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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Paul Meakin
    Thanks, I'll look into them but unfortunately I don't think any local stockists that have them.
    I really don't want to buy without hearing them first as the twice I've done this I've had disappointments.
  2. Paul Meakin
    Yes, thanks, it helps a lot.
    I haven't found Norah Jones screechy on the Fostex's either though. Or on either of the two good although somewhat similar speaker systems I've listened to her on (all using the same album, Come Away With Me). I didn't realise I even liked Norah Jones until I heard her on my friend's system...
  3. wirefriend
    I have received my Mojo on Friday.
    Quick impressions with A12:
    1. The stage is very well defined, intruments are preciselly positioned.
    2. The stage width is usually narrower than on DX100. It varies. Depends on the recording. Is sometimes in the head, sometimes outside.
    3. The bass is similar in nautre: my intiall impression was that there was less bass, not enough for me. However after longer listening I recognized the bass is there but it hits hard only with certian recordings.
    To me the conclusion is that my other DAPs (DX100, HM-901 balanced) highlight bass / expose it more while the Mojo is more selective about it: exposes it only when it really exists.
    It is more "true" in the reproduction.
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  4. musicheaven

    Wow what a deal! :D
  5. musicheaven

    I tried the PM-2 and really loved them but they are more expensive, you can also try the Audeze EL-8 Closed-Back or Open-Back version, similar price range than the PM-2, heard lots of good things about them.
    I have the HE-560 but I don't think you wanna go outside with those as they look like stationary geeky headphones. :D
  6. Paul Meakin
    I fear that it's no longer relevant, my days of being young and cool are far behind me, and I'm 99% sure that even back then I only qualified on one of those points [​IMG]
    Ok, you got me, make that 100% sure...!
  7. musicheaven
    if it's any comfort I still travel with my Shure blue color sky iems in the train and people look at me like I am from Mars so I am used to that. I keep a pair of Senheiser Momentum at work and they also sound fabulous and you do look cool enough that you can definitively walk outside without being singled out.
  8. OK-Guy
    hope you took a timeout for BBC's 'The Hunt'... that was a blimey as well... [​IMG]
    glad you're enjoying your Mojo mate, coyi.
  9. headwhacker
    get a used one the go under 300 USD nowadays
  10. singleended58

    I am searching everywhere online and the best deal I found is AK100 II $399 brand new sold by Beach Camera whereas a used one costs the same at B&H.
  11. Mython Contributor
  12. mscott58
  13. Watagump
    Well, they are what, about 2 years old now?
  14. hanaguro
    Ordered in Japan.I'm looking forward to listening to Mojo.
  15. singleended58

    It should be cheaper. Well then I would pair the Mojo with either ibasso DX50 or fiio x5 or iPhone 6+ then. But it seems most people here rave the combination of ak100 and Mojo have best SQ?!
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