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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. mpickup

    Due to poor planning... I am using my Audioquest Cinnamon cable to charge the Mojo!   Muh hah hah!    Greatly improved topped-off-ed-ness...
    (But it is a beautifully made cable.  And I am using a nice Audioquest optical cable for the music!)
  2. NaiveSound

    Would you say it's also slightly warm? I hear that a lot
  3. music4mhell
    that's a very good thing.. so it can be a very good PreAmp DAC to high end headphone amps :)
  4. jtung95
    Hi everyone, I'm picking up my Mojo tomorrow! Had the pleasure to try a half broken demo unit nearly a year ago and fell in love. Also thinking about ordering moon audio cables for my mojo's. I'm new to the thread, so excuse me if this question has already been asked; what has everybody's experience been with aftermarket cable upgrades specifically pertaining to the mojo? 
  5. Deftone
    so its 5am and i just realised iv been enjoying mojo for almost 6 hours... need to sleep.
  6. axl1
    Sorry noob question too.
    I want to use my ipod touch with my Mojo. Saw that Apple has this lightning to USB C cable. Can I use this directly or I still need to use the Apple CCK connector ?
  7. Delayeed
    With some headphones it's more noticeable than others HD600 it sounds pretty well extended but with the Ether C there is immediatly apparent low end and high end roll off when level matched to CA DAC Magic Plus which also measures perfectly flat... Once again measurements don't corrolate to hearing... Maybe it's because it can't deliver enough current to the planar drivers?
  8. x RELIC x Contributor

    I'll just agree to disagree with you. With the LCD-2, ETHER C(1.1), ETHER Flow, Nighthawk, or Utopia I hear zero roll off compared to my DAVE, or compared when using those headphones with the Liquid Gold. The Mojo outputs 0.5A Current throughout the volume range, same as Hugo. It isn't lacking in current output. The Mojo is smooth, but that's down to the lack of noise floor modulation according to Rob's info that he's posted.

    When I had the Oppo HA-1 I vastly preferred direct from the Mojo over the HA-1's headphone out (SE or balanced). The HA-1 had exaggerated / digital / grainy treble (to me) that I just didn't like. When using the DAC-19 to the Liquid Carbon (both now sold), again, I preferred the Mojo and didn't find it lacking any extension. All the detail is there, no question, just smooth and enjoyable.

    By all means, if you prefer the CA DAC Magic Plus's tuning then I'm glad for you. I just strongly disagree that the Mojo is not well extended based on my experience. Also, compared to the DACMagic Plus the Mojo measures far better vs the ancient dual Wolfson WM8740 chip implementation in the DACMagic Plus.
  9. Delayeed
    Just to clarify I WAY prefer Mojo over the DAC Magic Plus but it doesn't have the sub bass and air to me. (also not the harshness which is why I sold the DAC Magic Plus) Very interesting that it sounds different for us. As you said: agree to disagree [​IMG]
  10. Arpiben
    At measurement level only, I would like to add the following:
    Mojo is Flat, -0.1dB at 20kHz:
    1. True if no Load (no headphone connected)
    2. True if Load have more than ~100 Ohms
    3. Wrong for Loads under 100 Ohms: 8 Ohms/16 Ohms/32 Ohms
    Mojo Outputs 0.5A as Huguo:
    1. True only at specific load and voltage
    Before clipping max current per channel is:
    1.  around 280mA rms for loads under 8 Ohms
    2.  around 220mA rms at 8 Ohms
    3.  around 160mA rms at 22 Ohms
    4.  around 44mA rms at 100 Ohms
    5.  around 10mA rms at 500 Ohms
    Otherwise as mentionned by some, Mojo has more than enough power (0.5W per channel in the 10 - 40 Ohms area)
    In fact it has even more or same power than all portable amplifiers in the market.
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  11. Dobrescu George
    This was the same situation with FiiO E12A. It has the extension, but is smooth. 
    I guess that there are a few of us who prefer brighter signatures? 
    Shouldn't the smoothness of Mojo be easily solved with some EQ? Most headphones will need EQ anyways to sound their best... 
  12. x RELIC x Contributor

    Only if you think something needs to be solved. :wink:

    Yes the Mojo works fine with EQ.
  13. x RELIC x Contributor

    All devices will change depending on the load. All of them.

    Not sure where you got the mA measurements, but it's been stated that the Mojo delivers 0.5A RMS. Anyway, I'm tired of this constant back and forth. The simple fact is the Mojo is a little wonder box with incredible engineering that measures incredibly, sounds incredible, and is winning awards and music lovers hearts for a reason. I love it, others love it, and yet soooo many people just seem to want to lay false claims about extension and drive ability. Been at this for over a year with the Mojo and to be honest if someone doesn't like the little thing that's fine. If someone wants to point out measurements other than the designers, cool. Have fun. I'll just leave Rob's comments below about the current delivery of the Mojo. Have fun.

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  14. lbbef
    Finally ordered my Mojo from Audio Sanctuary UK :D

    Can't wait to receive it.

    e-earphone JP is having a sale on the Dignis leather case for Mojo @ 9800 yen. I can't decide what colour to get. O:
  15. Phoebus7
    I have problem with my Chord Mojo if I fully charge it during the evening and leave it off during the night, then next day morning  try to use it flashes red light and turns itself off. Is this a defect in unit or should I request to get it repaired if so how much it will cost.

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