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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. Mython Contributor
    There was a bit of non-official discussion on this, a year ago - Chord may have different plans now (perhaps not so many modules on the drawing board), but I still anticipate an extended case of some description, to see the light of day, in due course:

    The following comment, from John Franks, is mid 2016:
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  2. miketlse

    The apple and Samsung chargers are the two most commonly recommended.
    I have used both of them, plus the oppo ha2 vooc charger, and my PCs. I stopped using the vooc charger, in case there was a risk of high voltages, but I never experienced any issues.
  3. quodjo105
    IMAG0041.jpg I'm good to go. Shanling m1 is such a fantastic digital transport for the mojo.
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  4. aaf evo

    Has anyone tried one of these Anker chargers to use with the Mojo and other devices? Mojo arrives Friday, debating picking one of these up to charge all my devices.
  5. Mojo ideas
    Not sure who it was that answered you. Probably one of our production guys as the phones divert to anyone if lines are busy. Anyhow the answer was incorrect. I'm pleased to announce some great news. We hope to be launching something totally new at the CES in LasVegas that has never been considered possible. We truly hope it will encompass a few dreams and unfulfilled wishes for our current and future Mojo users.:flag_gb::nerd::champagne:
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  6. Mojo ideas
    They are currently in manufacture and you've reminded me to chase the guys. if I have news tomorrow I'll give you all an update,
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  7. audi0nick128
  8. krismusic Contributor
    I really like the case too. I thought I would want a Dignis but the official case is perfect. The Mojo is still cute when wearing it! :wink:
  9. miketlse
    If @Maxh22 can stay that excited until CES, then he perhaps deserves the Best Offbeat Product award. [​IMG]
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  10. miketlse
     In that case, if the 'mystery' product will not be in the shops till after CES, that leaves us all with the big question of which Chord products to buy in the interim, for ourselves for Christmas. What a conundrum. [​IMG] 
  11. Mython Contributor
    If anyone here runs UAPP on Android, with Tidal, and is in the mood to spare half an hour to help others, please PM me.
    Cheers  [​IMG]
  12. maxh22
    I wonder what they are coming out with? I hope it's a modular dap that Mojo attaches too [​IMG]
  13. miketlse
    JF is a tease - the 'never been considered possible' phrase eliminates many thoughts.
    I started wondering about a dap, with a similar form factor to a smartphone, but with a slide in FPGA dac module. As the FPGAs get more powerful, then you could just slide a new module in - all the screen, power supply, battery, input selection circuitry, could stay the same. 
    It sounds enticing, but it has already been done a few months ago for a phone - so JF must be talking about something even more novel.
    But if you change the smartphone sized form factor slightly, and include slots for bluetooth modules, memory cards, optical connector modules, usb connectors, AOIP module even, then you could tailor your dap by changing a module whenever you wanted, and that would be novel.
    @maxh22 you may be right.
  14. maxh22
    I have been thinking about the modular dap idea for some time now. I imagined a device with a nice user interface, streaming service compatable, clean optical outputs to get rid of RF, and most importantly completely mobile. This would be the full 'Mobilejoy' implementation if such a device existed.
  15. waynes world
    That would be rather awesome.

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