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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. x RELIC x Contributor

    Out of sincere concern I recommend you lower your listening volume. I measured my Vmoda M-100 from the Mojo playing at double green, barely cyan, volume colour and measured the dB. With songs like Eric Clapton's Walkin' Blues the average was 98 dB with peaks at above 105 dB. With LED Zeppelin's Dazed and Confused track it was producing sound levels averaging around 103 dB. Lorde's 400Lux was also averaging above 105 dB. The peaks were beyond what my dB meter app could measure and certainly at dangerous levels.

    Above 100 dB average you are acquiring hearing damage in as little as 15 minutes. The hearing damage creeps up on you and you will simply continue to raise the volume louder and louder until you realize you can't hear a normal conversation. There is no going back from this type of damage so please take care. Of course you are free to make your own choices though.

    Edit: the Aria will be exceptionally loud at double green. Ridiculous actually.
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  2. esm87
    thanks for the info. Currently listening at double yellow, whatever that may be. Comfortable with plenty volume
  3. Mojo ideas
    Yes the above but also it stops a distributor in a smaller country or retailer even buying some for him self and more to sell to on to a Chinese trader who wants to make a few percent and pop them up on taobao for a silly price. So we go in and buy some find out where they are from . We then stop dealing with the retailer or distributor. Some times tough decisions have to be made to protect our loyal distributors and retailers.
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  4. Mojo ideas
    Yes your right I'm sure the British reader would understand if I said that Mojo is our version of an audio Tardis from TVs Doctor Who it's far bigger on the inside than even much larger units . As it has about five hundred times the digital processing and a kick arse 5volts RMS output stage with an incredibly low output impedance of just 75 milli Ohms too few desktops even comes close. But many look at Mojo and don't understand that I wonder if some of them have ever gotten past the first level volume tier when they say a Mojo is bested by some other units sometimes.
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  5. sling5s
    I just got the Mojo Case. With the case, the Mojo doesn't dissipate heat is well. Kind of gets hot.
    Also the leather seems to get snatched easy.
  6. jmills8
  7. kauljp
    Hi guys,
    I am about to purchase the project polaris for my he 560 and hd 650s. I would like to use the mojo as a dac in this case. How would i go about accomplishing this in terms of the connections and wires etc. i just have the stock mojo usb and apple cck lol. This will be my first amp so I a little short on info.
    My source is iphone 6s plus in this case. I would appreciate it if you could advise me on which cables I should be getting on a budget.
  8. musickid
    So i've got my heart set on the pm1/mojo combo but as ill be using it from home i need to get this right. to try and simplify this:
    1)initial long charge after purchase
    2)use mojo from fully charged with charger disconnected // before red battery indicator ie very low warning i can plug in charger and continue to you use for a longer period if i want. ie use while charging
    3)at end of listening battery will be down so switch mojo off and connect charger so when i next need to listen mojo is fully charged
    4)mojo can be left connected to computer when mojo is switched off and charging as ive read mojo doesn't use any power from usb port here
    5)so whether computer is on or in sleep mode or off makes no difference when mojo is switched off and charging but still connected to computer
    6)i was advised to make sure mojo is fully charged before connecting to computer. i need some clarification here if the mojo is constantly connected to computer when i switch mojo back on after fully charging can that be counted the same as physically connecting it. ie i don't need to disconnect mojo from computer before charging and reconnect it after charging if that makes sense.
    7)at start of new listening and mojo fully charged i would disconnect the charger and repeat the above cycle again. i have probably overcomplicated this but id rather get it right now then blow 1500 pounds on a combo that i later find isn't practical for me.
    many thanks to all
  9. x RELIC x Contributor

    It's really easy... there are two USB ports. One for data and one for charging. Leave the data USB plugged in, and you can decide when you want to use the charging USB for best battery management practices.
  10. musickid
    so always leave the mojo connected to computer and charge when i need to?  does the mojo charge when switched off and in this case is any power being taken from the computer? 
  11. eddie0817
    Does anyone compare mojo and hugo line out? I am planning to choice one of them as a USB DAC and pair with my amp.
    I heard the only different with those two is amp, mojo has good performance in DAC.
  12. Mojo ideas
  13. x RELIC x Contributor

    Well, since both the Hugo and the Mojo don't have a separate amp built in and always output from their line-out stage (yes, even for headphones) the differences you are hearing is in the DAC and the WTA filter implementation of each unit. Let me repeat this.... There is no traditional seperate headphone amp in the Hugo or the Mojo.
  14. petetheroadie
    Has anyone managed to source a USB c to USB b micro cable that lets you connect a Nexus 6P to Mojo?

    I checked the 3rd post but nothing there on USB c. I have a USB c otg adaptor but that doesn't seem to work unfortunately.


  15. gikigill
    Monoprice has the USB-C cable that allows Mojo to connect to the USB-C port on the Nexus and the HTC 10.

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