the tip, so this is my only solution right now for the X5ii.

    For the X5 classic I just used a 3.5mm stereo interconnect and it works fine. No hiss, no noise, no interference. To be fully shielded and compliant with the coaxial standard you can browse Moon Audio (or other custom cable makers) for a true 75 Ohm coaxial interconnect, but in a pinch what I've done will work fine.

    Oh, and if anyone is wondering, I prefer the X5/Mojo combo to the AK240 SE with the JH Angie.

    Given that this is a tour unit I had to send it back to Chord to fix the rare hiss. They repaired the unit (same extremely early serial#) very quickly and shipped it back in no time. Kudos again to Chord for the prompt attention to this. I'm confident that any units shipped recently will have no coaxial hiss, and if it does Chord has your back!

    Nice little detail...

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  15. georgelai57
    Quick questions - I'm looking at the DX90 as a transport for my Mojo, a DAP I haven't considered before:
    1. Is the DX90 stable?
    2. Which wire is recommended for connecting the two?
    3. Does the player downsample before passing to Mojo? Or words to that effect lol
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