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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. giovvanie
    My unit also buzzing and hissing when I charge by Nokia charger 1,3 A and 5V but with Apple charger 1A and 5V no hissing or buzzing but if you touch the body you can feel vibration ... Third way to charge is by USB to computer and there is everything perfect no buzzing no hissing no vibrations
  2. audionewbi
    I recommend using a battery power brick. I use kaisser baas 15000mHA, offers 5v/2.5A, automatically regulated. Never produces any hiss or sound. I do get some noise when I use nokia charger but with this unit never hear any noise when I am charging and playing back music and when I have the Mojo plugged in for charging i hear a faint noise when i stick my ears to it. 

    It would be nice to see what Rob things of charging Mojo using a power back(off the grid methods) versus PSU. 
  3. Hachiko270296
    Can the amp in the Mojo be bypassed? I want to use a tube amp and don't want to double amp as it will be purely the Mojo's sound. I want ot hear the warmth form my tubes.
  4. Duncan Moderator
    Confused by this question, even if double amped (which it isn't, when turning on the mojo hold down the volume up and down buttons, and it'll enter automatically into line out voltage, so make sure to unplug headphones before doing this), the sound of your tube amp would still be the last part of the chain.
  5. OK-Guy
    just a return to superannuated purgatory... our regular Mojo, it's no biggy.
    we'll be talking about TOTS & the Goldmine next... ohh and lets not forget Caister... [​IMG] 
    ps... sent from my new super-duper Streacom pc with 'energised atom shielded' cables.
  6. taz23
    It will be good to hear from Chord if it is normal to buzz/hiss when charging.  
    For one, my unit will occasionally buzzes/hisses when using it to play music.  I have observed this for both coaxial and USB inputs.  (I do not have anything with optical out.)  So it is definitely not normal.
  7. headwhacker

    Rocking with HD800 while connected to a charger
  8. tassardar
    After using the Mojo for over a day (and multiple audition), I find the biggest difference between it and most good dacs/daps is how relax and natural the flow of music is. Nothing feels force, no perceived feeling of strain and much more lively. This is especially true in songs that is very vocal driven, you can hear the difference when one has a slight bit of running out of breath kind of feeling but from the Mojo it is a very natural projection of the voice.
    Regarding amping though, Mojo is very competent. I driven it direct, through WA22, and the CDM listening with my H6, ESW10 and Lyra. Initial impression is its very much preference. Especially with the WA22 and Mojo which has quite a different signature while neither felt significantly better. The CDM on the other hand is rather interesting, since its a mixed of both (and the good parts), I felt it was better to me then the Mojo so if given the option on general usage I will probably use it as the amp. I yet to try out with my open cans as my HE500 still needs a new cable.
    Probably need a few more days to really fully appreciate this little black box. Then maybe a full review.
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  9. headwhacker

    Exactly, the word that comes on my mind to describe MoJo is "effortless". Even at high volume level can't detect any hint of the amp losing control.
  10. tassardar
    Yup. But the direct output also give me a feeling of "Matter of fact" kind of feel. The vocals are all in the middle the way it should be, the sound is well balanced and bass is really controlled. I actually believe what some people say that most amps wont actually do any good to it since even with amps that cost many times its price, it takes some listening to spot whats the difference and they are not exactly superior technically. But I really love to feed it through the CDM since it takes away the "Matter of Fact" feel, and give it a little tube magic, spread the vocals a little and widens the perceived soundstage. Now I have a "Effortless" sound with the signature that I prefer which sounds even more natural. Maybe there will be more difference with more demanding headphones like planars, which I need to get mine fixed up.
  11. musicheaven

    Sounds like the closest thing to a straight wire, it's got to be those unobstructed electronic charges traveling through the FPGA unit unchallenged by any components on that path except for the last amp stage section making it for a very relaxed easy flowing music path. Isn't it what one seeks in a top DAC? I still can't believe that the DAC can handle such a high res. Not that one would necessarily use it right away but it's certainly a future proof feature that makes the DAC even more relevant few years from now.
  12. iDesign

    I also would like to hear from Chord about the reported buzzing and hissing. I decided not to order the Mojo until this potential issue is fully explained and addressed by Chord as I don't want to be an early adopter.
  13. Tony1110
    For god's sake. You get a warranty. If on the off chance it is faulty then exchange it.
  14. fuzzybaffy
    You do realize there is hassle and time and therefore money spent when dealing with warranty exchanges, right? 
  15. musicheaven
    I think you have to be sensitive to the location of where you are when ordering the unit. If the distributor handles the support issue than it has a chance of being processed quickly but if you have to or they have to ship your unit across the pound then you're talking about weeks delay. If you live in the UK, it's not going to be an issue you can walk to Chord or drive and drop the unit. Warranty matters where you are and how the support is handled in international situations.
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