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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. fluidz
    Are there any benefits to pairing a Hugo 2 over a Mojo when combined with HD800S (newer model) ? I'm finding the Mojo lacks punch in kick drums when paired with the HD800S and need an amp/dac that provides that fine warm detail Mojo provides but with more low end weight? Does the Hugo provide that or will it more or less sound the same?

    I have been pairing he-500s with the Mojo for years (and happily so). Now I have these HD800S, the Mojo isn't quite adequate enough for some of the genres i listen to.


    Thanks :)
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  2. betula
    There is a reason why Hugo2 is almost five times more expensive than Mojo. It might not be five times better, but it is much better in everything than Mojo. And I love my Mojo. The two weeks I spent with Hugo2 was eye-opening.
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  3. ChasingDopamine
    So I just got a new cable ( Amazon basics usb c to micro usb). It worked fine despite not being otg. However I could swear it sentence to sound worse than my Anker otg usbc to female usb connected to another Anker usb to micro usb charging cable. I struggled to evaluate this as I couldn't tell if further evaluations were due to a perceptual bias or not.

    Further more I applied ferrite cores to my cables and likewise struggled to notice a difference. I don't know if it's having an effect or not.

    When I switched to airplane mode, I was still getting a background hiss/ him on certain tracks. Its pretty loud actually. I'm using Shure 1540s 46 ohm impedance. This hum/hiss was still present via usb on my PC, so I'm not sure if this is a usb issue. I always thought that this was the EMI everyone was talking about, but even on airplane mode it was as present as ever.

    Most worryingly however is that when I was a/bing cables, during the demo the mojo emitted a loud static blast during a song when cutting off connection with UAPP. This was concerning as it was quite painful and my mojo is two days old. It hasn't done this before so I will be keeping an ear out for it. Im absolutely head over heels for the mojo sound but hearing damage is a definite no go.
  4. betula
    I have no intention to advertise my reviews. I know my place is at the audio hobbyists, not with the many professional reviewers here on Head-Fi. (We are lucky to have them.)
    A couple of times I was told, my latest reviews turn out to be Mojo praises. I thought, I link in my latest review of the Fiio Q5. If my critics are right, this is the only place where people won't throw stones at me. :)
  5. baiyy1986
    I also got "glitch" when I use MacBook Pro, and only glitch when it plays DSD file. when it switches the song which contains the big file. But no glitch when youtube or other FLAC files played.
  6. miketlse
    Don't worry. You are right to compare new equipment to a baseline (in this case mojo), and the mojo proved better in many respects. Some people will never like the mojo as a baseline, because it sets a very high baseline that other manufacturers struggle to compete with.
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  7. lwells
    I am also using an amazon basics cable. I don't notice any SQ differences. However the amazon one drops the iphone signal less; leaving me to point a finger at the included cable as the culprit for issues while i'm on the go. (ferrite chokes on both)

    I have no static or hiss ever. I'm listening with 32ohm cIEMs.
  8. Mython Contributor
    As you probably know, sometimes there are fractions of a millimetre differences in sizing of the connectors, on cables, which can affect how reliably they interface with device sockets, especially when being nudged whilst in pockets, on the go.

    Not saying that's definitely the reason for your experiences, but it's certainly one possibility.
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  9. lwells
    I think it's the most likely.

    However, I'm unable to reproduce it intentionally. That really confuses me.
  10. ChasingDopamine
    I've tried the Amazon basics cable today and didn't notice any change either. Must have been a perceptual bias. It fits a bit more loosely than my Anker cable but I think I'll keep it as to tight a fit actually concerns me a bit more in regards to strain on the socket when removing or inserting the cable. A tiny bit of give seems safer on the mods fragile sockets but I may be wrong here.

    I'm not certain if the ferrites are having any effect. How many cores is everyone using? And are you finding any greater effect with more cores?

    These are the ones im using:

    Again I may keep as i can't see how it could hurt the SQ and the form factor of one core isn't too bad in regards to propping up the cable to prevent downward strain and helping me quickly distinguish the cable ends.
  11. TheTrace
    After much contemplation, I'll be keeping the Mojo as a (kinda) stationary desktop unit only with my monitors/sub and headphone amp. I used it like that 95% of the time anyway, so not much of a loss. Considering the problem with my 3.5mm jacks only happens when the device is subjected to any kind of motion (even slightly), hopefully that will solve my problem.

    Nonetheles because of this I can't say that I'll be purchasing another mojo if it comes out or chord product. Maybe if the warrenty was actually 2 years for me like it was for some others then things would be different. But I refuse to pay within that time window for something that costs what it does, especially when there are others with that warrenty.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2018
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  12. Caruryn
    I've been liistening to Mojo with the usb connect for lg v20 for almost 2 hours since it arrived and i have to say i am pretty underwelmed with the performance.I can understand people being disappointed and saying it is not worth the money if phone is their only source.After changing again to coaxial and Cayin N6 and lowering the vol almost by a half (first green balls) the sound became much more open,much more clear,the mids are more fleshed out and not lean like with lg v20/mojo,vocals natural,layered detailed,bass much more depth and detail,it is pretty shocking actually.

    I am pretty familiar with mojo's sound from coax as i've been listening to it for more than a year with the N6/dx90 so here is how i would rate the sound with HD660S.

    Soundstage Width:Mojo/N6(good width taking into account that mojo does not excell in this area,very airy sound,very good space between instruments)>>Mojo/Dx90(a bit less width and air,enough space between instruments)>Mojo/v20(Not as open as the daps but a bit better than v20 alone,complex instrumental passages sound closed in and instruments mashed together)

    Soundstage Depth:Mojo/N6(Very,very,good depth,sound is all around you,front and back,almost 3d,good layering,you feel like you are listening to medium desktop gear)>>Mojo/dx90(not nearly as good depth,less dimension to the sound)>>Mojo/v20(flat,2dimensional,no layers)

    Mids:Mojo/N6(Very good clarity and detail,instruments are thicker and more realistic,vocals are awe inspiring,very open clear and natural,a bit to the front)>>Mojo/Dx90(Clear sound,detailed mids with the added sabre sound of dryness and analytical tone,vocals are clear but much less open and airy than N6/mojo)>>Mojo/v20(smoother mids overall,the sound is rounder,details don't scream at you as with the 2 daps,everything is a couple notches down,instruments sound lean,vocals recessed,not nearly as detailed or open)

    Treble:Mojo/N6(Extension,airiness,sparkle,can be a bit fatiguing with sharp roll off,due to a bit of edginness)>Mojo/DX90(less extension and air but not as sharp)>Mojo/V20(Less air,sound is almost dark which surprised me as V20 alone is on the bright/analytical side,less extension but also less fatiguing)

    Bass:Mojo/N6(Tight,very good detail and depth,very good balance but not very punchy)>Mojo/dx90(Slightly punchier but less detailed and controlled)>Mojo/v20(the punchiest of them all,on the dry side but less balanced and quality bass).

    My opinion,mojo sounds better through coax than usb,more meaty and clear sound and scales much higher with quality dap rather than phone.
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  13. ZappaMan
    I’m interested in how poly replaces the need for a dap, id like to hear your impressions if you ever get a poly.
  14. maxh22
    Yeah the V20 sounds a little flat and I wouldn't recommend it at all as a source; even with UAPP I got random pops and occasional drop outs. The V10 is a much better source and from memory is closer to your N6 at least in terms of sounding 'meaty' and 'full'.

    Are you using the Coax cable that Cayin sells specifically for Mojo?
  15. Caruryn
    I am using the coax cable that came with ibasso dx90 and an adapter

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